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I'm looking for the title of a film before 1970, not a Hitchcock film, that features a woman becoming crazy by voices she hears in the mist. Her husband tries to drive her crazy. It's for my father, he is searching for this film for a long time and I thought and promised him that I could find this film easily on the internet, without any success until now...Looking forward to your suggestion(s).Thanks!Jan Willem.


Chosen answer: That sounds like Midnight Lace with Doris Day and Rex Harrison. Doris Day is newly married to Rex and one day while walking through the park near their London home she starts hearing whispered threats in the fog. She starts being terrorized, but no one believes her. At the end, it turns out Rex Harrison was having affair with her best friend and they were trying to drive her crazy to get her money. Http://

Which Pink Panther movie had Sellers using disguises that included an inflatable dog and an inflatable doll?

Chosen answer: The Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) has Professor Balls presenting Ted Wass, Clifton Sleigh, with disguises including an inflatable dog and doll - it wasn't Peter Sellers though as he had died in 1980.

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What's the name of this 70's made for T.V. Movie about a teenaged boy who lived in a closet or the walls of a house? He would sneak out into the house to get food, or someone was feeding him.

Chosen answer: Bad Ronald, 1974.

I'm searching for a movie that I can't remember the title of. I'd say it was released late 90s, early 2000s. I can't remember much about it but I remember a boy befriending another boy who was bigger, may have had something wrong with him. I remember the bigger boy giving the smaller one a ride on his shoulders and the small boy gets hurt. The small boy's mother is a Darryl Hall-type character. I also remember the bigger boy gets upset and he hurts his friend, even though it was an accident.

Chosen answer: That would be "The Mighty", starring Elden Henson and Kieran Culkin.

Greg Dwyer

This US film is from the early 1950s or perhaps late 1940s, and is in B&W. A young woman is murdered, and during the investigation the film shows how several characters remember the victim. Striking differences in how they each remember her!

Chosen answer: The Woman in Question (1950), directed by Anthony Asquith and starring Jean Kent and Dirk Bogarde.

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What is the name of recent film or TV series pilot with woman who can read minds and by the end of the film reluctantly teams up with a policeman. She saves his life from being shot in a building, which was a trap to kill him, but she felt that. Up to that point she had tried to hide that she can read minds, even though, I seem to remember, she had caught some thoughts of that policeman earlier.

Chosen answer: It was Thoughtcrimes (2003)

I can't remember the name of a movie I saw years ago. I thought it was called "Captured", but it's not. In the movie a female celebrity is kidnapped - I can't remember if she is a movie star or a model. She goes to a night club with her dog and gets drugged by someone there and then kidnapped. When she wakes up she thinks she's at home, but she not. She's in a room that was set up to look like her place. She gets tortured by if I remember right having blood forced down her throat. At some point she finds that there's another room beside hers separated by glass with dirt on it. There ends up being a guy in that other room. They both scrape the dirt off and try to communicate. Later she figures out that the guy in the room next to her is the one that kidnapped her. And she figures out a way to get out of that room and ends up killing that guy and his brother that helped him take her. At the end of the movie it shows that she had became a vigilante of sorts and shows she had drugged a guy that had done something bad and she had put him in a full body cast, then took a sledge hammer and bashed his head. Can anyone help me remember the name of this movie?

Angel Christian

Chosen answer: Captivity, 2006:

I'm desperate for help remembering this film I watched in my childhood. I'm pretty sure its from the 80s or 90s, probably rated U or 12 and it was an American film. It was about a young girl who was in a car accident with her dad who was driving, it was winter. She enters an imaginary, fantasy world which is the basis of the film. I remember she was wearing a pinky/red coat if that help! Sorry it's so vague! Thank you in advance for your help.


Chosen answer: Babes In Toyland from 1986. A young Drew Barrymore played the little girl in the red coat.

I'm looking for a movie that I saw years ago but can't remember the name. A couple hires a babysitter who tells the two children (a boy and girl) about a secret island. I think she may have had an affair with the husband. In the end of the movie she tries to kidnap the children on a raft telling them she is taking them to the island, she throws one of them out of the raft. In one of the end scenes the mother of the children slaps the babysitter on the beach.

Chosen answer: Summer Girl (1983 TV movie)

I can not remember this movie - the plot was that someone was trying to capture a human soul. A boy dying of cancer was in the movie and so was a girl; it was on the former Sci-Fi channel some time between 1983 and 2000. One of the lines was that when the light pluses she speaks. I have no idea of the title or who was in it.

