She's Having A Baby

She's Having A Baby (1988)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene were Jake is in the bed already after telling Christy he was really tired and didn't want to be bothered he rolls over. She comes out of the bathroom & of course fanning the room from all of his cologne. Christy lays down in bed flat with no pillow behind her head. In the next scene showing Jake's face & Christy behind him in bed she now has a pillow under her and is much higher up in bed.

Visible crew/equipment: As Jake is lifting weights in the bedroom, someone can be seen in the mirror behind him, opening the bedroom door.

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Trivia: When Kevin Bacon is holding the lost baby, he stumbles into the womens change room. The women don't notice him at first, and after having a good look, the baby decides to cry causing all the women to stop and stare at him. The cry used for the baby is the same cry used by baby Mowgli in the animated Jungle Book movie.

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