Quantum Leap

All Americans - November 6, 1962 - S2-E14

Audio problem: During the speech where Al tells Sam to quit (to force Chewie to play), Sam says he can't quit but his mouth doesn't move for a couple seconds after the words start playing.

Joel Amos Gordon

Sea Bride - June 3, 1954 - S2-E21

Audio problem: When the little girl is dragging her sister across the room to get her to meet Sam at the pool, she says, "He's waiting at the pool for you," but her mouth doesn't even come close to mouthing those words.

Joel Amos Gordon

Disco Inferno - April 1, 1976 - S2-E2

Audio problem: When Sam says "I'd rather be dead," his lips don't move in sync with the words. (00:01:35)

Jean G

Mirror Image - August 8, 1953 - S5-E22

Audio problem: During Sam's conversation with the bearded Russian miner, each of them plainly mouths the word "stone," but for some reason, the word is both times dubbed over with "slate." (00:33:10)

Jean G

Leaping in Without a Net - November 18, 1958 - S2-E19

Audio problem: In the beginning of the show, when Sam's father tells him to get down, Sam climbs down and falls off the net. When he hits the dirt it makes a sound like he's hitting a board.

Joel Amos Gordon

Maybe Baby - March 11, 1963 - S2-E20

Audio problem: When Sam is looking in the mirror talking to Al, he says, "Would you look at me? I've got a gold tooth." However, the reflection doesn't mouth the first part and doesn't even say the second.

Joel Amos Gordon

The Great Spontini - May 9, 1974 - S3-E8

Audio problem: When Jamie says, "Where's your sense of humor?" her lips aren't moving. (00:26:30)

Jean G

Good Night, Dear Heart - November 9, 1957 - S2-E17

Audio problem: When Sam and the Sheriff are on the dock the Sheriff is talking through a shot into the next one, except his mouth isn't moving during the last seconds of his line.

Joel Amos Gordon

Her Charm - September 26, 1973 - S2-E15

Audio problem: When the two bad guys are chasing the girl through the dark forest, one says "it's too dark," the girl screams, and the other says, "who needs light?" - but both say these without moving their lips.

Joel Amos Gordon

M.I.A. - April 1, 1969 - S2-E22

Audio problem: When Sam, dressed as a guru, is talking to Al about Beth, Al calls the lawyer a "scuzzbag" but he mouths "scumbag." Guess it couldn't get past the censors.

Joel Amos Gordon

Nuclear Family - October 26, 1962 - S3-E21

Audio problem: Just before the dog carries in the sack of shotgun shells, Mack and Sam have an argument, and Mack's dialogue is very poorly looped. Throughout the scene, the sound is out of sync with his lip movements. (00:33:00)

Jean G

Thou Shalt Not... - February 2, 1974 - S2-E7

Audio problem: At the dining room table, we hear Karen's voice say "It's all right, Uncle David." But her lips don't move. (00:14:00)

Jean G

A Portrait for Troian - February 7, 1971 - S2-E11

Audio problem: Near the beginning in the tomb, a woman says "he's been dead for three years." Her mouth doesn't match what she is saying.

manthabeat Premium member

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