Winning London

Winning London (2001)

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Corrected entry: When Mary-Kate enters the hotel, she is wearing a red hat. When she goes to talk to James after checking in she has now got the same hat on in black.

Correction: Actually the hat is black, the lighting makes it look red for a second but it is black for the rest of the scene.


Corrected entry: When everyone goes to the club, when they first enter you see Brian ask Rachel to dance, but then when you see Riley ask Brian to dance he says that he doesn't know how.

Correction: Actually he just takes her hand, there is no suggestion that they go and dance.


Other mistake: When they are playing polo on the field one guy scores a goal then when Mary-Kate scores the goal it is the same shot - the guy on the horse is in the same place during both shots.

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Brian: En Garde.
Riley: Thou like-ith the Lakers?
Brian: King Shaqith of Neal douth rule-ith the Lane.

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