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I'm trying to remember the name of a movie. All I can remember from it is the bad guy laying on the ground almost dead. Then the good guy (or girl, don't remember) comes over to put him out of his misery by suffocating him. They say something to the effect of "This is more than you deserve" then before the person is dead the good guy changes his mind and the bad guy lives. Can someone please help me?

Chosen answer: Sounds like the miniseries, "The Langoliers".

Grumpy Scot

There is this movie that I can't remember the name of - I saw in on TV back in the mid 90's. It was about a little boy who kept killing his family members. I don't remember much of it but there was a scene where the boy's grandmother was in the hospital on one of those breathing machines and the boy went and unplugged it so she died. I think he also pushed someone else into a pool who drowned. I know it's a long shot but if anyone can help me name this movie, I'd be so appreciative. Thank you.

Chosen answer: Possibly "Mikey" from 1992.

Stephen Cooney

Who knows the movie in which the character played by Michael Douglas says the terrific line 'I find myself knee deep in bohemian cache'?I thought it was 'The Game' but it isn't. It's driving me nuts.

Chosen answer: It's "A Perfect Murder".


I am looking for the title of a foreign film I saw in the late 60's or early seventies about a man with three testicles. I believe it may have been an Italian comedy. My recollection was that it was titled "Man of the Year", but I am only coming up with the contemporary movie of the same title.

Chosen answer: There's an Italian comedy from 1971 about an over-sexed man called "Homo Eroticus". The English title is "Man of the Year"


Google can't seem to help me with this, so I'll have to ask you. A movie I saw sometime in the early 2000s, I think, featured a woman who has a little girl. This girl, who's autistic, is obsessed with building towers from playing cards or building blocks, to reach her father, whom she thinks is in the moon. The father had died in a climbing accident. Ring any bells? The movie's probably filmed between the years 1995-2002.

Chosen answer: It's called "House of Cards" from 1993. See:


Does anyone remember a movie, probably made in the late 70's early 80's somewhere in that time. All I can remember is that its a horror movie, about a little girl who fell in a well and died, its got some rhyme that goes with it but I cannot remember. I also believe that it has some type of clown doll in it also.

Chosen answer: "Child of Glass."A Disney TV-Movie. A family moves into a haunted Louisiana mansion. The son makes friends with the girl ghost cursed to haunt the home. He must solve a riddle to free her. In the end, she is freed and leaves the doll, revealing the hidden diamonds within which cursed her in the first place, because she refused to give them to her cruel uncle.

Dedderbot Premium member

I would like to know the name of a tv show that I saw a few years ago. All I can remember is, in one episode this woman (main character?) went to see the famiily of her boyfriend, and he has a brother who pretends to be retarded after an accident the brother causes, and he feels quilty and looks after him and wears a helmet of some sort. In the end the family find out he is faking it.

Chosen answer: This was an episode of "Just Shoot Me" starring David Spade and Laura San Giacomo. David Cross played the "retarded" brother. The episode aired in 1999 and is called "Slow Donnie".

Dedderbot Premium member

Seeking name of movie based on a movie trailer I saw between 1997-2002, involving a summer camp and residents that may be Boy Scouts. Primarily the counselor asks if the boys have their cameras to reveal a nude women the boys eagerly photograph.

Chosen answer: I'm not sure, but it could be "Camp Nowhere." See


There's this movie that I've been trying to find that I can't really provide a lot of details about, because I watched it as a kid. I think it's an early 90's movie (definitely before 1996, anyway) or possibly late 80's (89 maybe). It's kind of an action film (sort of), and has a dark-haired, handsome young guy in the lead. The only thing I can remember is that in the movie, he gets a red convertible, and that towards the end, there's a burning (fire) scene, and he has these special shoes that help him stick to the roof (so that he doesn't fall). I know that's a very bad description, but it's all I can remember. Hopefully you can help. I watched it dubbed in French.

Chosen answer: The movie was called "If Looks Could Kill." It starred Richard Grieco who is a high school student visiting France and is mistaken for a secret agent.


I am looking for information on a movie possibly filmed 1995-2002 that featuring a woman with a little girl who is autistic and is obsessed with building towers from playing cards or building blocks. She hopes in doing this she will reach her father believed to be on the moon whom died in a climbing accident.

Chosen answer: This is "House of Cards," starring Kathleen Turner and Tommy Lee Jones.


I am looking for the name of a science fiction movie from the 60's or early 70's about a group of people on a small island being attacked by large mutant crabs. Possibly ending with survivors trapped on an antennea.


