The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
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C.W.: Are you divorced or widowed? Did your husband commit suicide? I could understand that.

C.W.: This is a very smart burglar and you guys have trouble figuring out who did it when you get a confession.

Jill: I'd love to, but you have to have me at home and in bed by midnight.
C.W.: That's exactly what I was planning.

C.W.: We'll have lunch. I know a great restaurant you'll love. Gestapo food.

C.W.: A lot of women have passed through this apartment. I can't say they were all winners, but.

Betty Ann: You misunderstand me. I dreamed you and I finally wound up together.
Chris: That's funny because I didn't hear any screaming.

Laura Kensington: You have a fresh mouth. I don't think I like it.
C.W.: I tend to grow on people. We could meet later and I could grow on you.

C.W.: I found the Picasso. It wasn't easy. I was looking for a woman with a guitar and it was all cubes. It took me two hours to find her nose.

C.W.: It's a match made in heaven... by a retarded angel.

Betty Ann: You hate any woman that doesn't have a double digit IQ.

C.W.: I may be a scummy vermin but I'm an honest scummy vermin.

C.W.: Never trust a woman who whistles for her own cab.

Betty Ann: So what, you always get your kicks fondling women's shoes?
C.W. Briggs: Once in a while I'll fondle a whole woman.

C.W.: Hide in the bedroom.
Betty Ann: Can I sit down in there or will I catch something?
C.W.: Germs can't live in your blood - it's too cold.

C.W.: Are you going to take your coat off? It hasn't rained in this apartment in 20 years.

Laura Kensington: I'll slip into something a little bit more comfortable. Wait for me in bed.
C.W.: More comfortable than that? What are you gonna put on, Jergens lotion?

C.W. Briggs: They say, I always get my man.
Laura Kensington: Me too.

C.W.: There's a deck of cards with naked women on it.
Laura Kensington: Let me guess, you use it to play solitaire.
C.W.: I used to date the six of spades.

C.W.: Don't work too late. The bags under your eyes are getting bigger.

C.W.: I hate her just like I hate that German Chancellor with the moustache.

Visible crew/equipment: When Woody Allen arrives at the mansion where the second robbery took place and starts talking to his friend who's investigating the crime scene, one can see the mic's reflection on the big glass door of the house.

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