Trading Places

Trading Places (1983)

23 mistakes

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Jamie Lee Curtis brings Dan Aykroyd home, you can visibly see she is wearing pantyhose. However, just a few second later, inside the apartment, she takes off her dress and is only wearing panties.

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Continuity mistake: When Louie is released from jail his hair is sticking up all wild, then it's flat, then it's all wild again.

Continuity mistake: At the start when Billy Ray (Murphy) is backing away from the cops after he was pretending to be a cripple, he passes the Heritage club. In front of the steps of the Club, he turns to face the other way. The camera changes angle as Billy Ray completes his 180 turn, but he is now no longer at the steps of the Heritage club, but about 10 feet beyond it, nearer to where the other cops in the patrol car come out of the alley way.

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Continuity mistake: A woman is seen dancing next to a portrait on the wall, and is immediately afterwards sitting on a couch next to Billy Ray.

Audio problem: When Valentine, and Winthorpe, are sitting in the living room you hear them talking but you can barely hear the TV. But as soon as Clarence Beaks' name is mentioned on the TV, all of a sudden the volume goes up without anyone touching a button.

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Continuity mistake: Louis Winthorp tries to kill Billy Ray Valentine, who says, "IT WAS THE DUKES! IT WAS THE DUKES!" When Louis is strangling Valentine, his arms are moving back and forth, but during Winthorp's close-up shot, his shoulders and forearms are shaking.

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Continuity mistake: When Valentine is in the limousine with Mortimer and Randolph, he has a bunch of cigars in his left hand. The position of those cigars change from shot-to-shot. One is hanging down very low when looked at from Randolph's side of the car, then immediately it is even with the others when seen from Mortimer's side.


Factual error: The Amtrak Metroliner has open passenger coaches, not the European-style compartments as seen in the movie.

Continuity mistake: The bruise on Louie's left eye changes size and color during the same day, and it is fine the very next day.


Continuity mistake: When Coleman is showing Valentine the Jacuzzi, in one of the close up shots the bubble jets are activated, in the next long shot there are not any active bubble jets working.

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Continuity mistake: When Valentine (Murphy) and Winthorpe (Aykroyd) are at Winthorpe's house at the end of the movie. Winthorpe is on the floor cleaning his gun. In the next shot Ophelia (Jamie Lee Curtis) points out Beeks on TV and Valentine and Winthorpe jump up from the couch when Winthorpe should have been and was on the floor.

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Continuity mistake: While Winthorpe is dressed up in the Santa outfit, his wig constantly changes from white to a silverish colour, and then back again.


Continuity mistake: When Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd's vehicles pull up next to each other in traffic, Eddie's window as seen from the outside is fully open, with a small closed side window. When we cut inside Eddie's limo, the full window is completely closed and there's no side window at all. It's a completely different limo.

Visible crew/equipment: As Murphy and Aykroyd are leaving the bathroom to head to the trading floor, you can see the shadow of the dolly track on the lower right hand side of the frame. For a brief second you can also see the actual dolly track before they enter onto the trading floor.


Continuity mistake: When Valentine goes into his new house and is being shown around, he puts about four things in his pockets. But when Mortimer Duke pulls these items out, he pulls only two, and they're not the same things that were actually put in.

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Factual error: When Beeks is locked in the cage with the gorilla, it reacts in an overtly aggressive and sexual manner. First, gorillas are shy and gentle creatures. The male gorilla would be scared of him, not the other way around. Second, gorillas identify each other by their smell, and the smell of a female in heat is very specific. Beeks would smell like a horsehair rug and the male gorilla wouldn't be the slightest bit interested.

Deliberate mistake: Eddie Murphy is giving his first party and tells everyone to leave. The valet holds all the coats in a perfect pile for the people to grab them as they leave. Although everyone rushes out of the party, it's very strange that the first person to leave takes the first coat, the second person the second coat and so on until the very last guest. No one stops to check if the coat they're taking is really theirs. (I guess it was shot this way to keep the good pace of the sequence).


Other mistake: At the start of the movie it shows the house at front view and the sky is very very grey, it looks like it's about to rain, then after a short scene inside the house it goes back outside and the sky is clearly blue with not a cloud in sight.

Continuity mistake: When the cops are dealing with Eddie, the positions change. In one frame they are standing closer together, in another frame their arms change.

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Other mistake: After Winthorpe exits the bus and is wearing his Santa outfit, a dog urinates on his leg. Not only is there no "stream" of urine from the dog, but there also is no evidence of urine on the ground after the dog finishes his business and trots along.

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