Winning London

Winning London (2001)


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Brian: En Garde.
Riley: Thou like-ith the Lakers?
Brian: King Shaqith of Neal douth rule-ith the Lane.

Chloe: Sorry James, but, I play to win.
James: You know, sometimes you win one thing, and you lose another.

Riley: Uh, Brian! It's this way.
Brian: No, it's this way. Hey, I found a short cut.
Riley: What's a girl to do?

Dylan: Flying Mallets! That ought to play well with the judges.

James: I've got a foot on it. You might want to check your shoes next time before you leave the loo.
Chloe: Lou who?
James: The WC, the loo, the toilets.

Dylan: Just stab her.
Riley: What did thou think-ith of Dodgers this fortnight?
Brian: Me think-ith they suck-ith.
Riley: For sure-ith.

James: Thanks for rescuing me tonight. I never get a chance to do this. I never got to be someone.
Chloe: You already are someone, I mean. Our parents got to be kids. Now it's our turn.

Lord James Browning Sr.: Oh! From Eden? I must say, who are your parents?
Riley: Oh! Yes! Lord... Voldemort.

Riley: Check it out, aliens from planet prep school.

Riley: I think we should.
Brian: Oh, yeah, right. Bond doesn't get the girl 'til after the movie.

Continuity mistake: When they come and get the hostages for the hold up Riley is sitting at the end of the table with Chloe sitting in the middle. When Chloe leaves, Riley is shown sitting in her place.

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