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On the Line (2001)

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Plot hole: When the Chicago Post first runs the story on Kevin, there is a picture of him on the front page, next to the headline. So anyone who was following the story would have known what he looked like, which would make it impossible for Kevin's friends to get away with pretending to be him.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, Kevin wants to meet "the L girl" at their stop at 7pm. While Kevin is waiting, the camera goes to the clock. First it says 7pm. After waiting a few minutes, it says 7:10pm. Then when Kevin finally gets to Abby, the clock in the background only says 6:55pm.

Other mistake: In one scene, Dan Montgomery is in his office when someone brings him one of the flyers Kevin had put up. When she enters the room Montgomery is playing a green Game Boy except there is no game loading into the Game Boy.

Factual error: When Kevin and Abbey are getting off the train, Abbey pulls her hair into a ponytail, causing it to have a few lumps on the top. The next scene, when they are off the train, Abbey's hair is completely sleek.

Continuity mistake: Kevin's boss pours his glass of wheat grass to the rim, but when he turns (just a second later) it's only 3/4 of the way full.

Other mistake: When Lance is in the restaurant with the girl from Oregon, and she realises that she ordered pork, You see two glasses of pop on the table. When she leaves and the camera is back on Lance there is only one glass that a straw falls out of.

Plot hole: Kevin is waiting at the train station for "the L-girl", and she sends a paper plane down to Kevin to get his attention. By this time the reporters have lost interest, and are turning away. Kevin looks up and starts to walk towards Abby, and the TV cameras start to run up to Abby to get a shot of her. Only problem is, How did they know what she looked like? Kevin is the only one who knows that she is the "real" L-girl.

Plot hole: When Rod meets "The Mick" the girl with the crutches comes into the room and in the midst of their conversation she refers to him by his real name. When they went on their date he went as Kevin so how did she know his real name?

Continuity mistake: When Kevin and his roommates are playing baseball and having a barbecue on the field, Lance's hair is brown with blond streaks. In the next scene his hair is black again.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene with Kevin and Abby she is wearing a denim jacket. When you see the newspaper picture for the scene she is wearing a leather jacket.

Abby: I can't get next to you.
Kevin Gibbons: Excuse me?
Abby: "I'm So Tired of Being Alone" is a great Al Green song, but "I Can't Get Next To You" sounds a little more appropriate.
Kevin Gibbons: Why?
Abby: Because... I can't get next to you.

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Trivia: Part of the movie was shot in Toronto (actually, the guys' apartment is in Toronto, I remember seeing interviews), along with where it takes place, Chicago. If you watch the credits and you watch where the cast is dancing while Al Green's singing, you can see a Tim Horton's Roll Up the Rim billboard in the background. Also, that scene takes place at the Eaton's Centre in Toronto.

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