Fun with Dick and Jane
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Continuity mistake: When Alec Baldwin writes the check, the date is different when he hands it to Jim Carrey.

Continuity mistake: After the swelling on Dick's Jaw is nearly gone, it reappears quite markedly in several scenes.

Continuity mistake: While Dick is in the Champion's Club, he is up on the table, acting like a puppet. He knocks the pepper shaker off the table with his foot. After the camera switches shots, it returns to Dick, who knocks the shaker off the table again.

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Trivia: One of the INS agents played by Ron Howard's brother, Clint Howard, laughs at how one of names on the ID Card for the illegal alien is Opie Taylor. Opie Taylor was played by Ron Howard in the old Andy Griffith show.

William Bergquist

Trivia: Watch the deleted scene when they rob the toy store, the music is unmistakably from Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events movie (which also starred Jim Carrey).

Dick Harper: Son of a bitch.
Jane Harper: That fucker.
Dick Harper: Hon, language.

Billy Harper: Don't take away my Telemundo.

Billy Harper: Mama quit her yob yayyyy.

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Question: Right at the end, a former co-worker of Dick's drives alongside and says he's working for a great new company that trades in oil and gas. It's called Exron. Dick looks at him and says "oh" and the look he gave is one as if he knows something bad or it should have meaning (if that makes sense). What is the look on Dick's face for?


Answer: He says he works for "Enron", a notorious company that was involved in a major fraud scandal.


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