Best TV audio problems of 1989

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Tee Off, Mr. Bean - S1-E17

Audio problem: When Mr. Bean is on the bus and is trying to retrieve the golf ball, he is hitting the ankles of the passengers. When he hits the ankles of the last two women closest to the camera, they go "Ow" yet their mouths don't move. (00:17:15)

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Agatha Christie's Poirot picture

The Lost Mine - S2-E3

Audio problem: There's a bit of a mix-up in the codenames of the cars who chase Reggie Dyer. Unit 7 is the first to give chase and it is identified by its crew with the photographer. Then Unit 8 intercepts at the rendez-vous point. Check the license plate; FVW 49. Japp mentions a "unit 10" that is not shown. Later in Chinatown, Japp calls for the other cars, and "Car 8" responds, but its license plate is now YD 8501 and it's another car model. Unit 10 is again not shown. They dubbed in the wrong voiceover, they should have kept offscreen the second response by Unit 8 and made it Unit 10's.


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The Legend of Zelda picture

Show generally

Audio problem: In the opening title sequence towards the end, Link says "For you, Princess, anything." After he says this, he instantly opens his mouth again in a continued talking motion. But he is not saying anything. In a cartoon such as this, especially from this era, they wouldn't go through the trouble of animating just a breath after a speaking line, or even just a smile like that. It is extra animation for speaking that is not happening. (00:00:25)

Quantom X

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