Batman Begins

Trivia: Some people wanted the Batmobile to be computer generated, but director Christopher Nolan refused, so it was built from scratch. It can do 0-60 in 6 seconds.

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Trivia: A pair of Batman pajama bottoms can be seen hanging from the line, in the scene where Batman talks to the little boy in the Narrows. (01:16:55)

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Trivia: According to an interview in "Starlog" magazine, Christopher Nolan based the film's visual style on Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.

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Trivia: The first thug we see Dr. Crane get off with an insanity defense is named Zsaz. If you look closely you'll see he is covered with scars. In the comics, Zsaz is a homicidal maniac who keep score of the people he kills by marking it on his skin. Every one of those scars is supposed to represent one of his victims. And although you don't see it in the movie, his body is covered.

Trivia: Director of Photogrophay Wally Pfister used several interesting filming techniques on the film, eventually earning him a "Best Cinematography" Oscar nomination. One of these was how he shot the sword duel between Bruce and Ducard - holding a steadicam and being dragged around the action sitting on a sled.

Trivia: The Scarecrow's plot to contaminate Gotham's water supply from under Arkham Asylum has appeared several times in Batman fiction, first appearing in the comics and becoming the focus of the Batman: The Animated Series episode 'Dreams In Darkness'. After the film was released it would also be referenced in the Batman: Arkham Asylum videogame.


Trivia: The car Bruce Wayne drives to the hotel is a Lamborghini MurciƩlago. MurciƩlago means "bat" in Italian.


Trivia: Towards the end when Jim gives Batman the playing card in the plastic bag, the label has the name J Kerr. In some of the comic's backstories, Joker was actually called Joe Kerr. In others, it was a pseudonym.


Trivia: The playing card that Jim gives to Batman is the same card used by the Joker in the 1989 graphic novel "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth".


Trivia: The newspaper article about the Wayne Manor fire is listed as written by Julie Ochipinti. In real life, Ochipinti was an assistant set decorator for the film. She would go on to later be nominated for an Oscar for Best Art Direction for the film "The Prestige", which also starred Christian Bale.


Trivia: In something of a rarity for a big-budget studio film, director Christopher Nolan didn't want there to be a second unit during filming, and personally worked on every shot that was filmed.


Trivia: Scarecrow makes his debut film appearance here. He was actually intended to be the main antagonist of the canceled fifth film in the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher franchise.


Trivia: A drunk driver reportedly crashed into the Batmobile/Tumber during filming. The driver had panicked when he saw the vehicle, and in his inebriated state thought it was an alien spacecraft.


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Continuity mistake: When Batman drives over the cop car, using his batmobile for the first time, he knocks the light bar off. Camera cuts and now the light bar is back on the car. (01:29:05)


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Bruce Wayne: I'm going to show the people of Gotham that the city doesn't belong to the criminals and the corrupt. People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy. I can't do this as Bruce Wayne. A man is just flesh and blood and can be ignored or destroyed. But as a symbol... As a symbol, I can be incorruptible, everlasting.

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Question: In the movie "Batman", we discover that a young Jack Napier murdered Bruce's' parents and later became the Joker. So why in this movie did they change the killer to some low-life thug?

Answer: This is actually true to the comics, where a regular thug named Joe Chill was the killer of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne. There is no connection between this movie/series and Burton's "Batman"; they are separate takes on the same story, which is why things can be radically different. Burton chose to alter the storyline to give Batman an even greater reason to go after the Joker, that's his decision. Nolan chose otherwise in his presentation of the Batman legend, sticking to the original story.


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