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Question: I vaguely remember a movie from when I was younger (I'm 30 now) about a blonde girl who is maybe babysitting a younger girl. She takes her out with her at night to party - they go to the beach, the blonde meets up with a guy and the younger girl feels so special because she has been with this cool chick hanging out all night. Sorry I don't remember more - I feel like it MIGHT have had "night" in the title. Thanks in advance!


Chosen answer: Sounds like the 1992 movie "That Night" with Juliette Lewis. The setting of the movie is in the 1960's and I found it on YouTube.

Question: I am looking for a made for television movie that came out years ago. The movie is about a family with 2 young sons. The father favors the youngest son and is cold to the other. One day both boys went for a boat ride. The youngest boy accidentally falls off the boat and starts to drown. The older son tries to save him but he hesitates at first. The young boy drowns. The older son is under suspicion and might go to court. The father blames his older son for what happened. I believe that the mother separates from the father and supports her son and the father doesn't support him. That's the plot does anyone know the name? Thanks.

Chosen answer: This is "Family Sins", a CBS TV movie from 1987.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: I'm trying to remember the title of a movie or TV series set in the late 1800s or early 1900s. The girl is travelling in a stagecoach that is either held up or breaks down miles from a town. She tries to carry her trunk all that way, and a guy who is trying to help her tells her that it's too heavy. He ends up having to carry her. A later scene, she tries to light a wood stove and ends up smoking up the whole room and her face, ruining her dress. I think she was a school teacher.

Chosen answer: "Love comes softly" is the title of the movie.

Question: I'm looking for a old horror movie maybe from the 1980s where a boy works in a funeral home. His four friends die, maybe in a car wreck. They are brought to the funeral home and start coming back to life one by one and start killing - please help.

Jessica Moak

Chosen answer: Night Life/Grave Misdemeanors:

Question: Does anyone know the title of the horror movie that has the character (I believe she is the antagonist) that has blonde hair up in pigtails and is wearing a school uniform?


Chosen answer: I think it's the 1956 movie The Bad Seed.


Question: I'm looking for the title of a not so old movie, that starts with a couple going to rob a road restaurant, sitting inside that restaurant and discussing to do it or not.

Tom Edelweiss

Chosen answer: That's how "Pulp Fiction" begins.

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Question: I can't remember the title or stars of a movie, maybe 15 years ago or so, about a troubled young girl who goes to work for an older woman's restaurant in a small town. She comes up with idea to raffle off the restaurant to a best essay contest winner. The woman's son is presumed dead in war, but actually still lives, hiding out.

Chosen answer: That would be the 1996 film, "The Spitfire Grill."

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Question: I have recently recalled a movie I watched a couple years ago but I do not know the name of it. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me with this. Thanks in advance. Here's what I remember: A guy and his sister realize that they can talk to his girlfriend's ghost that was recently in a train accident. (They saw it in a newspaper) In the end his sister unfolds the newspaper to reveal that her brother was a ghost the whole time. He then recalls that he and his girlfriend got stalled on the train tracks and got out in time, but the girlfriend went back to the car to get her necklace or something. The boyfriend went after her and a train ended up coming right at that moment. I hope that helps because that's all I remember. Like I said, thanks in advance for any answers.


Chosen answer: This sounds like an episode of "are you afraid of the dark".

Answer: It's from "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" Season 3 Episode 10 "The Tale Of The Dream Girl."

Question: What is the name of the film (might be a British made film) where they are going to close down a community centre, and so to keep it open the kids do a talent show to raise money for it. There is dancing singing etc.?

Chosen answer: Sounds like the movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo:


Question: About 23 years ago, I remember seeing a movie in the theater. It was a horror movie. I can remember certain events happening in the movie. A head gets blown up in a microwave, a circular saw flies through the air and kills somebody. I think all of these things take place in an old house. I vaguely remember an old pier leading out to a pond that somebody may have been killed on. I thought at first the name of the movie was something like "Superstition", but I have searched and searched and cannot find anything on this movie. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Chosen answer: The film was Superstition (1982).

Question: Help! I'm looking for a movie with a "dark" atmosphere. It had two girls, one of them was kind of goth and lived in a very dark world and the other was all bright and happy. At the end the dark girl kills someone. It's from another country like Hungary or Germany. Also I kind of remember the title had the word mirror in it, but I'm not sure...

Chosen answer: Are you talking about MirrorMask?

