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Corrected entry: When he wakes up, Alfred gives Bruce a glass of vile-looking green liquid that he downs in three gulps. Look closely at the glass as he drinks - it's a movie prop glass with an inner wall used to make it look like a full glass when it's actually just empty space in the middle.

Correction: You can never see the middle of the glass, so it is impossible to tell that it is a "movie prop glass." Also, if it was a prop glass, none of the liquid inside could escape, it would just settle as he tilted it back to drink it. And yet it dissapears in time with his gulps. Finally, the practicality issue of actually having Christian Bale drink coloured water vs constructing a complex prop to simulate him drinking assures us that the liquid is actually being drunk. Hence, no mistake.

Corrected entry: In their final scene together, Batman says to Ra's, "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you." Actually, by Batman's own moral code, he does - letting someone (even a villain) die by his own negligence when he could've otherwise saved him is tantamount to premeditated murder. This philosophy is further reinforced when Batman chooses to save the Joker (who is arguably even more dangerous than Ra's) from falling to his death near the end of "The Dark Knight." This also defies Batman's moral code as established in the comics, where he routinely saves his arch enemies from certain death (even though simply letting them die would probably serve the greater good). The aforementioned Jean-Paul Valley situation from the comics is beside the point.

Correction: As has been said many times in correction, based entirely on specific site policy as outlined in the submission guidelines, differences between a film and whatever source material it's taken from are NOT considered to be valid mistakes. Batman's moral code in the comics does not apply to the films.

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Corrected entry: When Bruce throws the gun into the sea, he's holding the gun in the first shot, but in the following wide shot, the hand that seemingly throws the weapon is empty, and Bruce is actually throwing nothing. (00:27:15)


Correction: Happens too fast to discern one way or the other. Even with frame advance (a violation of the guidelines of the site), there are only three frames in which Bruce would still have gun in-hand. But even with the image paused, the hand is so blurred by motion, it's impossible to tell anything about it.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the Tumbler leaps toward the second rooftop, as the shot ends, the Tumbler is almost right on top of the first dormer. In the next shot of the Tumbler flying through the air, it is much farther away from the dormer, before it lands on the roof. (01:31:10)


Correction: Like slo-motion or bullet-time, it's an editing choice of the action scene. First shot, Tumbler leaps and almost lands on the opposite roof. Second shot, closeup of Batman driving. Third shot, closer angle of the Tumbler finishing its leap. We are not meant to believe that the Tumbler is still falling during the intervening shot of Batman. It's all meant to convey different persectives of one concurrent action.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the chase involving the batmobile and the cop cars, Batman goes onto the highway, and in most shots we can see the tire marks of the batmobile from previous takes. (01:33:35)

Correction: Only one shot has obvious tires marks visible on the road surface, and they are much narrower than the Tumbler's tires so that any other vehicle could have made them at any time.


Corrected entry: When Bruce first meets Ducard, Ducard's left eye is blue and his right eye is brown. In other close up shots of Ducard, his eye colors have switched.

Correction: Both eyes are a deep blue as they belong to Liam Neeson. In some shots, one eye or the other is in shadow or otherwise poorly lit, as to make the blue less obvious. But no contacts were worn to fake two eye colors.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce and Alfred are driving the Rolls to the shareholder's meeting, the speedometer is obviously at zero and the tachometer is at idle, even though the car is supposed to be underway at about 40mph. (02:05:15)

Ian Hunt

Correction: At no point during this scene are the speedometer and/or the tachometer visible.

Corrected entry: When Batman is being chased by the police, an announcement is made on the police scanner "Subject moving west on I-17." Odd-numbered interstates run north-south in the US; even-numbered ones run east-west. (01:36:20)

Jeff Swanson

Correction: The numbering system you describe refers to the interstates predominant direction; however, many interstates curve and move different directions for long stretches. For example, I94 is an east-west highway (and is therefore given an even number), but part of it connects Chicago to Milwaukee. This stretch runs due north and south for about 75 miles. Sometimes police will describe the flow of traffic according to their actual direction instead of the name of the highway they're on. (This correction ignores the more obvious explanation: The Odd/Even system is not an absolute. In New Jersey, Route 3 runs east/west, as does southern New York's Rt.287 (which humorously connects directly to New Jersey's Rt.287 north/south- jwrosa).)

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: When Bruce is hanging onto the edge of the icy cliff and holding onto Henri Ducard, you can see that they are above gravel not hanging miles up. When you see a close up of Bruce's face you can see the shadow of the cliff on the gravel.

Correction: When viewing the 'making of' videos, they show a close-up of this shot, and they are in fact hanging off the cliff, using cables to hold them in position for safety. The shadow is there only due to the low sun angle (the shot was filmed in winter) and is present for ALL the shots of the cliff edge.

Corrected entry: When Bruce imitates contact with Gordon in his office, he holds a device to the back of Gordon's head, while wearing the gloves used for passing an electric current through Batman's cape to make rigid. Problem is Bruce is only introduced to the gloves for the first time in the next scene by Lucius Fox.

Correction: That whole scene was far too dark to tell what gloves Batman was wearing. He could easily have been wearing similar gloves that were part of the body armour. After all, everything was designed by the Wayne Corporation.


Corrected entry: Bruce Wayne's parents both have blue eyes, while his are brown. Two blue eyed parents cannot have a brown-eyed child.

