Trading Places

Continuity mistake: Louis Winthorp tries to kill Billy Ray Valentine, who says, "IT WAS THE DUKES! IT WAS THE DUKES!" When Louis is strangling Valentine, his arms are moving back and forth, but during Winthorp's close-up shot, his shoulders and forearms are shaking.

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Audio problem: At the stock exchange, after Randolph keels over, one guys that they should call an ambulance, whereas Mortimer replies, "Fuck him!" When Mortimer says that, his lips don't match. Not entirely in synch.

Continuity mistake: When there is an overhead shot inside of Winthrop's house when Billy Ray is giving a party, look down on the right hand side - a lady in a black dress is passed out, with her legs draped over a guy's lap. The next scene is a close up, and she's now lying against his chest (head first), then the next scene, she's back lying at the other end of the couch with her legs draped over his lap.


Visible crew/equipment: When Winthorpe enters the Duke and Duke building he removes his coat and scarf, then as he walks toward his office the actor's two black tape marks (one where he stood, and one where the first woman said good morning) are visible on the floor behind him. (00:05:30)

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Other mistake: When the $50k check is revealed about Clarence Beeks, both Mortimer and Randolf's positions and their angles appear as if Winthrop is behind them, not in front. (00:15:00 - 00:17:00)

Continuity mistake: The bruise on Louie's left eye changes size and color during the same day, and it is fine the very next day.


Continuity mistake: When Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd's vehicles pull up next to each other in traffic, Eddie's window as seen from the outside is fully open, with a small closed side window. When we cut inside Eddie's limo, the full window is completely closed and there's no side window at all. It's a completely different limo.

Visible crew/equipment: As Murphy and Aykroyd are leaving the bathroom to head to the trading floor, you can see the shadow of the dolly track on the lower right hand side of the frame. For a brief second you can also see the actual dolly track before they enter onto the trading floor. (01:42:40)


Policeman: Strip, you little shit, before I tear you a new asshole!

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Question: I don't understand when Louie's finance was waiting at the police station for him to get released, a man sits down and asks about her purse - what was that all about?

Answer: It's about nothing. The man is not exactly normal, and he begins a nonsense conversation with a very prim, uptight woman who looks like she should be anywhere but there.

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