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So I've been trying to find this movie. It is a cartoon movie and I don't really remember much from it. I remember something about a girl getting lost and I remember a scene where she is at some ladies house and the lady was giving her milk and she noticed the girls face on the milk carton. It's not Face On A Milk Carton. Then I think her dad might have flown planes or something, I'm not really sure.

Chosen answer: Sounds like Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992). The cat and mouse duo befriend a young girl who's always trying to run away from her guardian (her father's plane is believed to have crashed somewhere in the Himalayas), who wants her inheritance. When she runs away again, they try to find her by getting her picture on milk cartons and putting up a huge sum of money for a reward. She is later taken in by a man until he sees her face on a milk carton, and turns her in. Of course being a Tom and Jerry cartoon this ends happily.

Can you help with the name of this movie? I think a woman is being conned by someone who has given her a photo of his supposed family and while she is browsing in a store she sees lots of photo frames and the default photo is the same as the one she has been given.

Chosen answer: Sounds like the episode in Friends where Phoebe is talking with her Grandmother about her real father.

Today (9/29/10) I caught a little bit of a movie or show on TV, and I would love to know what it was. It was about this neighborhood where one house was a mental hospital or something; multiple "ill" people had recently moved in. The neighbors threw rocks at the house, and discussed that it was dangerous to live near those people. A few of the neighbors started interacting with the "ill" people, specifically, a neighbor-woman was friendly with one of the ill women at a supermarket, and only later realized she lived in that place.


Chosen answer: I believe it is an episode of 'Highway to Heaven' - the episode 'Normal People'.

My wife is looking for the title of a film involving a deranged old man and a little girl going on different adventures, on of which involving a giant floating head. The old man also has a horse and gives the little girl a rose. It looks as if they're journeying through different dimensions or time periods. Any thoughts?

Chosen answer: This is Terry Gilliam's 1988 film, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, starring John Neville as the titular Baron and Sarah Polley as his young companion Sally. The supporting cast includes an uncredited Robin Williams, as the King of the Moon (the giant floating head that your wife remembers), Oliver Reed and a pre-fame Uma Thurman. More information can be found here.

Tailkinker Premium member

Need help remembering the title of this film. An American film, possibly late 80's early 90's, in which a grandmother passes away but she is a main character in the film as a ghost, and she guides her grandchildren into burying her body where she wanted to be buried, not wanted to be buried where she died.

Chosen answer: Could be Bury Me in Niagara, a 1993 Canadian film released in the US under the title Ghost Mom. Starred Jean Stapleton and Geraint Wyn Davies.

Jean G

Looking for movie title or actors: a comedy duo, one short and fat, one tall and thin, in Europe. Once at the Vatican dressed as monks, once in a Ferrari driving at 200 mph, and once they were asked to take a picture and ran away with the camera.


Chosen answer: I believe you are referring to "Nuns on the Run" with Eric Idle (Monty Python fame) & Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid from Harry Potter).

CCARNI Premium member

I watched this movie when i was small (in the 90's),wherein the lead actor or the villain (I'm not sure)has a severely burnt face and wears a mask always.towards the end there is a scene showing him without his mask, his lips have been burnt off and you can only see the teeth. The last scene shows him walking away as the woman he rescued (not sure) stares at his retreating figure. I really have to know the name of this movie. I know it's not adequate,but this is all i can remember. Hopefully you can help. Thank you.

Chosen answer: That sounds a lot like Sam Raimi's "Darkman":


I remember watching a black and white movie when I was a kid that popped into my head recently, here's what I remember from the plot. I think the woman is dying but she's still fairly young, she looks for men to live or stay with her for I think 30 days; I believe the goal was to do activities and have fun together but I think he's not supposed to fall in love with her. We come into the movie at the beginning of the 30 days and follow the couple together until the end of the time period during which time the guy has fallen in love with her, but he has to come to terms with losing her as she starts another 30 days with another man I think. Can anyone help me out, it's really starting to bug me now, thanks.


Chosen answer: It sounds a lot like "Sweet November" from 1968, which was remade in 2001 with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.

Cubs Fan Premium member

Around 1970-2010, I am searching for a movie I watched in the late 1990's, but it may have came out earlier, (not the movie Gorillas in the Mist) about a women raising a gorilla in her huge beautiful mansion, she raised him from a monkey in a crib with a bottle, she raised him along with other animals. the Family was sitting at dinner when the gorilla got out of hand, slammed his hand on the table and stormed out like a child. I remember the house was huge, beautiful stairs as soon as you walk in, full of animals she was raising. the main plot of the story is her raising the gorilla who was sick,and close to death when it was young, she saved its life but was too much to handle.

Chosen answer: Sony Pictures' 1997 film "Buddy" starring Rene Russo.

Phixius Premium member

I've been trying to find the title to this film for ages. It has a huge structure that rises from a dirty lake when a young boy visits the lake and then sinks back under the water when he goes. I was only young when I watched it so not sure if it was classed as a horror. Can you help me?

Chosen answer: The Quest (1986)

Grumpy Scot

This is a pretty old movie. I have part of a movie stuck in my head and it is about a boy who goes in a white room. There are people with big vertical tubes over each of them and they appear to be asleep. Eventually the boy plays music and the tubes rise up and the people are free. Does anyone know which movie this is?

