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Corrected entry: When 8Ball was standing at the clocking-in machine, waiting on Zac arriving for 8.30 a.m., there was only one clocking-in card on the righthand side rack. In the next scene, when Zac came running in to clock in, there were lots of clocking-in cards now there.

Correction: Sure, there would be the overnight shift and stockers going home after shift, likely between 0800 and 0830, explaining the extra cards in the clock out side.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when we find out Vince didn't scan all the items, they pull out the receipts to confirm this. The guy who pulls them up says that both receipts have the same amount of items. How is this possible if Vince didn't scan all the items? The competition was made so both carts would have an equal amount of items.

Brad Premium member

Correction: You just answered the question. The carts had equal items. The receipt shows much fewer items on Vince's receipt that had been scanned. He didn't mean the receipts had the same amount of items, he meant the carts had the same amount of items. His lines were awkwardly worded, but the meaning is clear.


Corrected entry: Dane Cook is just coming down from his "club house" up in the top of the store. Before he goes up he rolls out caution tape blocking the aisle, and when he comes down it is still there. But when he runs from the aisle back to the front of the store the tape magically disappears.

Correction: Anybody in the store could have easily taken it down.

Corrected entry: When Semi is showing the security footage of the competition, he places the VHS tape into a VCR that is sitting in the podium behind Semi. When he fast forwards and rewinds, the remote he is using is pointing at the TV and away from the VCR. At the very least, the remote needs to be aimed towards the VCR if not directly at it.

Correction: This is really a character mistake- Semi points the remote towards the screen rather than the VCR because he is stupid. The infra-red beam however does NOT, as you say, have to point directly at the VCR- it can bounce off walls and other surfaces. Since the VCR was (pretty much) behind Semi the IR beam just bounced from the screen and was picked up by the VCR.

Corrected entry: When Lon, Iqbal, and Russell find their clubhouse filled with cheese, Russell says that there are only four people who knew about the clubhouse. But at the beginning of the movie, there were other people watching Zack and Russell betting in there, the forklift driver had to know, and Zack even brought Amy up to the clubhouse on their date, so there's no way only the four of them knew about it.

Correction: The scene referenced with other employees watching Zack and Russell betting, did not take place in the clubhouse. It's a totally different setting.

Corrected entry: When Zack is standing in the break room when Vince is getting his 3rd gold star, he states that he has 29 more chances to beat him. Since no month ever has 32 days, this is not possible.

Correction: Right after Vince says that, Zach says something to the effect of "Nice math", obviously recognizing Vince's mistake, the line was there to prove how stupid Vince really is.

Corrected entry: The customer who bought Vince's car drives away in it, but he had to have gotten to the store with his original car?

Correction: Perhaps the customer walked to the store, or was given a lift.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the big prize was referred to as a 2005 Newish Chevy Malibu. However, the car that they had on display in the store could not have been newer than 2003, since Chevy redesigned the Malibu in 2004.

Correction: That's why they referred to it as new"ish". In 2005, when the movie was doing principal shooting, a 2003 or older model would still be considered new"ish", like possibly leftover stock from 2003. I bought a brand "new" motorcycle in 2007. It is actually a 2006 model, built in late 2005. I could have registered it as a 2006, or 2007 due to the purchase date. I call it newish as well, even though it had less than 2 kilometers on it when I bought it.

Corrected entry: Lon has terrible eyesight and can't see past his nose, yet he cheered for Zack after he was able to knock down the bunion pads during the competition.

Correction: Lon does have a little eyesight, so he could have seen "something" fall into Zak's hands, and from the rest of the crowd's cheering reaction, it's not surprising that he could have figured out that his friend did something good, prompting him to cheer, "Yes!"

Corrected entry: Given that all retail stores are closed on Thanksgiving, there's no possible way for them to each win 15 stars to have the tie breaker.

Correction: Retail stores closed on Thanksgiving day...right. Maybe 5-10 years ago. Many major chains are now open on Thanksgiving day with bigger discounts than "Black Friday".


Corrected entry: Unless there are no labor restrictions limiting how many days a week they could work, it would be impossible to get a star every day of the month.

Correction: Since the store itself is holding the contest, it would seem appropriate that they could allow it's employees who are participating to have their schedules revised. For example, instead of working 8 hours for five days in a week, they could let them work 6 hours for all 7 days of the week, in order to obtain stars. This makes sense, as the people competing would all have to work exactly the same schedule so that the contest would give everyone involved the same chance of winning.


Corrected entry: The first time Zack goes to the secret fort he puts a yellow hazard tape across the opening of the isle, in the next shot or few shots its gone.

Correction: It is likely that the forklift driver removed it when he left the aisle. You notice the forklift was gone, and had to be called back when they guys wanted down out of the fort. He can't drive through the hazard tape, so he would have removed it.

Corrected entry: There are several scenes that show a Super Club staff numbering 40 or more, yet the tracking board lists only 20 employees.

01:20:05 - 01:31:35

Correction: Not all employees were eligible for the Employee of the Month contest, as stated earlier in the movie when they mentioned Dane Cook couldn't enter because he was in a different division.

Corrected entry: Even though the movie is set in the fictional "Super Club" store you can tell it was filmed at a Costco. Some things that give this away include: Kirkland (Costco Brand) Products are visible in many scenes, when Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson are talking early in the movie you can see part of the word "Costco" and finally most of the signs and layouts are EXACTLY like a Costco.

Correction: How is this a mistake? The end credits acknowledge it was filmed at a Costco in New Mexico, and Costco is thanked for their cooperation in filming.

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