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Question: I've noticed that in some older TV shows where currency is shown, it's fake while on other shows the currency appears to be genuine. I've always wondered why this is and what the laws are regarding it, if any.

Jeff Swanson

Chosen answer: Keep in mind first that real money has a tendency to disappear. So a production is often not going to risk the loss of X amount of money by using the real thing (this is especially true in bank scenes or "raining money" scenes). So the property (props) department on the production will make fake, worthless bills. But... the fake bills can't replicate real bills too closely or they violate U.S. counterfeiting laws. This was especially true in older days when counterfeiting was much easier. Currently, the laws are less restrictive so it's not as obvious. But there are still guidelines (like color and size of bills) that film and television producers must comply with in order to produce fake money.

Question: Looking for a movie that has a cartoon within it. It's a 1960's movie with real actors doing a scene which is then reproduced in animation in front of us, the audience. The production of the comic strip is part of the story line. It may be a made-for-TV movie rather than a Hollywood film. The only other thing I remember is that the cameras that the audience can see (that are used to film it for the animation) are mounted on gunstocks which are aimed at the actors. Anyone know what the name is?

Chosen answer: Sounds like "The Three Stooges in Orbit".

CCARNI Premium member

Question: I watched this movie maybe 10 years ago but I can't remember the name or any of the actors. The only two scenes I remember is in the beginning there are a lot of people in this big warehouse/laboratory type room and in the middle is this circular glass room with a little blond girl inside and she seems frightened, I think she may have been crying. And off to the side these two men are looking at the glass room and talking about how the girl is a fantastic scientific discovery or something like that and one guy seems to be worried that the room isn't secure enough and the other says the glass is reinforced super glass and there's no way in Hell she can escape. At that moment the girl punches a hole through the glass and escapes, killing or injuring a few people along the way. The girl ends up outside and she sees a train but I can't remember if she gets on it or not. The other scene I remember is the girl is an adult and she's kissing this guy and her tongue some how busts through the back of his head killing him. If someone knows this movie or knows where I can find it I'd greatly appreciate it, It's been killing me for years.


Chosen answer: Sounds like the 1995 film, "Species," starring Ben Kingsley and Natasha Henstridge.

raywest Premium member

Question: I'm trying to remember the name of an 80's movie where the guy is at a stop light, and a car with two Asian guys in suits pulls up beside him. The driver doesn't say anything but the passenger has a microphone and is announcing via a set of speakers on the roof.


Chosen answer: "Better Off Dead," starring John Cusack and David Ogden Stiers. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Question: I don't remember much of the movie or TV show that I'm looking for, just a friendly monster/s in a kid's tree house. Can you think of anything that sounds like this? Thank you.

Chosen answer: There was a movie called "The Monster Squad" where the Frankenstein monster was up in a treehouse and was not scary at all, only pathetic.

CCARNI Premium member

Question: I hardly remember the movie and it maybe came out in the 90's or early 2000's but I think Anthony Hopkins was in it. He was like a strange man in a small town who might have been boarding at this little boy's house. It's narrated by the boy, and he helps the boy overcome the bully. The boy's mom (subplot) is single and is falling for a coworker/boss. They went on a trip somewhere for business but he ended up getting drunk and beating her. I'll get back to that later. Anthony Hopkins calls out the bully on watching his mother change, and the bully lashes out on the little boy's friend (a girl) by beating her with a bat by the river. Her books float away, and she is taken to the boy's house where Anthony Hopkins helps her put her arm back in her socket. Now enters the mom who had just been beaten and she's bitter/mad and thinks Anthony is molesting the girl. That's all I remember.

Chosen answer: That's "Hearts in Atlantis".


Question: I'm looking for title of American comedy I've seen few years ago in Polish TV channel called "Polsat". I'm pretty sure it's from 1990 (or early 2000). I remember that two main heroes were black guys who wanted to visit their girlfriends to have sex. Unfortunately they forgot to buy condoms so their girlfriends send them to a store. Something happens which prevents them from buying the condoms. Later they decide to have "French sex" but their girlfriends send them to purchase protective "plastic sheets" (or something like that). They walk around all night and have many adventures. I also remember that in the end one of them finally has sex in hospital and uses a plastic glove as a condom. Anyway it's kind of dumb little comedy but I'd really like to know the title. Thanks in advance for help.


Chosen answer: That sounds like the movie Booty Call (1997) starring Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson and Vivica A. Fox.

Chris Skoglund Premium member

Question: I been looking for the name of a romantic comedy about a man who creates a perfume that attracts people and he gives it to a girl who begins use it and eventually they fell in love.what the name of this movie?


Chosen answer: "Love Potion No. 9," starring Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Question: I am looking for a movie from the 80's or 90's that I believe is set in Australia. It features a boy in a mining town that has a legend of a beast living in a lake or deserted and flooded quarry. At the end of the movie we learn the beast is actually an old, sunken mining back hoe or other large piece of mining equipment.

Chosen answer: The Quest (

Grumpy Scot

Question: I saw a European movie circa 1970. It was a comedy about a henpecked husband who unexpectedly becomes a widower when his slave driving wife dies. He decides to go to bed and stay there which he does for the majority of the movie. He sends his dog to the store to get supplies and has ropes set up to get things around his room without having to actually get out of bed. The name of the movie was the name of the character and I can remember neither. It was a single word like "Arthur" but it wasn't that.

