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Corrected entry: Why are the FBI investigating Alex? After it was determined the plane explosion was a malfunction, they should have left. FBI don't investigate teen suicide, bus accidents or a teacher's death.


Correction: Because he had a vision of the plane "exploding" and find that very weird. Everyone believes that Alex is some freak so why shouldn't the FBI be checking up on him? Added to that, Tod was one of the "survivors" from Flight 180, same with Mrs. Lewton and Terry, so obviously it's all connected and Alex is at the center of it all. Also, Clear said so herself that the "FBI don't investigate teen suicides", so this can't really count as a mistake; again, it's all connected.

Correction: The original script for Final Destination (called "Flight 180") was written in 1994 as an episode of the X-Files TV show, but it was never used for the series. The X-Files was entirely focused on the FBI investigating paranormal events.

Charles Austin Miller

Maybe, but as this is not the X-files the FBI would leave after the investigation showed it was an accident. Them sticking around makes 0 sense.


For that matter, expecting the FBI to investigate paranormal phenomena in The X-Files made zero factual sense, also. The fact remains that Final Destination adhered to the original X-Files "Flight 180" script, in which the FBI did, in fact, conduct investigations into apparently paranormal events. Both The X-Files and Final Destination concocted highly unlikely circumstances and relied heavily on the audience's suspension of disbelief.

Charles Austin Miller

But again. This wasn't an episode of x files. It's still a mistake.


Corrected entry: At least one or two tragedies or accidents in each of the three final Destination films are based on real life events. In this movie, Flight 180 was based on Trans World Flight 800, which also crashed right after takeoff, leaving JFK for Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport, and both were carrying a group of students going to Paris on a class trip.


Correction: Screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick wrote the original speculative script "Flight 180" in 1994 (intending it for the X-Files TV series). The real-life Flight 800 crash didn't occur until 1996. Reddick went on to use his "Flight 180" script to launch the "Final Destination" franchise in 2000, and Reddick has publicly stated that "Flight 180" is not based on the Flight 800 crash. Source:

Charles Austin Miller

Corrected entry: At the start when you see Alex, Tod and co. walking down the walkway to the plane you can see that their heads are almost touching the ceiling. You can tell it was shortened to make the path longer for the appropriate sequence and then after when they reach the turning the ceiling is much higher. (00:09:45)

Correction: This is a question of perspective from the two camera angles. In the first shot where the character's heads "are almost touching the ceiling", the camera is low down looking up; this makes the character's heads look closer to the ceiling as you can't see the gap. The next shot is from higher up showing the gap, which looks bigger now.

Corrected entry: The teacher pours vodka in her mug which cracks. The vodka drops down as she walks into the living room. If really she lost so much vodka like we see catching fire later, it must have been a real waterfall, so why didn't she notice that?

Correction: She just wasn't paying attention. The same thing happened to me minus the explosion, fire, and blood, and I didn't notice until I slipped on it.

Corrected entry: When Alex and Todd are in the bathroom at the airport, Alex is sitting on the toilet with his pants down but his underwear is still all the way on.


Correction: Devon Sawa confirms on the commentary that his underwear was down and that his undershirt (which was gray) is what is covering him.

Corrected entry: In the scene inside the airport right as you see the plane take off, Sean William Scott jumps and yells way before the plane actually explodes on screen.

Correction: That is because the Sonic Boom that bursts the windows takes time to get to them. That's how it would be in real life.

Corrected entry: When they are about to enter the plane, we see Alex, Todd and his brother walking the hallway to the plane, and right behind them, you can see Carter and his girl, but when they turn 90 degrees, we see Alex , Todd and his brother, but Carter and his girl are gone.

Correction: Carter and his "Girl", could have easily gotten lost in the crowd of students in the Terminal. There's no reason for students to cut in front of line, especially considering they are heading to Paris.


Corrected entry: In the "original" version of the plane crash you can see that Alex fastens his seatbelt in a direct closeup shot. When he awakens from his premonition the seatbelt should be fastened because he did so before Christa and Blake asked him to change places. He doesn't remove it though in the second version of the plane crash before he rushes to Todd.

Correction: The "original" version is his premonition of the plane crash and when he comes out of the premonition is where he should of put on his seatbelt. He doesn't ever actually put his seatbelt on because that is the point where he changes the future and cheats death.


Corrected entry: When Terri steps onto the road and is killed by the speeding bus, the bus is travelling from left to right when it hits her. But, if you look further down the street, where the bus supposedly had just come from (a few seconds earlier, during the dialogue between the other characters), the camera pans round and you can see a large yellow crane blocking off the entire road, so the bus could not have actually come from that direction.


