13th Jun 2007

Eraser (1996)

Corrected entry: In the first scene when Cullen is entering the vault, she swipes her card then she types a 10 digit code to get in. But, close to the end of the movie when they are running the disk, the bad guys check the vault and Moorhart enters an 8 digit pass and it doesn't work, then he enters a 7 digit pass. What's with that? Is that a mistake or is he just an idiot?

Correction: Passcodes generally contain a different number of digits, so no he isn't. Also, this mistake is invalid, because in contradicts itself by asking whether or not it is a mistake. This should have been submitted as a question.


Corrected entry: 'Simon' needs McClane alive until the very end, when he has secured the gold. Diverting the police by making them think he is merely avenging his dead brother is a vital part of his plan. It therefore makes no sense at all that his very first task for McClane - wearing a grotesquely racist sandwich board as he walks through Harlem - could very easily get him killed.

Correction: "Simon" does not necessarily NEED McClane alive to complete the heist. In fact, everything he plans later for him to do is "just in case" he survives the previous task. McClane being dead will have NO EFFECT on Simon's plan, as once the police were diverted, his plan merely consisted of robbing the Federal Reserve.


Correction: Yes, he could easily give the same instructions after the Harlem scene to the police without McClane alive.

24th May 2007

American Pie 2 (2001)

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, when Jim is having make up-sex, the girl asks if he's sure he doesn't want to go back to her room, meaning they are in Jim's room. So after Jim's parents walk in, how does the girl's parents know what room she is in? I doubt she would tell her parents where she would be having sex.

Correction: Her roommate would have probably told her parents that she was in her boyfriend's room, and which room it was. Her roommate wouldn't have known they were having sex either, as it was spur-of-the-moment make-up sex, just as is stated above.


You can hear the parents in the hallway saying they heard the daughter.

Correction: If you listen you will hear her mom say "is that Natalie" and "did I hear Natalie's voice " She heard her talking, that's how she knew what room she was in.

Corrected entry: How can a place like the Titty Twister attract so many people, since the vampires kill its visitors every night? Carlos mentions that he once drove by, but surely this place is not jammed because of hearsay.

Correction: You are assuming that it isn't jammed because of hearsay, but why not? It's located on the main highway through the desert, and they promise truckers sex, which is likely illegal prostitution in this area. Word of mouth is quite a powerful tool in advertising a business such as this to them.


Corrected entry: In the final shot of the movie, the rear side of the Titty Twister is shown. Judging by the size of the Atzec temple and the amount of trash that has been dumped in there, it is inconceivable that this place has not been detected by the authorities.

Correction: The vampires kill anyone who comes around, so as far as telling anyone about it, there is no one to do this. Also, the only way the "pit" would be visible would be from the air, and a small crater looking hole in the desert would not attract much attention when viewed from an airplane, especially since you'd have to be pretty close to even make it out, much less notice that it had old trucks in it. Lastly, you can't see the pit from ground level, as it's below your line of sight, so it actually wouldn't be that hard to keep it a secret.


Corrected entry: It's never explained how Sex Machine's strap gun works. You never see him actually make something to let his gun pop out of his groin or to fire off shots. It sure cannot be operated by the force of telepathy.

Correction: Just because it isn't explained doesn't mean that it couldn't work. There could have been a wire running up his sleeve, or a remote control type device that he presses when the camera is focused on the gun (we can't see his hands), etc.


13th May 2007

Mary Poppins (1964)

Corrected entry: In the scene during "A Spoonful of Sugar," Mary Poppins has her apron on in one shot, but in the next shot of her, the apron is off.

Correction: And it stays off the rest of the scene. Since she had enough time off camera to remove it, this is not a mistake.


13th May 2007

Down Periscope (1996)

Corrected entry: In the scene when Pascal is being made to walk the plank, Lake seems surprised that he fell onto a fishing boat. Given her position on deck, she should have seen that the boat saw moored along side.

Correction: When we see the shot from on the deck, we as an audience cannot see the tiny ship, so it would stand to reason that she couldn't either from her position. Also, she may have just arrived on deck, as she might not have necessarily been out there the whole time.


12th May 2007

Click (2006)

Corrected entry: During the scene after Michael fast forwards Sundace going to the bathroom he goes inside screaming while running up the stairs, but as the camera spans out into the next morning you can plainly see that it is a one story house.

Correction: Nope. Michael's house is always two stories when viewed from inside and outside.


14th May 2007

Batman Begins (2005)

Corrected entry: Why does Bruce instruct Rachel to give Gordon an antidote vial for mass production? That's Fox's job.

Correction: He didn't want her exposed. He gives her "TWO" vials, one is actually FOR Gordon to take if he becomes exposed (which he does) and the OTHER one is for him to give Fox for mass production. She was supposed to give it to Gordon, and then leave Gotham before the gas was released.


Corrected entry: Unless there are no labor restrictions limiting how many days a week they could work, it would be impossible to get a star every day of the month.

Correction: Since the store itself is holding the contest, it would seem appropriate that they could allow it's employees who are participating to have their schedules revised. For example, instead of working 8 hours for five days in a week, they could let them work 6 hours for all 7 days of the week, in order to obtain stars. This makes sense, as the people competing would all have to work exactly the same schedule so that the contest would give everyone involved the same chance of winning.