Correction: Actually, they can. Here is a nice long read on eye color inheritance: And here is a neat matrix that allows you to play with eye color based on parents' eye color and their genes:


Corrected entry: The plot hinges on the use of a huge microwave generator that is powerful enough to vapourise water within Gotham City's water mains. A microwave that powerful would also vapourise the water within peoples cells and effectively cook those close by. However, Ducard and two henchmen ride the train carrying the generator without being harmed, and people only metres away from the boiling pipes are not cooked either.

Correction: This has already been corrected. The beam was concentrated and pointing straight down. No humans came into contact with it. It is an entirely fictional piece of technology and can work however the producers want it to.

Corrected entry: On the island, both Bruce and Rachel are exposed to the hallucinogen for the second time. It is quite clear that neither are wearing a gas mask, so both breathe it in. Why then, is Bruce not affected, while Rachel hallucinates and sees the Scarecrow riding a fire breathing horse?

Correction: The fire breathing horse is only seen by the little boy - Bruce and Rachel both had the antidote that Lucius Fox made.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Batman calls the bats from the batcaves for help you see them rush through a closed glass window. In fact bats rather "hear" their surrounding by ultrasonics than seeing it, which would make it impossible for bats to distinguish between glass they could fly through and a wall they would just bounce off.

Correction: Sound reverberates differently off of glass than off of concrete, it would seem like the window was less obstructing than the wall. I have witnessed bats flying head first into walls not knowing it was there, so it is entirely plausible they would fly through a window to get to something they heard on the other side.

Corrected entry: At one scene in the movie, Christian Bale sees a tank and asks Morgan Freeman if he can test run it. After the test run, he asks if the tank could come in black. Although one scene earlier, the tank was already colored black.

Correction: If you watch that scene carefully, you'll notice that the Tumbler is under a black tarp when Bruce asks "What's that?" - it is not colored black.

Ariane Schultheis

Corrected entry: When Batman throws his first explosive on the speeding train, it hits the window and the glass breaks inward. It should break outward.

Correction: They're not explosives. They are small metal pieces, in the shape of a bat, that he also used earlier on in the film (to destroy the lights). The windows break "inwards" because of the speeding train causes wind to blow "inwards". Just like wind blows "inwards" when you pull down the windows while driving your car.


Correction: That's the physics of how glass windows break. Broken glass will move towards the direction it was hit from (that is to say if an object is moving towards the right when it hit the window, the glass will move to the left). If the window is broken from the inside, the pieces will fall inside. The only reason glass falls to the other side is because as it breaks and falls on top of itself, sometimes it's unbalanced and topples backwards.


Corrected entry: The officer who has been promoted to Liuetenant at the end of the film was wearing silver bars on his uniform at the beginning of the movie, signifying the position of Liuetenant.

Correction: Without knowing just what the Gotham City police force uses for rank insignia there is no way of knowing whether this is a mistake or not. For example the US Navy uses a different insignia for than The Army or Marines.


Corrected entry: When a company goes public, the directors always ensure that only 49% of the shares are actually available to the public, so that the directors - having the other 51% - will always retain control of the firm. Given this, if Bruce Wayne sold his original stake in Wayne Enterprises, it would have been impossible for him to buy back enough shares on the public market to give him control of the company, no matter how much he had to spend - the required number of shares just wouldn't have been available.

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Correction: Bruce is the heir to the company, and therefore he owns 49% of the stock. He sells "a majority" of them to corporations that turn out to still be affiliated with him, and the directors sell their shares to small companies, which are also affiliated with Bruce. As such, at the end, Bruce still retained his 49%, as well as more than enough of the other director's shares to make up more than 51% of the company.


Corrected entry: In the last scene where Rachel approaches Bruce when he is covering the well, he has a black spot below his right eye. A few seconds later he is clean.

Correction: It could have been ashes from the debris that were either blown off by the wind or Bruce could have wiped it off himself.

Corrected entry: During the training exercise on the ice, just after Ducard says that the parents' deaths were Dr. Wayne's fault, Bruce gets up and launches after Ducard in anger. In the shot from the front, he doesn't wear any scarf. The next shot from his back reveals that he is wearing a red/gray scarf over his jacket. (00:19:15)


Correction: Throughout the whole fight he's wearing the scarf and you can see it in several shots before this. However, he's vigorously moving and fighting, so in some shots his jacket moves enough to expose the scarf and others it covers it up.


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Continuity mistake: When Bruce is thrown off the truck when released from prison, you can see his bag in the background as he rolls at least 5 feet away to his right. When the angle changes and he's getting up, the bag is right in front of him, if not slightly to his left. (00:05:50)


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Bruce Wayne: I'm going to show the people of Gotham that the city doesn't belong to the criminals and the corrupt. People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy. I can't do this as Bruce Wayne. A man is just flesh and blood and can be ignored or destroyed. But as a symbol... As a symbol, I can be incorruptible, everlasting.

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Trivia: Some people wanted the Batmobile to be computer generated, but director Christopher Nolan refused, so it was built from scratch. It can do 0-60 in 6 seconds.

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Question: In the animated series Ra's Al Ghul's name is pronounced "Raishe" rhyming with race. In this movie it's pronounced "Raaz". Why the change?

Answer: "Rahz" or "Raaz" is how the name is pronounced in Arabic. The pronounciation in the animated series was purposfully done to shun the notion of Ra's being Arabic (having a terrorist be Arabic could cause problems for a children's cartoon.)

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