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The Post (2017)

4 mistakes

New this month Factual error: Towards the end, people are watching television reports of the court battle, and they are watching CBS because Walter Cronkite is on. Meryl Streep is shown watching a TV and it is on channel 12. There was no channel 12 in the Washington/Baltimore area, and since the Post owned WTOP, channel 9, the CBS affiliate in Washington, that's the station to which she would be tuned.

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New this month Factual error: When they are entering the elevator in the New York Times you see a surface mount hall station at current ADA height. That hall station style was designed until the early ‘90’s. Ada law, 42” above the finish floor was not the code back then.

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Factual error: Robert McNamara is wearing a multi colored Polo shirt talking to Mrs. Graham in 1971. The Ralph Lauren Company did not make the shirts until 1972.

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Factual error: There is a phone on the night stand in the daughter's room. The phone is a Princess phone and has modular cords. This movie takes place 3 years before modular plugs were invented.

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