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Doctor Zhivago (1965)

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Corrected entry: When we first meet Lara, she is 17, and she calls Viktor "monsieur", even though they are in Moscow.


Correction: French was widely spoken by the elite in Czarist Russia.

Corrected entry: Pasha's face is injured by a Cossack saber. When he comes to Lara's home, successive scenes have the cut on the right and left side of his face.

Correction: The shots of Pasha's face with the saber injury are seen in a mirror when he is applying iodine to it, so it only appears to jump from side to side.

Corrected entry: Doctor Zhivago walks into his old frozen house and starts to write with an old fashioned pen and ink set. The ink is surprisingly not frozen while the rest of the house is.

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Correction: Dr. Zhivago does not use the pen until several hours after they have been in the house and warmed-up the room. After first arriving at the icy house during the day, there is a fade to show the passage of time where it is now night and the woman and child are sleeping near a stove with a fire. The room is now completely thawed with no visible ice and that is when he begins to write with the pen.


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Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago: A nameless number on a list that was lost, or mislaid. That was common in those days.



The city railroad scenes were filmed in Spain, and many of the forest railroad scenes were filmed in Finland; in both of those countries, most of the railroad track is broad gauge (the rails are more than 5 feet apart). The plains and mountains railroad scenes were largely shot in Canada, where the rails are "standard gauge": 4' 8 & 1/2" apart. The rails can be seen to jump between far apart and closer together more than once as the movie progresses.



The actress who plays Dr. Z's wife is a daughter of the silent film actor, Charlie Chaplin.