Employee of the Month

Continuity mistake: When Zach is getting ready for his date with Amy, Zack's beard length changes from a "five o'clock shadow", to a full beard, back to a "five o'clock shadow", between three shots.

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Continuity mistake: In the baseball game, when Zack runs into Vince, the ball flies away from them as they fall on the ground. In the next shot, it is on Zack's glove.


Revealing mistake: Jorge misses scanning the barcode on the tire by several inches at the end of the competition, but it rings up anyway.

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Vince: This is an '81 Honda! How dare you!

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Vince: Do you know what this is? [Holds up a Sharpie.]
Zack: Yes, that is a ten times larger than life replica of your penis.

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Attractive Woman: Are you staring at my breasts?
Lon: I don't know.

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Question: Why does Zack have a blue SuperMart vest, when it seems like the other box boys such as Jorge have blue aprons?

Chosen answer: Some men prefer not to wear an apron, as they feel it is for girls not boys.

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