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Trivia: The man who is getting a (fake) haircut as Akeem first enters the barber shop is played by a then-unknown Cuba Gooding Jr.


Trivia: One of the bathers washing Akeem early in the film is soon-to-be adult film actress "Midori" (real name: Michele Evette Watley), who is the sister of singer Jody Watley.


Trivia: The two bums who get the bag of money from Akeem are actually the rich men who were made bankrupt in the movie "Trading Places" (1983), starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.


Trivia: James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair, who played the King and Queen, played the King and Queen of Pride Rock in the Disney animated film "The Lion King" (1994).


Trivia: The armed man attempting to rob McDowell's is a then-unknown Samuel L. Jackson.


Trivia: When Akeem enters the barber's shop to have his pigtail cut, the old barber (played by Eddie Murphy) jokingly refers to him as "Kunte Kinte." The actor who plays Mr. MacDowell in the film (John Amos) actually played the older Kunte Kinte in the TV miniseries "Roots" (1977).


Trivia: When they go into the barber shop, you can see photos on the walls. In a few of the photos you can see Robin Williams standing with Eddie Murphy's family, his then wife, and other production crew members on another film. If you freeze frame when they are in the barber shop, you will see many photos that Eddie Murphy took personally and a few of them are of Robin Williams on the set of a movie. (04:00:00 - 04:16:55)


Trivia: When they are at Lisa's apartment, you see a few really cool paintings on the walls. One of them is of Lisa's father's restaurant. All the paintings in Lisa's apartment were painted by Eddie Murphy. He loved to place certain things in movies that he took with a camera or made himself, like the paintings.


Trivia: Not long after Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall arrive in Queens, a "Wonder Bread" truck can be seen passing by in the background. Eddie Murphy previously recalled his experiences as a child eating Wonder Bread during his famous stand-up film "Eddie Murphy: Raw" the previous year.


Continuity mistake: When Akeem and Semmi get their apartment, the landlord says that the room has only one window facing a brick wall. But when Akeem is out on the fire escape, he yells out to a street, not a wall. And there are two windows.

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Prince Akeem: Fascinating! Semmi, look at this! America is great indeed. Imagine a country so free, one can throw glass on the streets.

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Question: How did both Akeem and Semmi get a job at McDowell's without Akeem's parents noticing? Also, wouldn't Mr. McDowell have noticed in doing Akeem's pre-employment background checks who Akeem really was vs finding out when the parents arrived? (00:44:08 - 01:29:34)


Answer: How would Akeem's parents know what they were up to? They think he's taking an American vacation, and in the pre social media days, it was hard to keep track of people. As for McDowell, what sort of background check did you expect him to do on a fast food employee in the 80s? McDowell seems like a guy who would cut corners anyway.

Brian Katcher
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