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Corrected entry: Warning: This next mistake contains a spoiler so if any of you haven't seen the film, please don't ruin it for yourselves: Nearing the end of the film, Naomi Watts' neighbor comes to pick up her stuff and says: "These 2 guys were looking for you AGAIN". A second later, Naomi sees the key on the table. If the key is supposed to confirm the assassination took place, and she notices it only then for the first time, why were these 2 people looking for her? The assassination hasn't taken place yet.

Correction: There is no reason to believe that this was the first time she saw the key.

Corrected entry: In the studio while listening to the singers, the director has his headphones on. we can see the wire running down from them. Then he stands up and walks towards the actors or whoever, and there's no wire at all. When he returns, the wire appears again.

Correction: As he walks back to his chair, you can clearly see that the wire of his headphone is connected to a receiver from a wireless system, which is attached to his belt. Even when he walks up to the singer, we can still see the wire of his headphone.

Factual error: After the hitman Joe shoots Ed in his office and is placing the gun in Ed's hand, it discharges and shoots a hole in the wall. The appearance of the wallpaper around the hole makes it look more like an exit hole than an entrance hole.

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Cowboy: There's sometimes a buggy. How many drivers does a buggy have?
Adam Kesher: One.
Cowboy: So, let's just say I'm driving this buggy. And, if you fix your attitude, you can ride along with me.

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Question: Can somebody please explain to me everything that happened in Mulholland Drive? What is up with the bum behind the diner, the little people chasing Naomi Watts at the end, who is who, what is the key for? Ideally give a website reference which has a full answer, as a full answer will dominate this page.

Answer: There is no one right answer. See,4120,634856,00.html for some theories from movie critics.


Answer: Naomi Watts killed her lover, Laura Harring, rather than lose her to someone else. She felt such guilt, she created an alternate reality using everything and everyone she knew, to create a happy and peaceful world. But the real world was sneaking in and the key was to unlock her blocked memories.

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