Mulholland Drive

Revealing mistake: When Rita pulls the first stack of hundreds out of her purse, she puts it down next to her. The bill on top is very close to looking real, but the bill underneath is very fake looking.


John Cyr

Continuity mistake: In the last shot of Adam beating the Castigliane brothers car with a golf club, we see a flock of birds fly from behind the car in a scare. It's impossible they've stayed there during the whole beating sequence and we don't see them land anywhere near the car during the sequence itself.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene outside the airport Betty is seen saying goodbye to Irene. As she looks at Irene you can see the trunk lid of the cab open behind her. The open lid is over her left shoulder. A few seconds later after Irene leaves and Betty notices her bags are gone. She looks to the Cab driver who has them. He opens the trunk lid once again and places the bags inside. There isn't enough time for another cab to have loaded and driven off so it has to be the same cab in both shots.

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Question: Can somebody please explain to me everything that happened in Mulholland Drive? What is up with the bum behind the diner, the little people chasing Naomi Watts at the end, who is who, what is the key for? Ideally give a website reference which has a full answer, as a full answer will dominate this page.

Chosen answer: There is no one right answer. See,4120,634856,00.html for some theories from movie critics.


Question: Can anyone translate the lyrics of the song that the woman in club Selensio is singing? Or at least the meaning of the lyrics.

Chosen answer: The song is Roy Orbison's "Crying". Lyrics can be found at ""


Question: I think I've finally figured this movie out, but there's still something I haven't quite explained. For the duration of Diane's "dream/fantasy", there seems to be a recurring theme of pink: Exaggerated pink make-up, pink clothes, pink paint, etc. What, if any, is the purpose of this? Is it simply to further highlight the idealism and innocence of Diane's dream and past respectively?

Chosen answer: Pink colour is sometimes associated with same-sex relationships (eg. the pink stripe on the Bisexual Pride flag is for homosexualism), and lesbian love is one of the main themes in the film. Anyway, David Lynch's imagery is perhaps a little too subtle to be reducible to a code of symbols.

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