Chosen answer: It could the "Attack of the Crab Monsters" in 1957. Several people are trapped on a small island where mutant crabs are attacking everyone. The island is also sinking. That may be the reason for being trapped on the antenna.

Zwn Annwn

There is a film about a huge car chase and and it all starts with someone being kidnapped by a candybar. The person held captive also gets car sick and throws up on a police car. Does anyone know this film?

A Demon Premium member

Chosen answer: It was "The Chase" with Charlie Sheen.


I am looking for a title of a movie that I believe was made in the 80's, possibly early 90's. All I can remember is that there was a boy who had a lot of junk, and wanted to get rid of it, but someone didn't want him to and told him it was valuable. I also remember there being a little rat-like creature, and them using the term "scuz-bucket" quite often. I believe at one point there was a tunnel of some sorts, and the creature coming out of behind a dumpster? I vividly remember a point where the boy was at a gas station, and had a station wagon type vehicle full of all this supposed "junk." I appreciate the help.

Chosen answer: It wasn't a movie, it was an episode of Amazing Stories called "Gather Ye Acorns". Mark Hamill starred as the young man in question.

Grumpy Scot

I remember a Jackie Chan movie where he was in a snowy place and some men in white suits came out of the snow to ambush him. Does anyone know the name of this movie?

Chosen answer: "Jackie Chan's First Strike."

Phixius Premium member

I'm looking for the name of a film and in it there was a detective investigating a snuff movie. It ISN'T 8mm. There's a bit where one of the characters jumps / falls down a lift shaft to hide from the bad guys and there's a load of dead bodies hidden in the lift shaft all cut up.

Chosen answer: This sounds like "Mute Witness" (1994). A mute makeup artist working on a horror film in Russia witnesses an on-set murder/snuff filming. Has a cameo by Alec Guinness at the end.

Sierra1 Premium member

My parents have American Beauty on video but I can't watch it because it's an 18. However, my friends mum has it also on video but hers is a 15. Does anyone know why this is?

Chosen answer: According to the BBFC this film (assuming you mean the 1999 film with Kevin Spacey) has always had an 18 rating both for cinematic and home video/DVD release. The trailer is rated 12. Therefore it is anybody's guess as to how your friend's mother's video is rated 15 unless it is an entirely different American Beauty.

Neil Jones

Where can a person submit suggestions for movies/tv shows to be released on DVD? Does such a data bank exist for those who decide which movies will or will not be released on DVD? Who decides what movies or tv shows from the past will or will not be made available to the public?

Chosen answer: These should be directed at the production company. These companies decide what to release based on three main qualifying factors, usually in order of priority: 1) Will it sell? 2) Do we have the rights to sell it? 3) Is the print in decent condition and if not is it worth doing any work on it in lieu of factors 1 and 2? Many film and closed TV company programme libraries have changed ownership over the years, some with no clues as to who owns the material.

Neil Jones

This is a black-and-white movie, where a man is staying in a house that is haunted. After a woman in the house takes him to his room, he notices her talking to a painting of a man and then kissing it good night. Earlier in the movie, when the man was saying goodbye to his wife, she didn't want him to touch her, so that her coat and hair wouldn't get dirty/messed up. I think she got on a train, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know what movie this is?

Chosen answer: That would be "Young Frankenstein" with Gene Wilder (the man) and Madeline Kahn (his fiance, not wife). It's directed by Mel Brooks and a classic send-up of the horror genre.

Garlonuss Premium member

I'm trying to remember a movie - it was either an older movie (1970s) or was made to look like it was older. It had a guy who I think tried to change his identity but someone recognized him. He also had a woman working with him who wore a blond wig. They kidnapped someone and put her in a huge, safe-like locked room in the basement. The woman put on her blond wig and went driving to meet someone and either pick up diamonds or get money or something. The guy started worrying when he realized someone recognized that he was involved in a fire I think in the past.

Chosen answer: This is Hitchcock's last movie "Family Plot."

ChiChi Premium member

I would like to know if there is another movie about the Son of Sam besides Summer of Sam. I just watched Summer of Sam on The True channel and the actors and the info about the movie was all wrong. The one I saw was with a very young Martin Sheen or an older Emilio Estevez (that sparked an argument with my husband so I did research and found nothing). Anyone know?

Janice C English

Chosen answer: I think the movie you saw was 'Out of the Darkness' from 1985 with Martin Sheen as Ed Zigo.


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