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Death Race (2008)

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Visible crew/equipment: When 14k's navigator is killed by the Dreadnought's wheel spikes, it shreads the car's bodywork. When the camera zooms in on 14 through this hole, the camera shadow can be seen next to the hole. (01:13:00)


Revealing mistake: When the Dreadnought blows up the Buick Riviera, it's plain to see there is no engine or transmission in the car when it flips up and forward.

Continuity mistake: When 14k is killed by the Dreadnought, there is one shot of the tank barrel on the Dreadnought pointing straight and then lowering to face 14k's car. There is a shot then from the side of the Dreadnought speeding along with 14k's car on the trap, and the tank barrel is back facing straight ahead. The camera then cuts to a shot from in 14k's car and the barrel is now pointing down at 14k's car again. There is no time for the barrel to move that fast. (01:13:55)


Revealing mistake: When the Mustang does a handbrake turn as the Dreadnought takes a shortcut, there are a set of tyre marks exactly where they turn. Granted it's a racetrack, but to be directly under the Mustang's wheels? Clearly from a previous take. (01:11:50)


Continuity mistake: When Joe and Frank escape, Hennessey looks at the counter on her screen and says that there are 70 million views, but the counter actually indicates over 96 million views.


Revealing mistake: During the first stage and just before his death, Grims' tyres get blown out, causing him to barrel roll down the track before getting bombed from behind by 14k. The car then lands upside down after hitting a sign. When it lands, you can see at least two tyres, both intact without any signs of puncture or even damage.

Continuity mistake: Right before stage 2 of the race, Pachenko attempts to beat Ames with a pipe wrench. The mouth of the wrench goes from open to closed to open between consecutive shots.


Continuity mistake: The damage to the tombstone on the Mustang in the first race is constantly changing. In one shot it shows the tombstone almost totally annihilated. A few shots later in the same race there are hardly any marks on it. (00:02:45)


Continuity mistake: After Jason Statham takes the card off Joan Allen's desk showing his daughter with her foster father, he rips the part with her foster father out. Then he's sitting on the bleachers, looking at the picture. The tear is curved. However, when Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson are escaping on the train, he looks at the picture again and the rip is straight.

Continuity mistake: Just before the dreadnought is destroyed Joe and Jensen's cars swap sides.

Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence, the dodge ram gets wrecked by the tombstone and has what looks like 2 working RPGs on the roof remaining. When he lines up the shot coming up to the finish line, there is a view of the roof showing a fully working rack of RPGs and no damage to the car. (00:03:35)

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Question: Why does Frankenstein keep on having to switch gears to go faster, can't he just leave it on the fastest?

Answer: Because of the transmission. You have to change gears as the engine revels up higher RPMs to keep from blowing the engine.

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