Chosen answer: This is the 1953 film, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T" starring Hans Conreid and Tommy Rettig. The screenplay was written by Theodore Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss). This was the only film ever written by Geisel, who was do disappointed by the film's box office failure that he never even mentioned writing it in any of his biographical material.

raywest Premium member

There's a movie that was most likely released in the later 90's about a woman whose daughter dies by falling out of the car. Later in the movie the woman sees a drawing at a school that looks just like her daughter's old drawings. Then, when she sees the girl who did the drawing, the girl looks just like her daughter. She follows the girl home and then finds that the girl's mother is her doppelganger or twin sister, I can't remember which. I do remember a man in the movie warning the woman never to come face to face with her doppelganger after explaining to her what a doppelganger was.


Chosen answer: This movie was called "The Lookalike" (TV 1990). She was rescued from a river after falling from a car on a bridge. Later as an adult she sees a child that resembles her deseased daughter. Turns out to be the daughter of her twin sister that is passing through town.


I'm looking for a movie that might have been made in the 80's. All i remember is a family with kids, the oldest son i remember is hauling a fridge up many flights of stairs with one or two other people and there was dramatic opera-type music while doing this. I also remember the family going on a road trip and finding this place that had hundred of yard decorations (wind chimes and sun-catchers and statues). And I think at the end of their trip was a cabin in the woods. It's all I remember, though I watched it many times when I was very young. Any ideas?


Chosen answer: I believe the movie you are thinking about is called Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss. Here's a link to a synopsis so you can see if it sounds like the movie you remember:

I watched this horror movie in the 70's I think. It was about this group of college age kids at this house where they get locked in by something supernatural. In one scene, someone gets electrocuted in a window? Anyway, it turns out that in the basement is an entrance to hell, and somehow it got opened. The devil got out and he looked like Col Sanders, an old fat guy in an all white suit. I though it had "House" in the title but I'm not sure. I know it's not "House" with William Katt.


Chosen answer: The movie you're after is "The Evil", starring Richard Crenna. Its American title is "The Evil Below" I think.

Can anyone identify a film which ends with a woman on the porch of a Caribbean style house singing a reggae song but as far as I can remember neither the song nor the woman were directly relevant to the story of the film. Not much to go on I know.

Chosen answer: If I remember correctly, that is Weekend at Bernie's 2.

Help me please to remember a title of this American (maybe Britain) criminal drama of the 90s about the murder of a girl. There are two students; one poor, but talented (I will call him Poor), other - rich, but dumb (I will call him Rich). Rich asks Poor to write an essay for him. Poor complies Rich's request and becomes Rich's family friend.Some time later, on the one of the parties, Rich rapes and accidentally murders a girl. When he realizes what he had done, he runs in the panic to the Poor and asks him to help to hide a body. I remember scene: Rich wipes blood from baseball bat by his clothes (he killed her by this bat). Soon after, Rich's dad comes to help and finally covers Rich's tracks. After this accident Poor, striking by conscience, makes a decision to end his friendship with Rich. And some time later he tries to make Rich to appear before the court. But Rich's dad (half-paralyzed at that time) hires woman-lawyer for $1000000 to protect his son. And she wins a case. Rich releases from a penalty. (No happy end)Some details, that I remember:Rich had a brother-invalid.In one scene Poor comes to murdered girl's mother and gives back to her some object (possibly he knew this girl and her mother before). Poor tried to find material evidence of Rich's crime: baseball bat. He knew the place where it was thrown away. He found this bat, but only after Rich was acquitted in court. And this evidence became useless, because Rich couldn't be judged twice for the same crime. At the end of the movie someone tries to wake up a Rich's father to tell him a good news about winning the case. Father, after awakening, suddenly yells terribly, drools and dies.Actor, who played a father, looks similar to Brian Dennehy: I didn't find such description in his filmography.


Chosen answer: It's A Season in Purgatory starring Craig Sheffer and Patrick Dempsey, based on the book by Dominic Dunne (which itself was loosely based on the real-life murder of Martha Moxley). Brian Dennehy did indeed play Sheffer's father.

White Lock

I seem to remember a TV show, probably an episode from an Australian children's series aired in the UK sometime in the mid 1990s, but I would be grateful if anybody could shed any light on this, or at the very least identify which TV show it came from. In the episode in question there is a boy who, for whatever reason, is chained to a supermarket trolley that obviously follows him around. Said boy and trolley somehow end up in the sea and another kid's mother swims out with some cutters to cut the chained boy from "his" trolley before he drowns.

Neil Jones

Chosen answer: It may be part of the Paul Jennings Weird Storie episodes, also famous for the Aussie Series Around the Twist.

I saw this movie in late 90s, but I'm not sure that's when it was filmed. Story was about a woman who gets into a car accident and after it she can't remember anything about her past life. She tries to start her life over. After a while a mysterious man starts to follow her: a man which she saw in a picture made the night of her car accident. After a while she remembers something about her past life, and the man tries to kill her. This movie is some kind of thriller. Any guess?


Chosen answer: Mulholland Drive, maybe?

Can anyone tell me the movie where the closing scene is of a character leaving a hotel in Washington in the 1920s, looking up, and seeing a four biplane fly past that dissolves into a squadron of jets?

Chosen answer: Sounds similar to an episode from the original "Twilight Zone".

Looking for the title of a comedy, but am unsure of the year, maybe in the late 90s or later. A man witnessed a murder and after the murderer left, he went to try and help the guy. While he was standing over the dead body he realized he looked guilty of the murder. He spends the movie running from the cops, but everywhere he goes the killer and he are taking the same route. The killer thinks he is following him. It is really funny, but can't remember any more details. Hope you can help.


Chosen answer: Sounds like 'The Wrong Guy', 1997.

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