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Question: I watched this horror movie in the 70's I think. It was about this group of college age kids at this house where they get locked in by something supernatural. In one scene, someone gets electrocuted in a window? Anyway, it turns out that in the basement is an entrance to hell, and somehow it got opened. The devil got out and he looked like Col Sanders, an old fat guy in an all white suit. I though it had "House" in the title but I'm not sure. I know it's not "House" with William Katt.


Chosen answer: The movie you're after is "The Evil", starring Richard Crenna. Its American title is "The Evil Below" I think.

Question: Can anyone identify a film which ends with a woman on the porch of a Caribbean style house singing a reggae song but as far as I can remember neither the song nor the woman were directly relevant to the story of the film. Not much to go on I know.

Chosen answer: If I remember correctly, that is Weekend at Bernie's 2.

Question: Help me please to remember a title of this American (maybe Britain) criminal drama of the 90s about the murder of a girl. There are two students; one poor, but talented (I will call him Poor), other - rich, but dumb (I will call him Rich). Rich asks Poor to write an essay for him. Poor complies Rich's request and becomes Rich's family friend.Some time later, on the one of the parties, Rich rapes and accidentally murders a girl. When he realizes what he had done, he runs in the panic to the Poor and asks him to help to hide a body. I remember scene: Rich wipes blood from baseball bat by his clothes (he killed her by this bat). Soon after, Rich's dad comes to help and finally covers Rich's tracks. After this accident Poor, striking by conscience, makes a decision to end his friendship with Rich. And some time later he tries to make Rich to appear before the court. But Rich's dad (half-paralyzed at that time) hires woman-lawyer for $1000000 to protect his son. And she wins a case. Rich releases from a penalty. (No happy end)Some details, that I remember:Rich had a brother-invalid.In one scene Poor comes to murdered girl's mother and gives back to her some object (possibly he knew this girl and her mother before). Poor tried to find material evidence of Rich's crime: baseball bat. He knew the place where it was thrown away. He found this bat, but only after Rich was acquitted in court. And this evidence became useless, because Rich couldn't be judged twice for the same crime. At the end of the movie someone tries to wake up a Rich's father to tell him a good news about winning the case. Father, after awakening, suddenly yells terribly, drools and dies.Actor, who played a father, looks similar to Brian Dennehy: I didn't find such description in his filmography.


Chosen answer: It's A Season in Purgatory starring Craig Sheffer and Patrick Dempsey, based on the book by Dominic Dunne (which itself was loosely based on the real-life murder of Martha Moxley). Brian Dennehy did indeed play Sheffer's father.

White Lock

Question: I seem to remember a TV show, probably an episode from an Australian children's series aired in the UK sometime in the mid 1990s, but I would be grateful if anybody could shed any light on this, or at the very least identify which TV show it came from. In the episode in question there is a boy who, for whatever reason, is chained to a supermarket trolley that obviously follows him around. Said boy and trolley somehow end up in the sea and another kid's mother swims out with some cutters to cut the chained boy from "his" trolley before he drowns.

Neil Jones

Chosen answer: It may be part of the Paul Jennings Weird Storie episodes, also famous for the Aussie Series Around the Twist.

Question: I saw this movie in late 90s, but I'm not sure that's when it was filmed. Story was about a woman who gets into a car accident and after it she can't remember anything about her past life. She tries to start her life over. After a while a mysterious man starts to follow her: a man which she saw in a picture made the night of her car accident. After a while she remembers something about her past life, and the man tries to kill her. This movie is some kind of thriller. Any guess?


Chosen answer: Mulholland Drive, maybe?

Question: Can anyone tell me the movie where the closing scene is of a character leaving a hotel in Washington in the 1920s, looking up, and seeing a four biplane fly past that dissolves into a squadron of jets?

Chosen answer: Sounds similar to an episode from the original "Twilight Zone".

Question: Looking for the title of a comedy, but am unsure of the year, maybe in the late 90s or later. A man witnessed a murder and after the murderer left, he went to try and help the guy. While he was standing over the dead body he realized he looked guilty of the murder. He spends the movie running from the cops, but everywhere he goes the killer and he are taking the same route. The killer thinks he is following him. It is really funny, but can't remember any more details. Hope you can help.


Chosen answer: Sounds like 'The Wrong Guy', 1997.

Question: Okay it is a 70's-80's movie where this one area has been contaminated with something and the animals that are there get really mutated. The only things I remember was a mutated bear was attacking some peoples tents, and that a woman became contaminated because she ate a fish.


Chosen answer: Prophecy (1979) directed by John Frankenheimer -

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: I don't know if it is a movie or a show but there is this gargoyle thing and for some reason he is apologizing to this guy and then munches on him. It was live action. Sorry for not having a lot of details.


Chosen answer: Might be "Tales From the Darkside", 1990. It's actually tree short stories in one movie, the last one being "Lover's Vow", which did have a gargoyle. This description sounds like the last scene of that tale, and I've never seen another movie with a gargoyle that talked.


Question: Around 1995 I saw a movie on TV that I simply cannot find anything on. I do not know the title, the actors, character names, or anything else but a few specific scenes and a general view of the plot. The movie is about a boy, who I want to say is named Toby, and I believe he is somehow mentally disabled. His elder parents, or guardians, care for him. The character has this ability to bring objects to reality from pictures using his mind. He consistently puts his hands in front of him and says, "bring," and the object appears. His guardians are on constant watch of what he sees and is able to "bring." In one particular scene, he somehow gets a hold of a book/picture of a human heart, which he brings to life, and is sitting on the floor playing with it, tossing it back and forth in his hands. When his mother/woman discovers him, in shock or by some connection to the heart in his hands, the mother dies. At the end of the movie, the father 'forces' Toby to bring fire through a picture and sets the house ablaze with them inside. Unfortunately this is all I can remember and I am unsure of how accurate I am, but if this rings a bell, please help.


