Family Guy

A Fistful of Meg - S12-E4

Continuity mistake: In the episode "FOX-y Lady" (7-10) it was established that Quagmire was 61 years old. In this episode, Quagmire stated to Meg he was bullied in 1986 and a flashback shows that he was a teenager. So how could Quagmire have been bullied in 1986 as a teenager if he should have been in his 30's at this time? (00:12:15)

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Yug Ylimaf - S11-E4

Factual error: Near the end when Stewie is being put back and out of Lois's womb, he has no umbilical cord attached to him.

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Yug Ylimaf - S11-E4

Continuity mistake: When Stewie is born whilst time is reverting, Doctor Hartman says "It's a girl... with a penis and no vagina". Then after Brian restored the flow of time and Stewie is actually born, Doctor Hartman instead says "It's a boy". (00:18:25 - 00:19:55)

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Back to the Pilot - S10-E5

Character mistake: After Stewie and Brian go to tell the past versions of themselves not to tell 1999 Brian about 9/11, Stewie then finds out that Brian then told 1999 Brian to write the Harry Potter novels. This would have been impossible because the first Harry Potter novel was published in 1997, 2 years before the time period Stewie and Brian arrive in. (00:16:35)

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The Juice Is Loose - S7-E9

Continuity mistake: When OJ Simpson first meets Peter for their game of golf, both Peter and OJ have only four irons and a putter in their golf bags; however, when OJ tees off, he does so with a wood.


The Unkindest Cut - S16-E19

Other mistake: The guys all go water skiing, towing the boat behind Peter's car. After Quagmire gets his penis bitten off the scene cuts to the hospital parking lot. Quagmire's car is parked next to Peter's. There would be no reason to go home and get his car instead of going directly to the hospital. (00:07:15)


Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure - S13-E7

Factual error: In the episode, the Titanic is shown to have sunk the same day it left England. The actual Titanic left England on April 10 and didn't sink until the night of April 14, almost 4 days later. Plus they show it leaving from London, not Southampton as it did. (00:11:40 - 00:15:30)

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Road to Germany - S7-E3

Factual error: In the bit when Brian and Stewie are in Poland, the sign they are looking at should say Warszawa, not Warsaw.


Stewie Kills Lois (1) - S6-E5

Continuity mistake: The bullet holes in Lois keep changing place between shots. This also happens during the flashback in the courtroom.

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The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire - S4-E5

Plot hole: Brian and Peter see Loretta and Quagmire having sex yet, they aren't sure who she's having an affair with. There's no way they couldn't have noticed it was Quagmire - the couch was facing the front door! And obviously Quagmire was on top of Loretta considering the fact that he leans up, says something, then she tells him to get back down here and finish.


Halloween on Spooner Street - S9-E4

Continuity mistake: When we first see Joe's police car in his driveway, the lights on top of the car have the blue half on the driver side and the red half on the passenger side, later on in some scenes the red half is on the driver side while the blue half is on the passenger side.


A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks - S2-E11

Other mistake: Brian says he met Antonio Monatti when he was with Andy Warhol in the '70s. This is an impossibility. Only several episodes earlier (in episode Brian In Love), we find out that Brian is 7 years old.


'Family Guy' Through the Years - S16-E16

Factual error: When the guys enter the disco in the 1973 segment, "A Fifth of Beethoven" by Walter Murphy is heard playing; that song was recorded and released in 1976.


Into Fat Air - S11-E1

Continuity mistake: Peter rescues the Fishmans. When the family pulls him up he's holding both of them under one arm and has a huge rock that came from nowhere under the other arm.


Chitty Chitty Death Bang - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: Just before Chris tells Stewie to make a wish, there is a pie server next to the cake on the table. When it cuts back to the family it has vanished. (00:21:29)

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Chitty Chitty Death Bang - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: Peter walks in from the front door and stands behind the couch where Lois and Brian are seated before he tells them he canceled the party reservation. Between shots, his position behind the couch suddenly changes as does the angle that Lois is looking up at him from. (00:08:05)

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Chitty Chitty Death Bang - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: Peter goes to a save the animals machine at the arcade and at first fails. Inside the machine you can see a yellow bear up against the corner to Peter's right. In the next shot the bear is gone. Several other items inside also change. (00:06:26)

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Yug Ylimaf - S11-E4

Continuity mistake: In reversed time, we see Cleveland falling back to the inside of his house that had just been wrecked by Peter who launched himself with a cannon into it. The camera zooms in on Cleveland as he falls back to the inside of his house, only for Peter to suddenly be visible along with an additional piece of the roof taken away, after the area in which Peter would appear on and the roof-piece disappear at was off-camera for a few seconds.


I Never Met the Dead Man - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When Peter comes back into the room after the TV comes on and is wanting to take the family to the folk festival, he stands at the end of the couch with his back to the window. You can see their front door off to the side behind him but not close enough. When it cuts to a different angle, suddenly the door is right behind him, then the window again when it cuts back. (00:17:10)

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The Man with Two Brians - S7-E5

Other mistake: Brian puts in a video tape of him as a puppy. But he hasn't been with the Griffins since he was a puppy. Peter picked him up from the street as a homeless adult dog.


Lois: Hello?
Peter: I can't take the trash out today, I'm working late at the office.
Lois: The caller ID says you're calling from the kitchen. In fact I can see you.
Peter: [Edging sideways.] OK, can you see me now?
Lois: No.
Peter: Now I am at the office.

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Trivia: The voices of Brian, Stewie and Peter (as well as other minor characters) are all voiced by the creator, Seth Macfarlane.

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