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I am looking for a movie from late 80s or 90s. America. There is a girl and two brothers (maybe step-brothers). The girl is in relationship with one of the brothers. Girl lives in big house (kinda wealthy). She cheats on her boyfriend with her boyfriend's brother. I can remember some scenes: girl is dancing sensually in bar; one of the brothers goes in jail and when the girl visits him, she says "I want you inside me right now"; hotel scene at the end where the boyfriend finds out that the girl is cheating on him with his brother - there is also shooting in this scene. There are very many sex scenes in this movie. In the storyline there was some issue with the girl's family and at the end it's revealed that the girl had a plan and she played a game, and the brothers were somehow part of it. I hope somebody recognizes the movie and knows the name. Thanks.

Chosen answer: That's "Feeling Minnesota" (1996), with Cameron Diaz, Keanu Reeves, and Vincent D'Onofrio. Diaz plays a beautiful ex-stripper who is reluctantly marrying one brother in order to pay off a mob debt, but she instantly falls in love with the other brother and runs off with him for a whirlwind affair, with the angry brother and mobsters in pursuit. The film becomes a sort of love-triangle/double-cross/crime-caper. Yes, a bundle of money is heisted, Diaz is shot and assumed dead, D'Onofrio and others are killed; but it turns out Diaz was running a double-cross, and she ends up reunited with Reeves. One of her most memorable lines in the movie was, "You wanna be inside me again, Jjaks?"

Charles Austin Miller

I am looking for the name of the movie about a lady who lives on a bus. As the bus makes its rounds, the people come out and take care of her.


Chosen answer: The movie is Lady on the Bus. Based on a true story. Starring Maggie Smith. It has played in Art House theaters for the past few months.

I need a title of a film that's very old, probably from late 80s or 90s. I can't remember the actors' names since I was very young when I first saw it, so this is going to be hard. A guy moves into (or passes through) a small town, possibly south USA, where he encounters a gorgeous young raven-haired woman, who is married to an abusive man, who turns out to be her step-father. Sometime during the movie in a climactic scene she realizes that he (her step-father) is the one who killed her own mother with an axe, and with the help of the guy from the beginning, she kills him, and then dumps his body in a car and off a cliff.

Chosen answer: The premise sounds like the movie "U-Turn", directed by Oliver Stone and starring Jennifer Lopez, Sean Penn, and Nick Nolte. It was released in 1997.


This story appeared on a "short story" type of thriller/scary show (i.e. "Night Visions" or "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction"). A younger man is married to an older, wealthy woman. I am very sure that the woman had short hair of a red/auburn shade, but I might be wrong. The man is cheating on her with a younger woman. The man and younger woman kill his wife - I forget how - but accidents with tools or household objects cause them to end up being killed themselves. Does anyone know what show this was on?

Chosen answer: It's from the TV show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. Season 3 Episode 12. The Handyman. The man is married to an elderly woman but she walks in on him with his girlfriend. The girlfriend murders the old woman but before she dies she tells them that they'll never leave. His power tools eventually activate and pin them both to a wall before another one ends up covering them both in plaster.

I'm looking for a movie about a magical circus. The main character is an old man with long beard and his daughter who might be 18 to 20 years old? And two other younger men.

Chosen answer: While it's not strictly speaking a circus, the cast suggests this is "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" by Terry Gilliam.


I need help in identifying a movie, please. The only scene/moment I can recall, is 2 huge things (ships, or something) one on each side of the earth. And there was some type of gravity pulse going back and forth between them. You would see a momentary rise of the buildings, rubble, etc. Into the air, then crashing back to the ground. I believe it was inevitably trying to match earth's gravity with the gravity of some other alien planet. Any thoughts?

Thairen Finley

Chosen answer: It was a scene from the movie Man of Steel which is a reboot of the Superman franchise. It was a terraforming machine called a "World Engine" that General Zod was using to destroy Earth so he could create a new Krypton.