Correction: If you look down the street when Alex sees the buses reflection the street is clear. When the speeding bus hits Terri it is diagonal and is coming from around the corner, not across the street where the crane was located.

Corrected entry: When Alex wakes up after his vision of the crash, he leaps out of his seat and tries to get off the plane. The male French teacher says 'Alex, qu'est-ce que c'est?' Literally translated, this means 'Alex, what is it?', but in a very literal sense; for example, you would say 'qu'est-ce que c'est' if you were asking what an unfamiliar object is. To say 'what is it' as in 'what's the matter', the teacher should have said 'Alex, qu'est-ce qu'il y a?' Would a 'veteran' French teacher have got this wrong?

Correction: Qu'est-ce que is an accepted means of asking what it is that woke Alex up. It may not be perfect French, but it is acceptable and understandable. I know of many instances where language teachers use whichever vernacular is going to be most quickly and easily understood by the student. Also, even language teachers don't always use perfect grammar.


Corrected entry: After Tod has died, Alex is walking under some trees and a leaf falls to the ground. The wire attached to the leaf is visible as it falls.

Correction: Try as hard as I can, I cannot see any wire.


Corrected entry: When Billy looks out of the airport window, you can see that there was a model plane used when you see it take off. (00:18:00)

Correction: It looks nothing like a model.


Corrected entry: In the last scene where Carter, Clear and Alex are in Paris, Clear sees the reflection of the bus. Shortly after that the bus hits the pole that flies up and unleashes the billboard that kills Carter. The pole cannot fly so high and cut the billboard loose.

Correction: Your reasoning makes no sense at all. Of course it can, and it did. What makes it unbelievable? It's certainly long enough.


Corrected entry: When the woman teacher is lying with the knife in her chest, Alex comes around the corner and she looks at him. There is barely any blood on her neck at that point despite it spurting in earlier shots.


Correction: Her neck is covered in blood in all of the shots.


Corrected entry: When the car explodes you can see that it has been cut in two before.

Correction: If you're talking about the explosion in which Alex grabs the electric wire so that Clear can escape, I found no evidence, going through it in slow motion, of your claim. If that's not the explosion that you're talking about, be specific about the scene in which it occurs.


Corrected entry: The plane explodes creating a rather small fireball. this shows us that it happened far away. Nevertheless the airport's windows are blown into pieces. Did you ever notice how heavy these windows usually are? They would never have been smashed by an explosion that far away. Could be argued that the plane was close enough to smash the windows, in which case the plane and explosion are too small. A mistake one way or another.

Correction: While the plane is far away, and the windows are rather heavy, have you ever seen, or even heard, an airplane explode? Especially one as big as the one they boarded? The sudden expansion of the air from the fireball would cause a sonic boom, which could easily shatter the windows.

Corrected entry: During Alex's premonition all the skin on his face burns off, but his hair is still intact.

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Correction: It's a premonition, not fact. His premonition was not accurate, meaning he didn't see his hair burn, same as things being different in dreams.

Corrected entry: When Carter pulls up in his new Nova, he is playing the Nine Inch Nails song, 'Into the Void' and just after he sees Alex he drives on when the song is on the first verse, but 3 seconds later it is right near the end, the song has skipped over 2 minutes.

Correction: Movies don't use real time, it could have been two minutes since he saw Alex.

Corrected entry: When Alex checks in his suitcase, watch carefully. The ticket that's attached to his suitcase says "Final destination".

Correction: This is not trivia. All airport tickets say this.

Corrected entry: The CG is very obvious when Ms. Lewton is wiping her teapot then sees the apparition reflected in it.

Correction: I thought this myself at first, but then I realized it was just the lighting that gave the scene that "poor CG" appearance. It looks that way in scenes that contain no CG as well.

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Character mistake: At the memorial service the principal says that it's been 39 days since 39 loved ones had died. But there were 40 students on the plane and 4 chaperones, making the total 44. Now 7 people got off the plane which means 37 people related to that memorial service actually died, not 39. Two pilots would make up the numbers, but there would be flight crew too, which still leaves the numbers off.

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Bludworth: In death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps and no escapes.

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Trivia: The filmmakers originally had an ending in which Alex grabs the cable that lies on Clear's car, Alex catches fire and dies. Then Clear gets her baby and Carter survives. The test audience didn't like this, so the filmmakers shot another ending in which Alex is decapitated by a crashing police helicopter. But again, the test audience didn't like the fact that Alex dies, so they shot the finish with the billboard, which took 6 days to film and cost nearly $2,000,000.

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