Coming to America

Corrected entry: When Akeem and Semmi went to the local singles bar, they met a woman who told them that she is the wife of a death row inmate. That woman is singer Donna Summer who went uncredited for that brief role.


Correction: The woman is not 1970s disco quenn Donna Summer. Her name is Carla Earle.

Corrected entry: When the king knocks on the door, Semmi answers it and behind him is a bookcase. He slams the door shut when he sees the king. When he reopens the door there is no bookcase.

Correction: When the king knocks on the door, Semmi answers it and behind him is a bookcase. He slams the door shut when he sees the king. When he reopens the door the camera angle has changed, but the bookcase is still there, the corner is still visible. The angle at which the camera is hitting the door changed, the bookcase did not disappear.

Corrected entry: While hosting the black awareness rally, when Mr. Mcdowell's daughter Lisa is about to give a speech, Mr Mcdowell exclaims, "Be sure to put in a plug about the new salad bar." There are numerous interior restaurant scenes, but there is no sign of any salad bar anywhere.

Correction: Perhaps the salad bar is "coming soon" and he wants Lisa to say something to that effect.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: When King Jaffe Joffer and company arrive at Cleo McDowell's home it is raining heavily outside yet when they walk into the house all of them are perfectly dry.

Correction: You can see the servants holding umbrella's over everybody when the door is opened.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Akeem is in the royal bath, the girl is holding her breath under water for an extremely long time, before she just pops up and says her line, and with no signs of being out of breath no less.

Correction: Since this is her royal duty, she probably trains very hard to hold her breath as long as possible. Swimmers can hold their breath for 2 minutes or more, and this entire scene isn't more than that.

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Corrected entry: When in the barber shop, the elderly Jew (played by Eddie Murphy) is shown in one shot. Then when the camera changes positions, he is shown again in the background. It is an obvious double, and not Murphy.

Correction: When you see the double in the background, of course it's another actor. This is the catalyst of the scene. John Landis wanted you to see the elderly man in the background at the same time you see Eddie playing another character. This is no mistake, just the director's way of faking you out to think they are all different people and not Eddie playing them all. Landis wanted you to know this at the end of the movie, hence all of the credits which say Eddie Murphy and showing all of his roles played.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, the king says to his son "Oh, you have a moustache." The Queen says "it's been a year." Later in the film, Cleo McDowell says, "He has his own money" and shows Lisa a banknote with Akeem's face on it. He has a moustache. Even if Akeem's country had printed new notes that year, it is doubtful if the king, who would have had significant input into the process, would have continued not to notice his son's moustache.

Correction: Not necessarily. The Chief Executive of a country (i.e. Prime Minister, King, President, etc.) have Cabinet Ministers who take care of the day to day operations of the varies branches of the Government, including fine detail decision. The King may have simply told his Finance/Tresuary Minister to put a current picture of his son on the currency and never actually saw the photo. With all the courtiers the King has who do almost every mundane task for him, it's quite likely he (the King) has not actually handled currency himself for some time.

Corrected entry: When the royal party enters the McDowell house near the end, the rose bearers don't precede them inside, nor do they go with the king as he visits the girls' bedroom. They are supposed to throw roses beneath his feet at every step he take.


Correction: They don't always throw the petals. Akeem no longer wanted them to do it and they stopped. The King could have told them to not throw them while inside the McDowell house.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they are at the basketball game, Hakeem and the others cheer for both teams. It shows one of the teams score and they cheer. Then the other team scores and then they cheer.

Correction: This is not a mistake but rather a joke that Hakeem does not understand the game despite the concept of only cheering for one team.

Corrected entry: Akeem asks the butler if he might be able to use the bathroom by himself for once. "Most amusing, sir" is the reply. The butler claps his hands and a large mirrored door opens by itself. If you look closely at the left of the screen, between the door and the wall it's adjoined to, you can easily see a crew member behind the door pulling it open.

Correction: When Oha (the butler) claps the doors of Akeem's bedroom are opened by servants. This man is presumably another servant.

Corrected entry: In the scene where James Earl Jones walks into McDowell's restraunt in search of Akeem, he asks Cleo Mcdowell where he is, after doing so he instructs his "assistant" Oha to give Cleo something for his trouble. Oha leaves a note on the counter and Cleo picks it up and looks at it and in the next scene, the note remains on the counter untouched.

Correction: The assistant throws 2 notes onto the bench. Cleo picks up one and looks at it, leaving one note on the bench.

Continuity mistake: When Akeem and Semmi get their apartment, the landlord says that the room has only one window facing a brick wall. But when Akeem is out on the fire escape, he yells out to a street, not a wall. And there are two windows.

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Prince Akeem: Fascinating! Semmi, look at this! America is great indeed. Imagine a country so free, one can throw glass on the streets.

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Trivia: The man who is getting a (fake) haircut as Akeem first enters the barber shop is played by a then-unknown Cuba Gooding Jr.

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