Stealing Home

Continuity mistake: Billy has a magic baseball uniform - at the end of the movie, he steals home again, sliding face first into the plate on his stomach. Yet when he's walking off the field with Robin and Appleby, there are no dirt marks on his uniform.


Continuity mistake: Billy's sunglasses disappear between shots, when him and Katie are driving along and then their parents pull alongside them.

Continuity mistake: We see Billy and Katie laying in beach chairs on the deck. In the frontal perspective, the end of Katie's blue hair ribbon is resting on her chest. Cut to a side view, and the ribbon is suddenly on her shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When Billy steals home, he slides then quickly jumps up to reveal a huge dirt mark on his leg. But when the boys are running across the field to catch the train, the dirt mark is practically gone.


Continuity mistake: Billy slides into home, and as he gets up, the catcher is in front of him. Cut to a different angle as Billy's teammates run in to congratulate him, and the catcher has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: Billy is on deck at the baseball game, and Appleby comes and kneels down next to him. They talk, and Billy gets called up to bat. Billy starts walking away, and Appleby takes his cap off and smooths back his hair. When the shot changes to a wider view, Appleby takes off the cap and smooths back his hair once again, as if he never did it the first time.

Continuity mistake: Billy is hitting some pop-up balls to his dad in the backyard. Dad's shirt is dry as a bone when we see him in the wide shot. Cut to a closer perspective, and he suddenly has huge sweat stains under his arms and around his midsection.

Continuity mistake: When Billy and Robin are having sex on the couch from the side shots Billy is noticably moving in a way condusive to sex with facial expressions to match. But from the shots from behind the couch Billy is barely even moving his head.


Continuity mistake: In a wideshot of Billy at bat, we see a group of extras in the background. About half of them are covered by the dark shade of a nearby tree. The shot changes perspective, and these same people are now all in full sunlight.

Katie Chandler: See that's all I want to do Billy-Boy. I want to leap of this pier and fly high in the air with hang with the wind and drift through the clouds, and at night, with the Moon full and the sea wild, I meet my lover high on a cliff and we'd swoop down into the ocean and swim all the way touch the bottom up through the dark water and break the surface. Then we'd fly to Jamaica for Pina Colatas... God, I wish I could do that.

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