Death Race

Revealing mistake: When the Dreadnought blows up the Buick Riviera, it's plain to see there is no engine or transmission in the car when it flips up and forward.

Revealing mistake: When the Mustang does a handbrake turn as the Dreadnought takes a shortcut, there are a set of tyre marks exactly where they turn. Granted it's a racetrack, but to be directly under the Mustang's wheels? Clearly from a previous take. (01:11:50)

Ssiscool Premium member

Revealing mistake: During the first stage and just before his death, Grims' tyres get blown out, causing him to barrel roll down the track before getting bombed from behind by 14k. The car then lands upside down after hitting a sign. When it lands, you can see at least two tyres, both intact without any signs of puncture or even damage.

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