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Doctor Zhivago (1965)

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Continuity mistake: The city railroad scenes were filmed in Spain, and many of the forest railroad scenes were filmed in Finland; in both of those countries, most of the railroad track is broad gauge (the rails are more than 5 feet apart). The plains and mountains railroad scenes were largely shot in Canada, where the rails are "standard gauge": 4' 8 & 1/2" apart. The rails can be seen to jump between far apart and closer together more than once as the movie progresses.

Factual error: This movie is set in a part of the world that is well known for its harsh cold weather and frigid temperatures. Yet despite countless scenes of people outdoors in what is supposed to be the bitter cold of winter, you never see the vapor from anyone's breath.


Audio problem: During the "peaceful protest" scene, in a close-up of the crowd the mouth movements don't match the soundtrack.

Visible crew/equipment: When Doctor Zhivago comes home after that trolley ride in which he and Lara pass each other without notice, he enters a glass vestibule in the house. As he opens the glass door, you'll see the reflection of a man's face in it. The reflection bears a close resemblance to David Lean, the film's director.

Continuity mistake: When Komarovsky meets Lara and she is wearing a red dress, he forces her to drink holding her fist. In the following shot he is pushing her drinking cup with his fingers.

Continuity mistake: While Katya plays with a toy horse, Yuri is sitting behind her with his head turned to his right-hand side. In the subsequent shot his head is turned to the left.

Continuity mistake: The book on the table in front of Tonya changes position and its cover rises a bit when Yevgraf sits down.

Continuity mistake: When Yuri, Lara and her daughter are riding in the sleigh on the way to the ice palace, the close-up shots show the three of them in the sleigh. In the wide shot where the sleigh goes over a bump, there is only one driver in the sleigh and no passengers.

Factual error: The peaceful protesters bear a banner saying "Brotherhood", which is spelt "Братство" in Russian. On the banner a "т" is missing, and the word is written "Браство."

Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago: A nameless number on a list that was lost, or mislaid. That was common in those days.

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Trivia: Geraldine Chaplin, the actress who plays Dr. Zhivago's wife, is the daughter of the silent film actor, Charlie Chaplin. Her maternal grandfather was famed playwright Eugene O'Neill.

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