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I saw a movie many years ago, at the end the girl was leaving the guy, and repeated "I divorce thee" three times while turning around. Do you know the movie?

Answer: That's a tough one, without more specific detail. The Triple Talaq ("I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee!") is actually an old Islamic tradition for legal divorce that is still practiced by Muslims in India to this day. Such a scene might appear in a number of films dealing with Muslim and/or Indian characters. Do you recall whether or not the film was a comedy or a drama, set in the Western world or in an Eastern country?

Charles Austin Miller

The movie was set in America, best I remember it was an older man and younger woman. She was in a park or on a mountainside at the end of the movie, turned three times in a circle with outstretched arms and repeated "I divorce thee" three times.

I've been quoting a movie for years now. When I stop to think about it... I can't remember what movie the quote is even from! So I'm trying to find out of anybody can name the film that this quote is from. But someone is in a public bathroom of some sorts, possibly a truck stop and is hiding in one of the stalls. I think they may have been on the phone, but I'm not sure. An old man comes in and does his business then gets up and whips and you just hear him speaking through the wall. "Corn? Why is it always corn? I didn't even eat corn!" I've quoted that line as a joke many times now over the years but I can not remember what movie, TV show, or possibly YouTube video that was from. Google search doesn't help me it seems.

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: There is a scene in Senseless (1998) where Darryl (played by Marlon Wayans) is listening in on the two girls in the bathroom and Tonya (I think) says the line "Corn? I don't remember eating no corn." Although, it's obvious that the corn-in-poop joke is common toilet humor, so I'm sure a dozen other movies have had the joke and similar lines.


Answer: You're probably thinking of Mike Myers as "Fat Bastard" in the 2002 comedy "Austin Powers in Goldmember." We see the silhouette of Fat Bastard against the paper wall of a geisha house, peering into the toilet and exclaiming, "Oy, I dinna have any corn!"

Charles Austin Miller

I looked up the quote. And while it is similar, I don't think that's exactly the one I'm thinking of. I remember the movie saying the quote that I remember being almost word for word how I mentioned it. I almost want to say it was in a Jackass movie or similar. I just can't remember for sure.

Quantom X Premium member

This is the Mike Myers "Fat Bastard" scene. Look familiar?

Charles Austin Miller

Nah. I said I looked up that scene and don't think that was it. I actually have never watched the Austin Powers movies.

Quantom X Premium member

Looking for a movie about a boy named Toby who is being bullied in his neighborhood. They make fun of him by calling him Toby Smoby. He fights one of the bullies and the bully falls down an embankment and gets hurt. Toby then befriends this boy and teaches him how to play chess. Does anyone remember the name of this move? Made before the 1980's.


Answer: I Googled "Toby Smoby" and the results page asked if I meant "Toby Schmoby." I clicked on that result and a page came up called "The CBS Children's Film Festival - A Forum." The comments in the forum were similar to your question and one comment identified the movie as "Toby."

Phaneron Premium member

Looking for a sci-fi alien movie that came out in either 2014 or 2015. Almost all of the film is found footage of people encountering a spider like alien creature in the woods. A forest ranger gets bitten by the creature and records her bite getting worse and spreading throughout her body. An old man and his son also get attacked by it in the woods.

Answer: Alien Abduction (2014)? Area 51 (2015)? Project Almanac (2015)?


I have been looking for the title of a very old black & white movie I saw back in the 60s. In the movie, a child is playing around a tall plant and then the plant eats the child. I think it was set in Africa. I was really horrified and have always wanted to see it again.

Answer: Sounds like "Voodoo Island" made in 1957. A child is eaten by a large cabbage like plant.

oddy knocky

I read a book and watched the movie about a young boy racing the sun over the mountains by himself. I think an Indian boy, but not 100% sure, I loved that movie and book and cannot for the life of me remember what it was called.

Answer: There was a book called "Racing the Sun" by Paul Pitts that seems to fit your description of a 12 yr old boy named Brandon finding out about having Navajo roots. I can't find anything on a movie or show though. Is this what you were looking for?

oddy knocky

A few years ago I was scrolling through titles on Netflix and came across a horror movie (an anthology one if I remember correctly). The artwork depicted a man holding a knife in one hand and his own severed head in the other. The poster was evocative of movie posters from the 1980s, which leads me to believe the movie came out in that decade. Does anyone know what movie this is?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Found it! It's called "From a Whisper to a Scream."

