The Wedding Planner

Corrected entry: Mary is supposed to be Italian in the movie, since she mentioned her parents came over from Italy. However, when she's talking on the phone to her boss in the street, you can hear her Spanish accent come out when she says the word "three".


Correction: My parents came from Norway, and I am neither Norwegian nor speak with a Norwegian accent. I learned French in high school, and some words I speak have a French accent. Mary could have friends who speak Spanish, could have studied it in school, or picked up the accent in the neighborhood in which she lived.


Corrected entry: In the scene that Penny goes to get Mary at Steve's office (after the dumpster scare) she goes in the room, invites him to the movie, and as she tries to make their getaway she grabs a coat off the coat hanger in his office. She didn't come in with a coat.

Correction: I've always thought the coat belonged to Steve and she grabbed it for him.

Corrected entry: When Steve is carrying Mary off the street after she faints, you can see him carry her past the previously 'runaway' Dumpster, which is now standing in the street next to a car.

Correction: The 'runaway' dumpster slammed into a car, it can't go any further, so of course it's there.

Corrected entry: In the last scene, when Steve and Mary meet in the park, it should be June, that's when the wedding was set for, but Mary has a coat on and you can plainly see their breath when they talk.

Correction: The reason Mary is wearing a jacket and can see her breath in June is because they are in San Francisco. Have you ever been in San Francisco in June at night? Parts of that city are freezing.

Corrected entry: When Steve and Mary are looking at the statues, Steve knocks the statue over onto its side. However, its penis breaks off. How could the penis break off if the statue didn't fall on its front?

Correction: The penis of the statue falls off first, and then the whole thing falls over.

Corrected entry: The wedding was to be held at a winery in wine country, but when Steve decides to call the wedding off he puts his fiancee in a San Francisco taxi cab and gets into another San Francisco cab to get to city hall. Wine country is not in the city of San Francisco.

Correction: They decide not to have the wedding at the winery because it had already been done. That's why they go to the park, a place where they would be the first couple to be married there.

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