Looking for a "time travel" movie in which the two main characters, a man and woman, communicate across time. He lives in "Aniston", while she lives in "Anne's Town." She can see the future through his eyes, but not vice versa. She is shocked/awed by seeing an airplane. Most likely a TV Movie and from the late 70s to early 80s. Thanks.

Chosen answer: The Twilight Zone. The episode was called "A message from Charity".

Grumpy Scot

I'm looking for a movie about a group of teenage girls who decide to live by themselves, they rent a big house and so on. I think it is set a bit in the past. Also it is probably a TV movie. Any suggestions?

Chosen answer: Two come to mind. Where the Boys Are. A female version of going to spring break by renting a house looking for love. There was a 1984 remake. There's also Slumber Party 57. Made in the 70's, but set in the 50's. A group of girls are left alone in a house and each tell of their sexual experiences and fantasies. Debra Winger's film debut.

I'm looking for a movie where a husband and wife are kidnapped by two men, one middle aged and the other one was younger. I'm not sure if it was in a cabin or a boat that they were on. Anyway, the wife is raped by the younger kidnapper and apparently falls in love/feels attached to him. The movie could have been made in the 90's I'm assuming. I believe it was an American made movie. Grateful for any assistance rendered, thanks.

Chosen answer: There have been many movies, but two are similar to what you described. Sweet Poison (1991) - A couple are kidnapped by two convicts and the wife seduces one for thrills, then to murder her wimpy husband. He fights back and she ends up with nothing. The second one is Captive (1991) - True story of a couple kidnapped by crazed thugs, the wife does feel some compassion for the younger one because he is slow and bullied by the older one.

There was a movie that had a woman asleep in the back seat of a car while she was wearing earphones. A strange green fog goes into the car and begins to undress her. As she wakes up she realizes that she's being raped by some demonic creature.

Chosen answer: Sounds like Trick or treat (1986).

Gavin Jackson

I've been desperately trying to find the title of a film I saw a few years ago and really enjoyed. I can't remember any of the actors' names and the main plot line is a bit hazy, but hopefully I have enough information for someone out there to recognize it and tell me what movie this is. It's a drama with comedic elements, it's the story of 2 or 3 siblings, I remember the brother having some emotional issues (he smokes too much, stays up all night, never gets out of his pajamas or walks around completely naked) and having recently moved back in with an older sister (perhaps after a parent has died?). The younger sister (an actress with a Lizzie Caplan, Zooey Deschanel type of look) returns from out of town and sees her ex-boyfriend, now in a wheelchair. They'd broken up, she left town, he got drunk and wrapped his car around a tree and lost use of his legs. He's now engaged to an overweight pretty redhead who was his nurse and perhaps physiotherapist. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone? Toward the end of the film the younger sister character runs to the ex-boyfriend's house, breaks down crying, sits on his lap and he holds her, and eventually (after they've shared a kiss, I think) she falls asleep, only to wake up to find him hanging out with his new fiancee by their pool in their backyard. The chubby redhead fiancee invites the younger sister to the wedding with an invitation, I think. I remember the families of the ex-boyfriend and the younger sister used to be close friends, there is now some bitterness between younger sister's siblings who stand up for her, and the ex's parents. I hope this helps.

Chosen answer: I don't know if this is the correct answer, but there is a movie called Our Idiot Brother. It does star Zooey Deschanel. The characters you describe are right, but the plot is different. Three sisters believe their brother is ruining their lives.

Looking for a movie title that was or appears to be set in Alaska or an area somewhat like it. A man is new to a small town, maybe an outsider to the people that live there. He might be a writer. There was something about a boy. Not sure if he kidnapped or found out about a kidnapping. It was a slow paced movie. I think it came out late 1990's or early 2000's.


Chosen answer: There is a movie called Man Outside (1988). Robert Logan plays a former college professor who lives like a hermit near a small town in the wilderness. When a young boy is kidnapped, suspension falls on him because he never tried to socialize with the townsfolk. Kathleen Quinlan plays a lawyer who defends him.

I am searching for the name of an old comedy, I believe, possibly black and white I saw as a child. Part of the story centers around a woman trying to lure a man to marry her. To do so she refuses to take off her white gloves until he becomes so obsessed with what is beneath them he marries her.


