Quantum Leap

The Leap Home (1) - November 25, 1969 - S3-E1

Factual error: The Post Raisin Bran cereal box sitting on the Beckett family breakfast table in 1969 has a 1990s box design. (00:18:00)

Jean G

Disco Inferno - April 1, 1976 - S2-E2

Factual error: In this episode that takes place in April of 1976, everyone sits around watching an episode of Saturday Night Live with Bill Murray on it. Murray didn't join the cast until 1977.

Good Night, Dear Heart - November 9, 1957 - S2-E17

Factual error: At the end, Sam reads a poem from a Mark Twain book and says, "Twain wrote it when his daughter died." But the poem, famous because it was engraved on the daughter's headstone, isn't by Twain, but by poet Robert Richardson. Twain never claimed authorship, so Sam couldn't be reading it with Twain's byline from any of his books. (00:48:00)

Jean G

M.I.A. - April 1, 1969 - S2-E22

Factual error: Though this episode takes place on April 1st, 1969, a freshly-painted sign in the park contradicts the date. In the scene with the hippies in which Sam is disguised as a meditating guru, the huge sign just behind him touts the San Diego Centennial Celebration - in 1968. (00:16:00)

Jean G

So Help Me God - July 29, 1957 - S2-E9

Factual error: At one point when Sam is visiting Delilah in the courthouse he is hugging her and the Sheriff guarding the door comes in and sees them. As the sheriff is leaving, he has a patch on his arm that says "County Sheriff." As this episode took place in Louisiana, there would only be Parish Sheriffs, not a County Sheriff.

Joel Amos Gordon

Blind Faith - February 6, 1964 - S2-E5

Factual error: In the opening scene it is 1964 in New York City. A shot through Brooklyn Bridge shows the World Trade Center towers in the background. The Trade Center was not started until 1968 and not completed until 1973.

The Americanization of Machiko - August 4, 1953 - S2-E3

Factual error: In the scene where the guy is telling Machiko about the major league teams that wanted him, he mentions the Indians, Yankees, and Orioles. The episode is set in 1953 and the story is from before World War II. While there had been a minor league team called the Orioles up to that point, there was no major league team called the Orioles until 1954.

Double Identity - November 8, 1965 - S1-E6

Factual error: The episode takes place November 9, 1965. After the haircut incident they are seen moving away from a theater with Doctor Zhivago on the marquee, but the movie was released December 22, 1965, a month and a half after the scene is supposed to take place. (00:28:00)

Nowhere to Run - August 10, 1968 - S5-E4

Factual error: Twice in this episode, characters refer to the Vietnam war being over. But the setting is 1968. The Vietnam war didn't end until 1975. (00:34:20)

Jean G

Private Dancer - October 6, 1979 - S3-E14

Factual error: When Sam knocks on Diana's door, she opens it. But we've just been told that she's completely deaf, so there's no way she could have heard him knocking. Though she dances to "vibrations in the air," this is with music played at volumes high enough to cause such vibrations. Sam is absolutely not banging on her door that loudly.

Jean G

Good Morning, Peoria - September 9, 1959 - S2-E6

Factual error: While it's done for furthering the plot, climbing a live AM radio tower would result in RF burns and would possibly be fatal. The man who cuts the transmission cable would be in a lot of pain or dead doing that in real life.

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Disco Inferno - April 1, 1976 - S2-E2

Factual error: The episode takes place April 1, 1976, and Sam performs a stunt for the "Earthquake" movie featuring Charlton Heston, but Earthquake was released in 1974, so was filmed long before 1976.


Honeymoon Express - April 27, 1960 - S2-E1

Factual error: The date is April 27, 1960, and Al says the Francis Powers U-2 spy plane will be shot down in two days, namely April 29, but the plane was actually shot down on May 1, 1960, four days after the episode.

Leaping of the Shrew - September 27, 1956 - S5-E3

Factual error: On the island, Vanessa sees Venus in the sky and it looks very dark. The other shots show the sun is still up so the Venus sighting wouldn't look like that.

manthabeat Premium member

The Color of Truth - August 8, 1955 - S1-E7

Factual error: The episode takes place in Alabama, however when Sam and the old lady are in the cemetery before Al shows up, there are mountains in the background.

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Goodbye Norma Jean - April 4, 1960 - S5-E18

Factual error: Sam leaps into Marilyn Monroe's chauffeur in April, 1960. But the car he's driving her around in is a 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible. The 1960 had prominent tail fins, the redesigned '61 did not, so the difference is noticeable. This is a model Marilyn could not have purchased until, at the earliest, September of 1960. (00:03:00)

Jean G

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