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To End all Wars picture

Ernest Gordon: Lt. Jim Reardon, Merchant Marine, one of the few Americans in the area, attached himself to the Argyles during the Allied surrender. We called him "Yanker," because he was an American - and a bit of a wanker.

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Holiday in the Sun picture

Alex: Everyone knows you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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Dil Chahta Hai picture

Siddharth Sinha: Take this sand for instance, the tighter you try to hold it, the more it slips out of our hand.

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Hearts in Atlantis picture

Ted: We're all time's captives, hostages to eternity.
Bobby: Ben Jonson?
Ted: No, Boris Pasternak. He was a Russian of no account, I think.

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Finder's Fee picture

Bolan: So I'm in a little green closet with Big Butt magazine, suspecting that my semen isn't potent, and you want me to leave it on the shelf?
Bolan: So I, I left it on the shelf.
Fishman: Whad'ya do with the magazine?

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The Deep End picture

Darby Reese: Beau-Beau, she's a mother, not a moron.

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Intimacy picture

Ian: You know when you're with someone there's only a very short time when you can really give each other things for free... with neither of you having to ask. Because later on all you do is make demands of each other. Perhaps the only difference between her and all the rest is that she's asking you for nothing.

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Summer Catch picture

Tenley: You're thinking about kissing me, aren't you?
Ryan: No.
Tenley: Well, now that I've said that, you're thinking about it.
Ryan: No, I'm thinking that's what you're thinking.
Tenley: No, I'm thinking that I could swim the length and back underwater.
Ryan: Five bucks says you can't.
Tenley: You got it.

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Sugar & Spice picture

Cleo Miller: The baby's got two heads.
Lucy Whitman: It's twins.
Diane: I'm not just super fat.

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Frailty picture

Young Fenton: It's all a big lie, you hear me? I think we need to run away, just for a little while. Until he gets better. Sooner or later Dad's gonna kill somebody and you know it.

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Murder on the Orient Express picture

Hercule Poirot: She is an elderly lady. She has more strength in her will as in her arm.

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The Tailor of Panama picture

Andy: Come and dance.
Francesca Deane: Oh God. You don't dance as well, do you?
Andy: As well as what?

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Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge picture

Luke: Gort, I'm a goblin. Theoretically, I can't fly.

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The Order picture

Cyrus: Apparently, stubbornness is an ingrained family trait.
Rudy Cafmeyer: It beats a messiah complex any day.

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Kissing Jessica Stein picture

Helen: Some people smoke pot, some people bungee jump, some people chant. What do you do to be happy?
Jessica: Nothing. I'm not.

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The Breed picture

Fleming: You're not James Bond. I'm not Blofeld. No more explanations, and no last-minute escapes.

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Enigma picture

Tom Jericho: It's true though, isn't it? The Katyn Massacre?
Wigram: Oh, do shut up. There's a war to win, and Stalin's helping us win it.

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Bubble Boy picture

Mrs. Livingston: And then Pinocchio came out of his plastic bubble and touched the filthy little whore next door and died. The End.

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America's Sweethearts picture

Narrator: Eddie Thomas and Gwen Harrison: America's Sweethearts.

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No Man's Land picture

Jane Livingstone: Neutrality does not exist in the face of murder. Doing nothing to stop it is, in fact, choosing. It is not being neutral.

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