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I Love Lisa - S4-E15

Other mistake: When Lisa and Ralph are swinging at the end, they are swinging outside the frame, but the swing is tied at the top of the inside of the frame.


Homer's Barbershop Quartet - S5-E1

Other mistake: When Bart and Lisa are looking at records, there is a picture of Homer. He had hair at the time the record was made, and the hat he's wearing isn't big enough to cover it, but there's none visible as there should be.


Tree House of Horror II: A Simpsons Halloween - S3-E7

Other mistake: As Mr. Burns' fireplace rotates, the items on the top should have fallen off, but they didn't. They also disappear/reappear between frames. (00:16:10)


Saturdays of Thunder - S3-E9

Other mistake: When we first see Nelson's Roadkill 2000, Nelson is moving backwards, though we see his legs as moving forward. (00:13:25)

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Black Widower - S3-E21

Other mistake: How can Sideshow Bob make the "I H8 BART" licence plate if there are no number keys on the keyboard? (00:04:45)


Black Widower - S3-E21

Other mistake: Near the beginning of the episode when Selma and Sideshow Bob arrive at the Simpsons' house, Bart and Lisa scream and hide behind Marge. Selma says "What the - ?" but the DVD subtitles say that Marge says it. It is shown "MARGE: What the - ?". (00:02:30)


Simpsons Bible Stories - S10-E18

Other mistake: Rev. Lovejoy is reading Genesis, the first book of the bible, but he is a good way into the book. Surely it would be at The Front?

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Separate Vocations - S3-E18

Other mistake: When the pupils are doing the test at school, you hear Miss Hoover say a question with three possible answers; but 1) There are 5 possible answers on the test when we see Lisa doing it, and 2) Miss Hoover says the 60th question, but Lisa looks to be nowhere near the 60th question.


Little Big Girl - S18-E12

Other mistake: At the end when Bart and Homer are singing "twinkle twinkle little star" Bart's tongue is green.

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Mr. Plow - S4-E9

Other mistake: When Homer is crossing the rickety bridge in the snow plow there is no snow on the planks even though he is in a blizzard and the storm couldn't have just started because the path he just came from was covered in snow.

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Homer vs. Patty and Selma - S6-E17

Other mistake: When Homer burns a dollar bill, he turns his cigar around 180 degrees. If you look carefully, the smoke soon comes from the different side than it did earlier.


Lisa's Pony - S3-E8

Other mistake: When Lisa rings Homer to tell him that she loves him, the shot of her talking is re-used from "Bart's Dog Gets an F." We can tell this because her cheeks inexplicably appear puffed up (in "Bart's Dog Gets an F" she had mumps).

Mr Top Hat

The Bart Wants What It Wants - S13-E11

Other mistake: Ned Flanders wins the $100 bill, but on the side it says $50.

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Springfield Up - S18-E13

Other mistake: When Homer is being interviewed while feeding baby Lisa, there's a picture of 8 year old Lisa in the background.


Bart vs. Thanksgiving - S2-E7

Other mistake: In the DVD booklet, two errors are made for this episode. The booklet says Homer accuses Bart of ruining Thanksgiving and Bart was jealous of Lisa's centre piece. These are both incorrect: First, it wasn't Homer who accused Bart of ruining Thanksgiving, it was Marge who accused Bart of ruining Thanksgiving and second, at no point throughout the episode was Bart ever jealous of Lisa's centre piece.

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The Fabulous Faker Boy - S24-E20

Other mistake: When Zhenya says "Boris" while showing Bart the scales, she presses the A key instead of the B key. (00:10:00)

Old Yeller Belly - S14-E19

Other mistake: When the Amish are building the tree house, the top of the tree is missing. It's just sky. In the next shot the top of the tree is back.

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Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk - S3-E11

Other mistake: When Burns is writing on the back of the big cheque, the writing suddenly appears in one block. (00:10:05)

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Flaming Moe's - S3-E10

Other mistake: When watching TV at the start Homer's beer can just says D instead off Duff. (00:02:15)

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Like Father, Like Klown - S3-E6

Other mistake: When Krusty leaves the Simpsons, The Front door is just an empty space missing all the details. (00:11:20)

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The Simpsons Christmas Special: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Lewis changes from black to yellow when Milhouse dares Bart to pull Santa's beard off. (00:14:10)

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Homer's brain: It's simple, just use reverse psycology.
Homer: Reverse psycology? That sounds too complicated.
Homer's brain: Alright, don't use reverse psycology.
Homer: Alright, I will!

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Trivia: The Simpsons holds the record for most guest stars; it is also the only non-variety show to have had appearances from three former Beatles (Paul, George and Ringo).

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Question: Which episodes feature the "Howling Dog" (usually used on outside shots of buildings)?

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