Mulholland Drive

The first 3/4 of the film is just Naomi Watts' dream. The real life is the last 1/4, everyone in her dream (first 3/4) really exists but everyone has changed roles in her dream. Naomi Watts is Diane Selwyn. Laura Harring is Camilla Rhodes. Diane ordered a hit on Camilla because she was jealous of her success and her relationship with Adam. The hitman is the blonde-haired man and the bag of money was his payment. Diane's 'demons' attack her in real life and she shoots herself in the mouth, and the first 3/4 of the film is her dream before she dies. The body that they found on the bed in the dream world was her.

Dimitris Kleanthis

Revealing mistake: When Rita pulls the first stack of hundreds out of her purse, she puts it down next to her. The bill on top is very close to looking real, but the bill underneath is very fake looking. (00:44:15)

John Cyr
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Betty Elms: I'm in love with you.

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