Trading Places

Trivia: Eddie Murphy's entire scene in the jail cell with his "Karate" impersonation was ad-libbed, there was no script direction at all. (00:23:30)


Trivia: The owner of the pawn shop, who offers Louis $50 for his $6000 watch, is blues legend Bo Diddley.

Trivia: In every John Landis film, you can see or hear the phrase "See you next Wednesday." In this film, it's a movie poster (starring Lawrence Olivier) right next to Ophelia's bed.

Trivia: When Randolph and Mortimer Duke are telling Valentine about the stock market they say something meant as a joke and Eddie Murphy looks directly at the camera. Eddie Murphy says in the commentary that he had done that so many times on SNL that it became habit for him when someone would make a sarcastic joke to look at the camera.


Trivia: The woman who plays Winthorpe's fiance's friend Muffy (Kelly Curtis) is actually Jamie Lee Curtis' sister in real life.

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