The Simpsons

Don't Fear The Roofer - S16-E16

Audio problem: When Marge says "You're drooling on my goodwill pile", her mouth doesn't match her voice.


A Star is Born-Again - S14-E13

Audio problem: When Homer tells Ned "Flanders, I'm always interested in talking about free milk. And if there's cookies involved, so much the better", his mouth is not in sync with his voice.


Strong Arms of the Ma - S14-E9

Audio problem: When the woman who smashes the piano says "support the arts", her mouth is open, but it doesn't move.


Half-Decent Proposal - S13-E10

Audio problem: The lady singing at the prom doesn't move her lips when she sings, her mouth just stays open.


The Parent Rap - S13-E2

Audio problem: When Homer says "He sees a thousand times worse on that animal channel", his mouth is out of sync when he says "channel."


New Kids on the Blecch - S12-E14

Audio problem: When the VJ on the TV says "That was the latest ad from Stridex pads. Medicated", her mouth is terribly out of sync with her voice.


Lisa Gets an A - S10-E7

Audio problem: Superintendent Chalmers' mouth doesn't move when he says "Idiot."


Lisa Gets an A - S10-E7

Audio problem: When Homer says "According to my driver's license, I weigh 140 pounds" his mouth is not in sync with his voice.


Brother's Little Helper - S11-E2

Audio problem: Homer's mouth is out of sync when he's naming celebrities who use drugs.


The Old Man and the C Student - S10-E20

Audio problem: At the end of the episode, Grampa's mouth doesn't move when he sings.


Trash of the Titans - S9-E22

Audio problem: In the U2 scene during the end credits, when The Edge says "oh, here we go" his mouth is not in sync with his voice.


Homer's Phobia - S8-E15

Audio problem: Marge, Bart and Lisa are still heard "oohing" at the plumbing supplies store even after they close their mouths.


Bart on the Road - S7-E20

Audio problem: When the car drives into the cornfield, Martin is heard screaming, even though he is still asleep.


Scenes From a Class Struggle in Springfield - S7-E14

Audio problem: Homer's mouth is completely out of sync when he says "our savings?"


Three Men and a Comic Book - S2-E21

Audio problem: When Homer offers to take the family to Krusty Burger, Lisa is heard cheering, even though her mouth is closed.


Dog of Death - S3-E19

Audio problem: When Bart says "I'm going to find my dog" his mouth does not match what he is saying.


Tree House of Horror III: The Simpson's Halloween Special III - S4-E5

Audio problem: In "Clown Without Pity" when Homer yells "The doll is trying to kill me, and the toaster's been laughing at me!" his mouth doesn't move.

Bart the Daredevil - S2-E8

Audio problem: At the gorge, Nelson says, "Where is he? I thought he said noon!" But Milhouse's mouth is also accidentally lip synced to Nelson's dialogue.

New Kid on the Block - S4-E8

Audio problem: When Laura tells Bart she has a boyfriend, Bart imagines her ripping out his heart. If you listen and look carefully, you will see the sound of Laura's hand ripping out Bart's heart comes before Laura even touches him.

Casual Person

Das Bus - S9-E14

Audio problem: When Milhouse is saying he's getting swimmer's ear, his mouth is out of sync whilst saying it.

Casual Person

Brawl in the Family - S13-E7

Continuity mistake: When Homer's Vegas wife shows him the video in front of Marge, it shows Homer kissing Ned. This didn't happen when she showed it in the Vegas episode.

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Homer's brain: It's simple, just use reverse psycology.
Homer: Reverse psycology? That sounds too complicated.
Homer's brain: Alright, don't use reverse psycology.
Homer: Alright, I will!

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Trivia: The only voice artists who regularly perform as only one character are Yeardley Smith as Lisa and Marcia Wallace as Edna Krabappel. Yeardley has also voiced different versions of Lisa (Lisa Jr. and Lisabella) in at least two other episodes.

He's My Brother
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Who Shot Mr. Burns? (2) - S7-E1

Question: Chief Wiggum says that Space Invaders was an addictive video game, and Groundskeeper Willie says, "Video game?" I don't understand why he is so shocked. Could someone help please?

Answer: Willy referred to an encounter he believed he had with actual aliens, while Wiggum thought he was referring to the arcade game.

Answer: The joke is that Willie was so addicted to Space Invaders that he believed it was reality: every time he played, he was actually defending the Earth from dangerous aliens. It's a surprise to him that it was actually a game.

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