Chosen answer: You're looking for The Lifeforce Experiment (1994) [], based on Daphne Du Maurier's story "The Breakthrough." There's a detailed write-up at and here's a preview clip:

I am trying to find the name of a particular movie and am not sure how old it is. The plot is this: a husband finds that his wife is sleeping with his best friend. In reaction he begins counting cards in blackjack and building an alternate identity. Ultimately he ends up faking his own death off a bridge and running off with a woman and 1 million dollars. At the airport he switches briefcases with a man in front of him that ends up getting arrested. He then finds millions of dollars in the man's briefcase that he stole.

Chosen answer: Nowhere to Run (1978) [] Plot: A disgruntled husband devises a winning blackjack system as part of an elaborate scheme to leave his overbearing, unfaithful wife and start a new life, despite the fact that she has hired an inept, down-at-the-heels private detective to keep an eye on him. Here's a clip:


I am looking for a movie title that I used to watch as a little girl. I'm thinking it is from the late 80's or early 90's. All I can remember is there is a little girl in a school uniform with short brown hair. She is with a couple men who do bad things. I don't remember if she is the daughter of one of them. At the end one of the men gets shot and she is crying over him. Sorry, that's all I can remember.


Chosen answer: The Three Fugitives.

There was a movie I watched a couple of years ago on LMN and it involved a woman who was house sitting, She had tried on the owner's clothing and wore it when answering the front door to a guy who planned on stealing something in the house. I also remember a scene where the guy has the girl tied by the wrists hanging from the shower thing in the greenhouse, and then they end up making out with each other.

Chosen answer: A House in the Hills.

I saw an old movie or TV show when I was a kid, possibly from 60s or 70s but don't know the name. What I do remember is someone changing pictures on a wall that was on a staircase for the purpose of driving a woman insane. I remember she would continue to see different pictures on the wall and think she was losing her mind. Does anyone know the name of this show or movie?

Chosen answer: Rod Serling's Night Gallery pilot episode aired 11-08-69 called "The Cemetery" matches your description except for it being a woman. DESCRIPTION: A black-sheep nephew murders his ailing uncle for the inheritance only to find some disturbing changes in the old man's painting of the family graveyard. Starring Roddy McDowall and Ossie Davis. Hope this helps!

Does anyone know the name of the TV show when a boy is accused of killing his girlfriend and he gets locked up, but they let him out years later and almost the whole town wants him dead because they think he's guilty?

Chosen answer: I think you are talking about Rectify, on the Sundance channel, which is about a guy who was on death row for 19 years for killing his girlfriend, and then released because of new DNA.

Looking for the title of a early or mid 1990's movie that involves a young woman that is in some kind of trouble and hides out in an elderly man's apartment, and winds up sleeping with him.


Chosen answer: Might be "The Last Good Time'. You don't give much info but a younger women lives with an older man briefly and has sex with him.

I'm looking for the title of a movie. I watched it as a kid, on TV, sometime in the 90's. It was based on a mom and her two daughters. The youngest daughter was really into swimming. She walked around with a swimming cap on. I want to say the mom drank a lot, but I don't remember that for sure. I believe the mom went out with a guy that her oldest daughter had a crush on. The older daughter leaves one night with her younger sister, to meet a guy. Possibly the same guy. The younger daughter almost drowns in the river while her sister is up in a tower with the guy. I don't believe the little girl dies. That's about all I can remember. Kind of vague, but I hope someone can help! Thanks!


Chosen answer: The movie is Mermaids (1990). It starred Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci.

Gavin Jackson

I am looking for the name of a movie about a girl who lives in a small town, and when a local girl is killed she starts to obsess about the murder and eventually kidnaps a boy who may or may not be the killer. I saw a review of it 3 years back - it was starring an up and coming young actress. I thought it was Winter's Bone, but it's not.

Chosen answer: Sounds a lot like Hard Candy - the actress was Ellen Page.

Trying to remember a certain Christmas movie. A woman stops celebrating Christmas because when she was a child, she was going to mail a letter to Santa and I can't remember if she did or not. As an adult she loses her faith in the holiday and suddenly, all of the lights in her neighborhood go out. It's not until, with the help of an angel, that she mails the letter renewing her faith in Christmas and the lights come back.

Chosen answer: It sounds like One Magic Christmas (1985) which starred Mary Steenburgen.

Jeff Swanson

I forgot the name of this one movie that I saw back in 2007 on cable television (I believe it aired on AZNtv) the film is set in India and centers around a woman whose family owns a restaurant from their home. Her (rather mixed) family arranges for her to marry a man of good economic standing, but through the length of the film, she begins to fall in love with a woman.

Chosen answer: The movie is called "Nina's Heavenly Delights."

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