Phaneron Premium member

I caught the tail end of a presumably made-for-television movie some time in the early to mid 90s. It featured a man who had himself altered to look exactly like another man whose life and family he wanted. The two ended up fighting with one of them falling to his death. We are led to believe the evil man died, but it is shortly thereafter revealed that he was the one who survived when he is shown shuffling a coin on his knuckles, which my brother told me is something he was shown doing earlier in the movie. Does anyone have any idea what the title of this movie is?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: I believe this is the 1994 TV movie 'Natural Selection' starring C. Thomas Howell.


That's it. Thanks. I was wondering for years what that movie was called.

Phaneron Premium member

When did purely percussive movie and television soundtracks become popular? What landmark movie or TV soundtrack set this percussive precedent?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: Probably in the late 1990s or around the turn of the century and it was probably gradual as these things go. Sometimes its easier to use a specific song to set a specific mood (this started probably more so in the 1980s) as opposed to creating a new one but that being said, its generally up to a composer and the style of the film in question as to whether they use a percussion style soundtrack or a more traditional sounding one and there are relatively recent films that sound like they could be old school.

Neil Jones

The earliest percussive soundtrack that I recall debuted in James Cameron's first "Terminator" film. While it did have a mournful and melodic synthesized musical theme, the soundtrack was punctuated in several places with industrial banging and thumping (typically when the Terminator was onscreen). This percussive presence was amplified and expanded in the second Terminator film; and, by "Salvation," almost the entire soundtrack was industrial noise. But I'm not sure that Terminator alone ushered in the percussive soundtrack.

Charles Austin Miller

A Hollywood movie musical from the 40's or 50's that features a bizarre choreographed dance in it, where a whole bunch of people in a park get up and start dancing and yelling, "Weeeeee!" They're dancing this wild and weird dance. Anybody know this movie?

CCARNI Premium member

Answer: Few more details needed I think as there were many musicals at this time with various dances and pretty much guaranteed somebody in these films goes "weeeee" when dancing. Any actors or actresses you recall? Black and white film or colour film? Genre? (was it a Western?) Any recollection of the dance or its style?

Neil Jones

Has there ever been an incident in any Star Trek episode or movie where the Enterprise (or other vessel) encounters another ship that is oriented upside down relative to Enterprise's perspective? Given that starships use artificial gravity, a ship's orientation in space is meaningless (in fact there are times Enterprise will bank sharply to turn, but inside everyone and everything stays oriented upright and nothing falls over or slides off things). It just seems improbable that everyone is flying through space the same way, but I haven't seen or don't recall this. Is there something mentioned (show or novelization) about rules of orientation in space (e.g. a galactic law).


Chosen answer: There has not been any scene in any Star Trek film or TV episode of another ship being oriented differently from other vessels. Although it's possible in real life, for show production purposes, showing ships in various positions like that would make the story line unnecessarily confusing and disorienting.

raywest Premium member

Answer: There was an episode of Star Trek: TNG, Seasons 7 Episode 19, where Captain Picard and Data, in a shuttle craft, find the Enterprise spinning out of control.

What movie is this? An evil guy wakes up with bandages on his face. he takes them off and looks out the window and destroys a passing passenger plane with his mind.

Answer: Sounds like you're describing elements of a 1978 paranormal thriller called "The Medusa Touch," starring Richard Burton. Most of the movie is told in flashbacks because, from the very beginning, the evil character named John Morlar is in a hospital intensive care unit, his head completely wrapped in bandages (having suffered severe cranial injuries), and the bandages are never removed during the film. As the flashbacks unfold, we learn that John Morlar had incredible telekinetic mental powers all throughout his life and he is responsible for several unexplained tragedies; in one flashback, he does indeed gaze out a window (or terrace) and causes a 747 passenger jet disaster. What you probably recall is a scene with Morlar in bandages followed by the flashback of him causing the passenger jet disaster.

