26th Feb 2007

Final Destination (2000)

Corrected entry: At least one or two tragedies or accidents in each of the three final Destination films are based on real life events. In this movie, Flight 180 was based on Trans World Flight 800, which also crashed right after takeoff, leaving JFK for Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport, and both were carrying a group of students going to Paris on a class trip.


Correction: Screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick wrote the original speculative script "Flight 180" in 1994 (intending it for the X-Files TV series). The real-life Flight 800 crash didn't occur until 1996. Reddick went on to use his "Flight 180" script to launch the "Final Destination" franchise in 2000, and Reddick has publicly stated that "Flight 180" is not based on the Flight 800 crash. Source: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3349248/read-x-files-script-became-final-destination-exclusive.

Charles Austin Miller

11th Aug 2006

Hard to Kill (1990)

Corrected entry: Steven Seagal is in a coma for 7 years. All his hair grows long, and he has a long beard. Problem is, the beard is a goatee style, and there is no hair connecting the beard to his hair. He is seen to be clean-shaven in this area, which means someone at the hospital has taken the time to shave that area over the course of 7 years, but they let the rest of his hair grow long?


Correction: When Kelly is feeding Segal Chinese food, he asks "did you give me this beard" to which she replies "yeah".

Corrected entry: At least two events from each film are based on real life tragedies or accidents. For this film, the crash scene is based on a 125 car pile-up that happened in Ringgold, Georgia in 2002, and Nora's death is based on an accident where an intern at St. Joseph's Hospital in Texas was decapitated by a faulty elevator.


Correction: Actually, Final Destination 2 was released in January 2003, a few months before the decapitation of a surgical resident at St. Joseph's Hospital in August 2003. Real-life foreshadowing?

14th Apr 2007

Saw III (2006)

Corrected entry: According to the Saw III commentary, in a flash back of Jigsaw and Amanda setting up the bathroom trap, Jigsaw told Amanda to tie the key to Adam's foot, making the trap escapable. However, Amanda was careless, and instead just tossed it onto Adam's chest before leaving. Because it was unattached, it was then sucked down the drain as he woke up.


Correction: I rewatched the scene, but didn't notice Jigsaw saying to tie the key to Adam's foot. He told Amanda to put Adam's leg in the shackles. It would have been too simple for Adam to have the key hanging within his reach. Jigsaw wanted the key to be in the bathroom and he presumed that it would be washed away. At the end of Saw I he told the shocked Adam that the key was in the tub. Adam had a faint chance, but still he had it.

9th Mar 2007

Cars (2006)

Corrected entry: When Mack is driving past the truck stop, you can see a truck with the "I" logo from The Incredibles. There is also a truck with "Monsters Inc." on the side of it, using the logo from the movie.


Correction: There is no truck with the logo from The Incredibles and other truck with "Monsters Inc." on the side. There only one truck with the word "Inc" and the letter "i" just look like the logo from The Incredibles.

12th Sep 2006

Money Talks (1997)

Corrected entry: After Franklin lands in the water from his jump from the helicopter, Frenchie and his buddy start shooting at the water from the helicopter for at least 10 seconds, with all the bullets hitting the area where he landed. But in shot shown between the two shots of them firing at him, the helicopter is shown flying very fast away from this spot. It would not have been possible for them to continue hitting the same spot in the water if the helicopter was flying away in a straight line. You could have argued that the helicopter was hovering, but the shot mentioned above shows otherwise.


Correction: This is quite possible, a helicopter is a very stable platform to shoot from.

9th Mar 2007

Donnie Darko (2001)

Corrected entry: When Rose Darko is talking to her friend about Jim Cunningham, her friend says "I can't believe he's single" But when Jim Cunningham is speaking at Donnie's school on the "Fear and Love" program, 'Patrick Swayze' is wearing his "wedding" ring.


Correction: Some people still wear wedding rings even after they divorce. People do it for a variety of reasons.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: The Law of Gravity prevents the train from ever being stuck upside down in a loop; it's physically impossible. Also, coasters do not have brakes on the cars. The only moving parts on a roller coaster are the chain on the lift hill, and the brakes/brake release in the station. Once the cars leave the top of the lift hill, gravity is the only thing affecting the cars until they reach the station again. No electrical/hydraulic stuff on the cars at all.


Correction: The cars have been damaged by the camera, so it is plausible that a piece of metal acted as a braking device. Plus there has been an incidence in Switzerland where a rollercoaster has been stuck upside down for about 30 minutes, in addition another member was stuck in a coaster about 1 quarter up in a loop.

Ronnie Bischof

29th Sep 2006

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Corrected entry: Max just moved to Salem and all throughout his house we are shown stacks of cardboard boxes, indicating that this is the case as well. One problem: Max's room has no boxes whatsoever, and is completely unpacked, yet he was attending school, and would have had the least amount of time to unpack of the whole family, not to mention he is the only member of the family who is against moving there.


Correction: It's an assumption that he wouldn't unpack for himself, or that his mother wouldn't do his room first to try to get him to feel more comfortable. I've gotten my bedroom set up in a day for a place I was entirely against moving to, so that I had my familiar items around me.


7th Jul 2006

Waterworld (1995)

Corrected entry: If Kevin Costner's character has gills, and can breathe under water, why would he have a device for someone else to breathe underwater? He very states that he is a loner, and does not travel any way but alone. I can see building one after he picks up his extra passengers, but beforehand doesn't make since.


Correction: Not understanding a character's motivations or reasons is not a mistake. While he might have not needed there are numerous reasons why he might have kept it and there is no mistake in keeping it just because he might not need it.

Lummie Premium member

Correction: Before he gets to the metal island he is seen using the same bubble as a basket to put his treasure in. He might have been smart enough to know to turn it over.

3rd Jul 2006

Stargate (1994)

Corrected entry: All these scientists and military personnel have opened a gateway to the other side of the known universe using a technology that is a) completely foreign to them, b) the first time they can get it to work, and c) one that can send stuff back to Earth instantly. No scientist or military personnel would ever allow a Nuclear Device to be sent through the portal, as the properties of the bomb alone travelling at the speed of light or faster could have had catastrophic results.


Correction: Perhaps very poor military judgment, but a character mistake, not a movie mistake.


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