Chosen answer: This is an episode from the second season of the new Twilight Zone, called "The Toys of Caliban."

Question: This is a movie on HBO, Cinemax or Showtime in, I believe, the 90s. It's about a guy, I think his name was Harry, and he gets hypnotized or possessed by the soul of Caligula or something. Anyway, all he has to do is look at women and they get off. It's not a porn and there is little nudity, surprisingly. Three scenes I remember are: Harry's walking in the desert in a Roman soldier costume and a beautiful woman pulls up in a convertible to pick him up, he gives the stare and she "finishes". Harry gets home, gives his wife the look from behind, she gets off on the floor, then seeing Harry hadn't touched her, she says, "Did I just get off!?" And finally, Harry's in a strip club, looks at one of the strippers he knows, she gets off and gets mad running off the stage. I remember just about everything but the name. Please, anyone, help.


Chosen answer: Sex and the Single Alien.

Question: I'm looking for the title of a film about a group of scientists who use a burrowing machine to travel deep into the earth. They discover a cavernous world of wonders but discover that nothing can reproduce there. The rabbits they've brought along mate but all their issue is still born. The film was shot in the Carlsbad Caverns and aired repeatedly on television in the fifties.

Chosen answer: Maybe "Unknown world" from 1951:

Question: I am looking for a film that tells the story of a man who sees dead people. He has a coloured boy following him with soil coming out of his mouth and who has hands clasped out in front of him like he's holding something. He keeps being drawn to some woodland and sees the coloured boy there. He doesn't know why. The thing the boy has in his hands is a bird's nest and eventually the man realises that he's being shown how this boy died. He was part of a group of boys that got taken to this woodland area as part of a trip from a boys home or something similar, and they were all being abused. The name of the boys' home was Bird's Nest or Blackbirds. The boy had been killed and buried in the woods. I thought this film was Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon but it isn't. It's very similar though.

Chosen answer: Sounds like Living with the Dead, with Ted Danson as the lead (Talking to Heaven if you saw it outside the U.S.).

Question: Is there an alien that looks like a praying mantis in any of the Alien movies? I used to have a toy of it.


Chosen answer: I don't think so, but I do remember the toy line. They made several "species" of alien that weren't featured in the films.

Phixius Premium member

Answer: In Alien 3, there is an alien that runs on two legs, keeping its arms like a praying mantis. Ripley, says it's different from the other aliens she encountered.

Question: I can't remember the title of a movie. It was made sometime around the 70's-80's. It was about a group of humans that aged rapidly. They would only live for a month or something. They had to wait for the chosen one who would go on a journey to another land to find the cure but he had to get there before he died of old age himself. If anyone can give me a hand with this I would really appreciate it.

Chosen answer: I searched for this too a while ago. I believe the movie you're looking for is "Quest" (1984).

Question: I watched a movie in the early 80's that seemed to be set in Hawaii about a group of assassins hired to kill a group of bad guys. I think the name of the movie was 7 or seven but my searches result in nothing. I cannot remember the names of any actor but there were some very good scenes in it. An armored limo burned at a gas station, a long distance assassination involving breakfast and a missile while whistling "pop goes the weasel" and a martial arts fight up a high rise culminating in a fight with the boss only to have the assassin pull out a gun and say "hiyah my ass" and blow the guy away. The killings had to be done at the same time on the same day to keep suspicion down of the victims. Anyone with information here would be appreciated. It was a b movie and not well acted, but very entertaining nonetheless.

Chosen answer: Yes it was called Seven and starred William Smith. It was actually made in 1979.

Question: Trying to think of a movie (possibly mid-80s) that was about a winter. And this pregnant lady wanted a particular kind of food and it only grew in someone else's garden. He was trapped. Sorry, that's all I have.

shortdanzr Premium member

Chosen answer: Sounds like an episode of the Showtime series "Faerie Tale Theatre" titled "Rapunzel". It aired in February of 1983. Starred Sherry Duval and Jeff Bridges.

Phixius Premium member

Question: I was wondering if anyone knows the name of a movie about two people who fall in love in heaven before being born. Then the woman is chosen to be born and the man asks to be born too, to try to find her on earth. They keep almost meeting throughout the movie before finally finding each other.

Lori Kaminsky

Chosen answer: You're thinking of the 1987 film, "Made in Heaven," starring Kelly McGillis and Timothy Hutton.

raywest Premium member

Question: I would be incredibly grateful to anyone who finds what I'm looking for. There was this movie trailer or TV show premiere, probably a few years back but released after 2000. I vaguely remember it starting up with a person saying something about a woman was found dead with her face sliced with a knife from ear to ear. Then they flash for a short time the woman, lying on the pavement, who was killed and it looks like there is a neat accurately curved slash from one ear to the other, in between her lips. Does anyone know the name of this movie/ TV show?

Chosen answer: The Black Dahlia (2006)

Grumpy Scot

Question: I remember a movie from the 80's where a redheaded girl had pigtails that spun around and her father was a pilot. What was the name of that movie?

Chosen answer: I believe you are thinking of the 1988 film, "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking." It is based on the classic children's book, "Pippi Longstocking," by Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren.

raywest Premium member

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