Chosen answer: I think the movie you're describing is Homicidal (1961). A transvestite wears gloves to hid his manly hands. He needs a marriage license in a Hitchcockian plot to gain an inheritance from his sister. A low budget dark movie.

I watched a movie years ago about some young brothers playing (1800's) and they take a little wealthy girl for fun. They are afraid to return her so they raise her as their sister. Years later, after some of her brothers die, she's told the truth about who she is and returns home. She looks exactly like the portrait on the wall of her mother. I can't remember any more.

Chosen answer: I believe the movie you're describing is Rose Hill, a Hallmark movie starring Jennifer Garner.

There was a movie I saw maybe in the 80's. It was about a boy who ends up with some pirates that travel to different planets. During the movie the captain's crew is getting killed by several enemies. The captain is seriously injured so the boy takes some tools to save the captain's life. The movie ends with the captain living and either leaving the kid on another planet or returning him to his home planet.

Chosen answer: It is a low budget B-Movie, Space Raiders (1983). Vince Edwards is the Captain of the pirates. A young boy accidentally stows away on his ship and becomes a pawn between several pirate factions.

Looking for 90's or early 2000s movie with two brothers home for a wedding or maybe a funeral. The good brother's fiance ends up cheating with the criminal brother at a hotel.

Chosen answer: "Feeling Minnesota" (1996) with Cameron Diaz, Keanu Reeves and Vincent D'Onofrio. A beautiful ex-stripper is reluctantly marrying one brother, but she's in love with the other brother, and she runs off with him on her wedding day.

Charles Austin Miller

Many, many TV series have episodes in which a pregnant woman goes into labor at an awkward time, and a main character(s) must deliver the baby. Is there some reason why?

Chosen answer: This unusually common, perhaps overused convention can be used for a variety of reasons. It can create dramatic tension for a drama, when babies are delivered amidst a crisis (example: "E.R." - "Love's Labor Lost," 1995). It can create an opportunity for comedy, usually resulting from some comedic mishap (example: "All in the Family" - Elevator Story," 1972 - Archie Bunker doesn't actually deliver the baby, but is stuck in the elevator while the delivery is taking place). It can add humanity to a gruff or seemingly emotionless character who must exhibit some tenderness and support during the delivery (example, Worf delivering Keiko's baby in "Star Trek: TNG" - "Disaster," 1991). It can also bring about some macabre or supernatural result (example: "Resurrection" - "Loved in Return," 2015). There are probably other reasons or better examples that aren't coming to my mind.

Michael Albert

I'm looking for a movie (probably made for TV) that has a rich kid hiring a smart kid to attend college for him so his father won't disinherit him for failing one more time. Only saw the beginning of it. 1970-1980 time frame.


Chosen answer: Sounds like "Making the Grade" starring Judd Nelson, which came out in 1984

Heather Benton Premium member

I'm looking for the title of a movie about a man who murdered his wife, and seemingly got away with it, but a woman is pretending to be his living wife and all of their friends and family say the the impostor really is his wife. Not sure if it was made for TV or not.

Chosen answer: There are a couple of films that use this story. "One of My Wives is Missing" from 1976, starring Jack Klugman and Elizabeth Ashley could be it. ( It was later remade in 1986 as "Vanishing Act, " starring Mike Farrell and Margot Kidder. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Searching name for a movie for a VERY long time. In 80s/90s time frame I think. This I remember: the boy hits/shoots his girlfriend's dad (doesn't die I think, I think dad abuses her). The boy and girlfriend are on the run on the roads, very mushy sand, have sex in a car, police are after them (i think her father reported them). The police chase them, they hide in a bank/store/cafe, the boy tells his pregnant girlfriend to stay when he decides to go out and meet them, he is circled by cops and gets shot to death when he takes out a gun. The girlfriend cries when she sees it through the window. I would be forever grateful for the help to find this movie. Thanks.

Sanna Bengtsson

Chosen answer: This sounds like the movie "Wisdom" from 1986, starring Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore.


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