The Wedding Planner

Factual error: The wedding date is given as Saturday June 6, 2001. June 6, 2001 was a Wednesday, and City Hall is closed on Saturday.

Continuity mistake: Jennifer Lopez's hair changes from one scene to the next throughout the entire movie. One minute she has fresh highlights, the next scene she has two-inch roots, the next she has all dark hair.

Continuity mistake: Right after Steve rescues Mary from the run away horse, for a split second, you can see the foreign guy's horse in the left hand corner of the screen. In the next shot, you can see that the rest of the riders, including the foreign guy, haven't caught up to Steve and Mary yet.

Continuity mistake: When Maximo is taking Steve to meet Mary Fiore on his motorcycle, it starts at clear daylight and ends at full night, driving a distance that is no more than 30 minutes in San Francisco. (01:36:45)

Other mistake: When Steve rescues Mary from the galloping horse, after he picks her up, in the far shot, it's quite noticeable that it isn't Mary wrapped around Steve, it's a dummy.

Continuity mistake: On the day of Steve and Fran's wedding, the part in Penny's hairdo switches sides from shot to shot.

Continuity mistake: In the runaway dumpster scene, the film switches back and forth between a yellow cab going uphill and a red cab going downhill.

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Continuity mistake: When Mary and Steve are sitting in the park watching the old movie, Steve starts tossing the colored M&Ms out of his hand and all that's left are the brown ones. A couple shots later you can see that there are colored M&Ms still in his hand, but he did not take more.

Continuity mistake: In the first wedding in the film, the two women who are talking about what a romantic life the wedding planner must lead are sitting. However, the shots before and after their discussions show the entire church standing because the bride is walking down the aisle. (00:06:18)

Continuity mistake: In the runaway horse scene at the vineyard, Steve's saddle has a horn on it when he's galloping after her to save her. Then the horn is missing once he actually pulls her onto his horse in order to accommodate them both in the saddle. In the next scene they are headed back to the vineyard and now the saddle on the same horse has a horn on it since it's only Mary riding it and Steve is walking beside it holding the reins now. (00:50:00)

Il Duce

Continuity mistake: The bouquet that JLo is handed to walk down the aisle with is different from the one her dad is holding when Steve pulls up in front of city hall looking for Mary.

Mary: Oh my God, you castrated him.

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Question: When Mary and Steve are in Mary's apartment, after they meet her ex and she gets drunk, she says that she is a "magnet for unavailable men". Who is she talking about other than Steve? It can't be Mossimo because he is single and actually pursuing Mary.

Answer: Her ex... who was not available since he was in love with another woman and not Mary.


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