Question: Does anybody know the name of a TV movie that was made about Milli Vanili, it was aired sometime after they were found out.Also a TV movie about the the life of Elvis.

Chosen answer: There was a 2000 BBC documentary titled It Takes Two: The Story of the Pop Duo about musical duos that included Milli Vanilli. The duo were also featured in the premiere episode of VH1 Behind the Music. In February 2007 Universal Pictures announced it was developing a film based on Milli Vanilli's rise and fall in the music industry and in February 2011, it was announced that the movie was being rewritten. It has yet to be released. Also, there have been a number of TV movies about Elvis Presley as far back as the 1978 version starring Kurt Russell. There were also several mini-series.

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Question: I'm looking for a movie that came out sometime in the 90's. Here's what I remember: there was a young girl, late teens maybe, who was in care of her younger brother. The boy had something wrong with his head that I can't remember, maybe autism? Anyway he was seeing this child psychologist and he eventually has the little boy admitted to a hospital over his issues. I think the sister tries to have an affair with the psychologist and tries to kill him when he rejects her but putting him in an icy like by his home after shaking him. I'm pretty sure it turned out in the end that she killed her and the little boys' parents.

Chosen answer: Silent Fall, starring a young Liv Tyler.

Question: In what movie does this actor come back years later to remind this girl they were best friends as kids. He finds her sitting in a bar and starts to dance to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This?

Chosen answer: Sunday at Tiffany's:

Question: Looking for a film could be 80s or 90s but might be earlier. A teenager has a baby boy but gets it taken from her as she was too young - it was seen as wrong and she was forced to adopt the baby out. The boy's adopted mother is nasty to him. In one scene she makes him eat his own sick? I think he might be autistic but not sure. Please help - this has been bugging me for years and I need the name!


Chosen answer: 1992 film called "A child lost forever", starring Beverly D'Angelo. It's a true story. Sometimes Lifetime Network will show it.

Question: Hi, need help identifying this long lost film. Saw this movie about 35/40 years ago. It's in b/w and was probably made in the 1950's or 60's, or possibly earlier. It's about a group of school children and they're putting on a school play (possibly a religious play like Jesus and the Manger or something like that) and during the course of this one of the little girls in the class becomes very sick and ends up dying near the end of the film, and it affects one of her classmates (a young boy) who was kind of in love with her.

Chosen answer: It's called Bright Road (1953) starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte:

Jessica Parnell

Question: My sister and I watched a film set in the 90's in America, maybe somewhere like New Orleans (Louisiana, Alabama, some kind of place like that). The film is about a family whose daughter is kidnapped and murdered on the first day of her kidnapping, but the murderer states that she is still alive, it has a lot of court room and church based scenes, I can't remember any of the actresses or actors. In the end credits is a picture of a country lane where the girl was snatched from, and when the credits go up the song Amazing Grace is sung.

Chosen answer: Sounds like "Victim Of Beauty: The Dawn Smith Story", with William Devane and Jeri Lynn Ryan (now known as Jeri Ryan). It's based on a true story about a beauty queen who was kidnapped and murdered. Jeri Ryan herself sings "Amazing Grace" (at the end, I believe).

Melanie Elsworthy

Question: There is a scene in a movie where a teenage guy and girl have sex in an empty carriage on a train. I don't know the movie or the actors but I really want to know what movie it is from - 1980s era.

Chosen answer: It's The Babysitters I think - Teenage girls pretend to babysit but they are really prostituting themselves to the fathers.

Question: I'm looking for the title of a film before 1970, not a Hitchcock film, that features a woman becoming crazy by voices she hears in the mist. Her husband tries to drive her crazy. It's for my father, he is searching for this film for a long time and I thought and promised him that I could find this film easily on the internet, without any success until now...Looking forward to your suggestion(s).Thanks!Jan Willem.


Chosen answer: That sounds like Midnight Lace with Doris Day and Rex Harrison. Doris Day is newly married to Rex and one day while walking through the park near their London home she starts hearing whispered threats in the fog. She starts being terrorized, but no one believes her. At the end, it turns out Rex Harrison was having affair with her best friend and they were trying to drive her crazy to get her money. Http://

Question: Which Pink Panther movie had Sellers using disguises that included an inflatable dog and an inflatable doll?

Chosen answer: The Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) has Professor Balls presenting Ted Wass, Clifton Sleigh, with disguises including an inflatable dog and doll - it wasn't Peter Sellers though as he had died in 1980.

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