Charles Austin Miller

I am looking for the name of a movie that came out in the late 1960's or 1970-71. The only thing I can remember about this movie is a scene that occurs in an underground cavern with a natural pool of water with a woman (Ursula Andress?) wearing a long flowing gown appearing to walk on water. There is also a man (actor unknown) there with her. She may be an apparition that suddenly appears to him.


Answer: This sounds like 'She' from 1965. It stars Ursula Andress, John Richardson, Peter Cushing and Bernard Cribbins. A band of ex-military men go looking for and find a lost city, and Ursula Andress is ruler of the city. I don't recall the walking on water, but she did wear a beautiful flowing dress and there were several scenes in a stone cavern.


Thanks for your answer. I bought this movie after seeing your answer and it turns out that this is the movie I was looking for. Thanks again.

There was a movie with Jim Carrey in it although he was not the lead. The only scene I remember is that he walks home and knocks on the door, his dad and sister are surprised to see him because they were told he was dead. His sister believes that he's actually a zombie and wants to know what it's like to be one.

Answer: That's the 1984 comedy "Finders Keepers," in which a con-man pretends to be a soldier who is escorting another soldier's body home in a coffin (but the coffin actually contains several million dollars). The con-man claims that the deceased soldier's name is "Lane Biddlecoff," so word quickly spreads that Biddlecoff is dead. However, the real Lane Biddlecoff (played by Jim Carrey) is an immature goofball who was never a soldier, and he is still very much alive. The scene you're describing features Lane Biddlecoff, his uncle and his bubble-headed cousin (not his father and sister), as the cousin repeatedly asks Lane what it's like to be dead and come back to life.

Charles Austin Miller

That's it.

There was a movie that had Keanu Reeves in it. In the movie, he plays a teenager who discovers that he accidentally gave his girlfriend to a pimp and intends on making her into a prostitute. When Keanu finally manages to rescue her, he takes her home and tells her and her dad what he thinks of her, breaks up with her and then walks home.

Answer: That's the 1988 film, "The Night Before," a comedy that is mostly told in flashbacks as Keanu Reeves tries to remember how he lost his dad's car and sold his date to a pimp on prom night.

Charles Austin Miller

That's the one.

What is the title of this movie? A woman meets a vampire. I remember one conversation where he tells her about a woman who he used to be in love with; he says that they were together for 100 years. The movie had an adult comedy feel. Made in the '80s or early '90s.

Answer: The "adult comedy" is a throw-off, but it seems like the movie you are describing is "The Hunger" with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, which was released in 1983.


When I was younger I watched an old black and white film, it had 3 firemen in a old fire house and there was a headless horseman in it as well. I would love to see the film again if I can find it but I don't know the title, does anyone know it?

Answer: It might be "Ask A Policeman."

I am looking for an action movie set in either the 20's, 30's or 40's that came out within the last three years.

Answer: Finding movies released in the last 3 years is difficult, but some films set in the 20s-40s are: Allied - 2016 Public Enemies - 2009 Cinderella Man - 2005 Hugo - 2011.

Ssiscool Premium member

If I remember correctly, there was a movie about some kids who snuck into a house where an old woman died. Suddenly they are being murdered by the old woman and came back looking exactly how they did when they died. One person was killed by being stabbed in the back with scissors and came back with the scissors still embedded in the back. I also think that one of the people in this movie played Russ Thompson Jr. In the movie Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

Answer: It's called "Dead Dudes In The House."

I'm trying to find the name of a movie where people get paid to be living mannequins inside a department store. The manager gives them a hard time by trying to make them move during their shift. One night this guy and female employees are dressed up in a wedding outfits and witness either a murder or bank robbery. The criminal looks inside the window trying to figure out if the people he sees are real or fake then leaves. Is there any one who knows the name? I think it came out about the same time Wedlock came out.

Chosen answer: The movie is called Flinch, starring Judd Nelson and Gina Gershon.

Answer: This is definitely "Flinch." In the movie, they both have jobs as living mannequins but they can never be allowed to move. If they get caught moving by their boss, they will be fired on the spot. One night, after Gina's boyfriend stands her up, Judd treats to dinner in the department store. While looking out of the display window, they notice a man and woman. At first it looks like they are witnessing a romantic interlude, but instead, they watch the man murder the woman. Although they stay completely still. The murderer doesn't fall for it. The next morning, when they tell their boss, he doesn't believe them so they quit.

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