Mulholland Drive

Revealing mistake: When Rita pulls the first stack of hundreds out of her purse, she puts it down next to her. The bill on top is very close to looking real, but the bill underneath is very fake looking. (00:44:15)

John Cyr

Continuity mistake: In the last shot of Adam beating the Castigliane brothers car with a golf club, we see a flock of birds fly from behind the car in a scare. It's impossible they've stayed there during the whole beating sequence and we don't see them land anywhere near the car during the sequence itself.

Factual error: After the hitman Joe shoots Ed in his office and is placing the gun in Ed's hand, it discharges and shoots a hole in the wall. The appearance of the wallpaper around the hole makes it look more like an exit hole than an entrance hole.

Revealing mistake: In the scene outside the airport Betty is seen saying goodbye to Irene. As she looks at Irene you can see the trunk lid of the cab open behind her. The open lid is over her left shoulder. A few seconds later after Irene leaves and Betty notices her bags are gone. She looks to the Cab driver who has them. He opens the trunk lid once again and places the bags inside. There isn't enough time for another cab to have loaded and driven off so it has to be the same cab in both shots.

Factual error: When the two detectives are looking at the car wreck, one says "We found these in the back seat of the Caddy." The car is actually a Lincoln.

Continuity mistake: After the film director discovers his wife in bed with the pool cleaner, he pours pink paint into her jewelry box and splashes it on his hands and suit. He then runs down to his car, opens the door and drives away. The paint would not have had time to dry and would still be wet; however, there are no pink paint marks on the car's door, door handle or in the car itself.

R W Hlavac

Factual error: The Taurus that crashes into the limo at the beginning of the movie is seen soaring down the road with lots of people in it, two of them hanging out of the sunroof. At the moment the crash is shown, there are no people out of the sunroof - as a matter of fact there is only one person in the car.

Continuity mistake: When Betty is frightened in the creepy theatre, Rita puts her arm around her at one point from a previous pose of holding hands. We see this in one long shot but in the very next shot of them close up they are back to holding hands.

Continuity mistake: When Betty meets Coco in the court yard at her Aunt Ruth's place, she sets her blue suitcases down and the two enter Ruth's apartment. You can see Betty nor Coco are carrying the bags. Coco leaves and the camera follows Betty as she explores the apartment, finding Rita in the shower. After a few lines of dialogue, Betty says she will unpack. There's a two or three second closeup of Rita's face, then a cut to Betty flinging her blue suitcase onto the bed. She would have had to run to the courtyard, grab her bags and race back to the bedroom in about two seconds.

Continuity mistake: When Rita and Betty put the money away Betty takes the box down and opens it then takes the black hat out. The bag goes in the bottom of the box, the hat follows and the lid goes back on. When they come back for the key the box comes out, the lid comes off and the bag is removed - where did the hat go?

Continuity mistake: When one of the Castigliani brothers slides the envelope over the table, the opening is on the top side, but when Mr Darby gets it, the opening is on the bottom side. (00:29:20)

Cowboy: There's sometimes a buggy. How many drivers does a buggy have?
Adam Kesher: One.
Cowboy: So, let's just say I'm driving this buggy. And, if you fix your attitude, you can ride along with me.

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Question: Can anyone translate the lyrics of the song that the woman in club Selensio is singing? Or at least the meaning of the lyrics.

Answer: The song is Roy Orbison's "Crying". Lyrics can be found at ""


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