7th May 2007

Top Gun (1986)

Corrected entry: In the scene after Maverick goes to Viper's house to ask for "his options", he is shown sitting on his motorcycle at the end of a runway watching a plane coming in to land. The plane has its tailhook down, which should only be down while landing on the deck of a carrier. This obviously was footage of a carrier landing being reused. And in the very next shot it shows him watching the plane accelerating away with afterburners glowing, which contradicts the earlier shot of the plane landing. (01:25:00)

Correction: Where do you think they practice the tailhook manoeuvre? If the first time that a pilot learned to use the tailhook was on a carrier, many a pilot might die flying off the end of it into the ocean. Remember that this is a "training" program for pilots as well. Also, the afterburners are bringing him up to speed, possibly to circle back and repeat the manoeuvre.


Corrected entry: Les and the other people taking their exams are shown in DMV-provided cars, with the DMV logo on them. Examinees, now as 20 years ago when the film was set, have to provide their own cars for the exam - the DMV does not (and did not) provide them. Also, the car Les uses for his exam is a stick shift car. If the DMV did provide cars for the exam (which, as stated above, they do not) they never would provide stick shift cars, which not all of the population can drive.

Correction: This was a joint program between the DMV and the school, which was available in the 80's, similar to a Driver's Education course. Les was obtaining his Learner's Permit, not his actual license (6 months with permit before getting a license), and the DMV "DID" provide "Student Driver" cars for these courses, including 5-speed manual.


7th May 2007

The Goonies (1985)

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when they are all looking at the ship sail off into the sunset, there is one problem: this took place in Oregon and the sun sets over the ocean in the west, which is correct. But the kids coming out the cave takes place in the morning, so the sun would not have been there, as it comes up in the east.

Correction: It NEVER once mentions that it is morning. 1) Sunlight can be seen entering the cave that holds Willie's ship from the first time they arrive, well before all the scenes on the ship even take place. 2) One of the beach patrol officers CLEARLY states that the kids were not there earlier, indicating that some time has passed since first light. The sun setting on the sea is accurate based on the timeline of the movie.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jimmy and Steve are being chased by 2 alien spacecraft, Jimmy says he is going to "try something", after which he makes a drastic high speed left turn away from Steve's plane. The G forces are so great, Jimmy can't breathe so he takes off his oxygen mask. Steve immediately yells, "Put your mask back on!", but how would he have known he removed his mask if he had already banked away from him and he couldn't actually see him?

Correction: Because the heavy "gasping for air" type breaths Jimmy was taking sounds very different if he does not have his mask on as opposed to still wearing it, as it is not muffled like breathing or speaking with it on tends to be.


20th Apr 2007

Soldier (1998)

Corrected entry: When Cain arrives on the trash planet, his wounds, which Todd inflicted, are fully healed and well-scarred over, yet Todd has only been on the planet for a short period of time, not enough for the scars to appear.

Correction: As is stated in the beginning of the movie during the "demonstration" scene, these new soldiers were not born, but rather created using "DNA manipulation and gene recombination, resulting in quicker response time, better hand-eye, etc..." - It would stand to reason that these new soldiers would also heal faster, or all that extra speed and skill would be for nothing.


24th Apr 2007

The Fifth Element (1997)

Corrected entry: When Korben throws the bomb onto the bottom of the landing in the Hotel, he asks Ruby to count to ten. Ruby starts counting 1,1000 2,1000, but stops. When Korben shouts at him to count again he starts again from 1, and the bomb explodes after he starts screaming under the pool table. Assuming the Bomb was a timer (Why would Korben ask Ruby to count if it wasn't) the bomb should have exploded well before it did.

Orion Hardy

Correction: After he stops counting in the 1-1000, 2-1000 format, he does start from 1 again, but he counts much faster to compensate for this. Korben telling Ruby to count to ten was just his "cool hero-like" way of letting him know that a bomb was going to blow up in 10 seconds, and to take cover. Someone of Korben's training and expertise would not really need Ruby to count for him.


16th Apr 2007

Click (2006)

Corrected entry: Mike's father dies in 2021, as it says on his tombstone. Back when Mike was fat and just got promoted again, he tells the remote "Just take me home" and fast forwards to him arriving home. While he's in the car, the radio is heard saying that the year is 2017. After the dog knocks Mike over, the remote fast forwards to the end of his illness. Donna says he has been recovering for 6 years. This is right before he finds out his father died, so his father would have had to died in 2023 if it really has been 6 years.

Correction: He "finds out" in 2023 that his father died, but his father actually died two years earlier as is shown on the tombstone. This explains the surprised look on the faces of others when he reacts the way he does to his father's death, as it happened already, and they think he should have known.


Correction: In addition to the previous correction, Ben tells his dad "he died a while back", a comment appropriately that indicates quite a while or in this case, two years.

2nd Sep 2003

Scanners (1981)

Corrected entry: In the opening scene where Cameron Vale gets his hand shot with a tranquilizer dart, he fails to react like anyone else would: pull that dart off immediately. He just watches it sticking out of his hand for a minute or so before passing out.


Correction: He is most likely in shock, which causes your muscles to freeze up, and can also prevents you from making rational decisions. Much like a "deer in the headlights" scenario, where the animal does not instinctively move, but rather stands still in the path of a car.


4th Apr 2007

Gremlins (1984)

Corrected entry: During the scene when the gremlin tampers with the brake cable on the police car, the car then pulls off down the street and you can see the brake lights come on as the car slows up to go round a sharp corner. (01:07:00 - 01:07:55)

Correction: Just because the "brake line" was tampered with does not mean that the electical signal sent to the "brake light" is automatically cut as well. Therefore, it is possible that the light can still come on if the brakes don't work.


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