Chosen answer: The film is "Alexander", original title "Alexandre le bien-heureux" with Philippe Noiret.


Question: What is the name of an old movie where either an escaped convict or asylum patient kidnaps a boy who turns out to really be a girl, the girl falls in love with him. He gets caught when he goes to town to buy her special curtains?

Chosen answer: You may be thinking of "Sweet Hostage" starring Martin Sheen and Linda Blair?

Question: I watched a movie (in the nineties, maybe late eighties) and I could have sworn a character was played by Kevin Bacon, but I have checked his films. The movie was based on a young woman who moved or arrived back into a town and she keeps on seeing a ghost of a little girl. There was also maybe an apparent murder or mystery in that town and Kevin Bacon was a young local who worked in a car workshop. From my memory she was warned off him, he was somewhat frowned upon, maybe from locals? She eventually got into a relationship with him and as I recall they had a love scene in a lighthouse? I just cannot remember the name of the movie or any actors. (This is not Stir Of Echoes as previously answered. In Stir Of Echoes Kevin Bacon and his son see the ghost of a teenage girl murdered in their house. He was already married and no scene in this movie took place in a lighthouse). So another answer to this question will be appreciated.


Chosen answer: Could it be "Buried Secrets" ( If that is the case, the actor was Channon Roe, not Kevin Bacon.


Question: I'm looking for the title of a movie about a racist black man. He even goes as far in his racism as joining the KKK. However, he doesn't know he is black because he is blind.


Chosen answer: That sounds like a skit from Dave Chappelle's "Chappelle's Show" featuring the character Clayton Bigsby, a blind White Supremacist.

Phixius Premium member

Question: What is the recent movie(2007-2010) where a guy is at a wedding and has to sit at the kid's table because he has no date?

Chosen answer: Grandma's Boy.

Question: I watched a movie (in the nineties, maybe late eighties) and I could have sworn a character was played by Kevin Bacon, but I have checked his films. The movie was based on a young woman who moved or arrived back into a town and she keeps on seeing a ghost of a little girl. There was also maybe an apparent murder or mystery in that town and Kevin Bacon was a young local who worked in a car workshop. From my memory she was warned off him, he was somewhat frowned upon, maybe from locals? She eventually got into a relationship with him and as I recall they had a love scene in a lighthouse? I just cannot remember the name of the movie or any actors.


Chosen answer: This movie is called "Stir of Echoes"

Question: There's some movie (or it could be a TV episode, but I really can't remember) where two army recruits who aren't very good are dropped in the middle of the desert with a missile being sent at them. It is a test of a missile sent by the army they are training with. Somehow one or both of them manage to escape alive. Does anyone know what this scene is from?

Chosen answer: This was an episode of the Showtime series Weeds.

Question: The main character is an elderly man who can't speak. He has some kind of device which makes it possible for him to speak and eat through his neck. He lives alone in what I remember as being a big old house. His wife is dead and he somehow keeps her body in her tomb in his house. The tomb is very beautiful. It's a very special tomb because it keeps her body fresh. It is build down in the floor and he can somehow open it and look at her. It sounds very freaky, weird and perverse but this is not the mood at all. You really feel sorry for this man. He still loves her very much and in a scene he watches a kind of slideshow with pictures of her. I think she was a horseback rider and this is the cause of her death but I'm not sure. A young woman visits him. I don't remember why or what their connection is but I think it is a friendly relationship. They have dinner together. In the end he lies down next to his dead wife and dies beside her. I don't know what year the movie was released but it was in color and was shown on Danish television some time between the years 1995-2000. I was very young at the time and didn't understand English very well so I don't remember any quotes, but I don't think there was a lot of talking. I really hope you can help me - thank you.

Chosen answer: I think you are referring to "The Abominable Dr Phibes" starring Vincent Price.

Question: I saw this film 15-20 years ago. There were giant ants in the Amazon jungles. I think the forest is eaten. Then the ants came to the city and I think the ants were eating humans. Finally they died by fire or being drowned under water (maybe dam water). Does anybody have any idea?


Chosen answer: There is a movie from 1954 by Gordon Douglas called "Them". It's about giant ants that invade the city and eat humans but as far as I know, that's about it. Can't remember any jungle or dam water so it's quite possible it's not the one you're after. Or there is a movie called The Naked Jungle. It doesn't have giant ants, but it does have an army of ants. They cut a swath through the amazon jungle, consuming everything and everyone in their path. A plantation owner tries to destroy them by blowing up a dam.

Question: I remember seeing a movie a long time ago about a woman who sleeps with a country singer at a concert and ends up pregnant with his baby. She chases him down to tell him and I vaguely remember a scene in a diner where the pregnant woman is eating a lot of food and the waitress says something about being careful to always feed a pregnant woman to the country singer guy who was across from the pregnant woman. I really want to know what movie this is from because I liked it a lot. Does anyone know?

Chosen answer: Love Notes - 2007.

Question: What is the name of a movie in which the plot is basically about a young girl who lives by a river. A boy her age is a little chubby but really likes her and tries to become friends with her, but she rejects him. He ends up drowning in the river toward the end. The girl also tries to go swimming in the same river afterwards during a storm and almost drowns. She then ends up seeing the boy's face in the moon or something along that line. I believe this movie is somewhere around the 80's or 90's?


Chosen answer: The Bridge to Tarabithia.