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Corrected entry: When Frank is looking at the picture of his daughter he rips one big piece, but when the camera pulls away you see him drop one piece then rip another piece and let them fall. Back zoomed in, only the one big piece is missing.

Correction: Actually, "Frank" rips off the large upper left corner of the picture (with the other man holding his daughter), AND the bottom right corner of the picture.


Corrected entry: When explaining about the car, 'Coach' points at the twin guns on the cars hood saying "and twin 30mm, belt-fed machine guns for offense". Looking at the guns one can easily say that those are not 30mm guns. Such guns are mounted on anti-tank aircraft and measure few meters in length, plus of course have much wider barrels. the guns on the car are at best 30 caliber ones, which is 7.62mm.

Correction: 'Coach' could have meant 30 Cal, not 30mm, making it a character mistake. If the the script has it as 30mm then it's a factual error.

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Corrected entry: It's established that whenever Machine Gun Joe kills another racer, he cuts his face in the "tick mark" style - four vertical marks followed by a horizontal one (as his scars show.) After killing Grimm "Reaper," he is shown making a horizontal mark, but the leaderboard in subsequent races shows his kill count as something that's not a multiple of five (and he didn't score any more kills in the meantime, remember).

Correction: It's established that every time Machine Gun Joe kills, he adds a mark, however, it doesn't state whether it's on the track or not. So it cannot be viewed as a mistake since he could have killed off the track.

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Corrected entry: Ames, in his Frankenstein race suit, jumps out of the car at the end while Case continues driving. When Frankenstein is apprehended, Case is wearing Ames' race suit.

Correction: After Frank jumps out of the car it shows a second suit in the seat next to Case.


Visible crew/equipment: When 14k's navigator is killed by the Dreadnought's wheel spikes, it shreads the car's bodywork. When the camera zooms in on 14 through this hole, the camera shadow can be seen next to the hole. (01:13:00)

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Jensen Ames: So what are you in for?
Case: They say I killed a cop.
Jensen Ames: Did you do it?
Case: Yeah.
Jensen Ames: Bad cop?
Case: Good cop... Lousy husband.

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Question: When the Death Race is being aired, it describes it as having 100 different angles, including angles from inside the driver's car, but Jason Statham's character, imitating Frankenstein, has his masks off, and doesn't have a face "ruined by crashes so he has to wear a mask". Surely if anyone viewed this angle, they could see it wasn't really Frankenstein at all?


Chosen answer: The cameras INSIDE the car are facing out. So that the viewers see what Jenson and Case see, not looking at Case and Jenson.

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