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Corrected entry: Carter is driving, while Alex is talking to Billy and Clear. When the camera shows Carter, you can see that the shops in the background pass a number of times. For example, a bright coloured neon sign surrounding a shop is the best one to spot. This indicates they are just going around in circles.

Correction: They were trying to figure out what to do, and some people (such as myself) tend to drive in circles when uncertain about a destination.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the train hits Carter's car, the train does not stop. Surely the train driver would attempt to slow down afterwards.

Correction: The train probably did slow down, but it takes a train a really long time to stop (e.g. 2 miles going 55 mph).

Corrected entry: The whole premise of the teacher's death scene is very unbelievable. Along with the other mistakes noted above about this scene there are a couple more. Instead of vodka she must have been drinking nothing short of gasoline noting the height and intensity of the flames. Also, when the house was on fire, what made it explode with such violence. A gas stove would not even come close to creating such an explosion.

Correction: A gas stove on its own would not cause such a huge explosion, but you have to bear in mind that the stove is connected to the main gas supply, so when the stove explodes it sets off a chain reaction throught the main gas supply, igniting that and there you go, a massive fireball. Its been known of entire blocks of appartments to explode because of a gas leak.


Corrected entry: In the "original" version of the plane crash you can see that Alex fastens his seatbelt in a direct closeup shot. When he awakens from his premonition the seatbelt should be fastened because he did so before Christa and Blake asked him to change places. He doesn't remove it though in the second version of the plane crash before he rushes to Todd.

Correction: The "original" version is his premonition of the plane crash and when he comes out of the premonition is where he should of put on his seatbelt. He doesn't ever actually put his seatbelt on because that is the point where he changes the future and cheats death.


Corrected entry: When the woman teacher is lying with the knife in her chest, Alex comes around the corner and she looks at him. There is barely any blood on her neck at that point despite it spurting in earlier shots.


Correction: Her neck is covered in blood in all of the shots.


Correction: Those are not reflections from the crew's spot lights, but rather the track lighting on the kitchen ceiling.


Corrected entry: After Alex and the other five get off of the plane, after Alex's premonition, the go back to the airport gate lounge and you can see that the appearance has totally changed than what it was before boarding the plane, (e.g. the cappuccino bar.). (00:16:25)

Correction: This was done purposefully in order to show that reality was skewed after the teens cheated death. It says so in the commentary.

Corrected entry: When Alex is watching the TV on how the plane crashed, and he says that the first explosion happened right above Todd's seat, it wasn't Todd's seat, it was the one Alex was sitting in in his dream.

Correction: Alex's premonition, along with other premonitions are not guaranteed to be 100% like the real thing. They are subject to change, *especially* when the people in the premonition cheat death like Alex and his other classmates unintetionally did by getting off the plane.

Corrected entry: As a consequence of the short-circuit the screen explodes and she gets hit by a big piece of glass. But this was a regular screen with a CRT inside. Such a screen can not explode. There might have been an implosion...

Correction: If the power supply (for example) exploded it would take the glass with it. Also, if a CRT does implode (which is right, because of the vacuum inside), the glass still flies around - it certainly doesn't implode to the middle and then just stick together and stop moving.


Corrected entry: After all the students arrive at the top of the escalator at the airport, the old guy teacher says something in French as he stops them as an announcement comes on. What he says, literally translated, is "What is it's name?" Why would he be asking this question when he's stopping them to hear an announcement about the airport?

Correction: The teacher asks 'What is the announcement?' The last french word gets mixed with some other noise, but he definitely says the right thing.

Corrected entry: If the movie supposedly takes place in south-eastern New York, why are all of the announcements in the public address system spoken in French? I don't think so, not in the USA.

Correction: It was only that particular flight whose details were announced in French as well as English, as indeed they would have been, for the benefit of any French people flying to their homeland.

Corrected entry: In the last scene where Carter, Clear and Alex are in Paris, Clear sees the reflection of the bus. Shortly after that the bus hits the pole that flies up and unleashes the billboard that kills Carter. The pole cannot fly so high and cut the billboard loose.

Correction: Your reasoning makes no sense at all. Of course it can, and it did. What makes it unbelievable? It's certainly long enough.


Corrected entry: When the car explodes you can see that it has been cut in two before.

Correction: If you're talking about the explosion in which Alex grabs the electric wire so that Clear can escape, I found no evidence, going through it in slow motion, of your claim. If that's not the explosion that you're talking about, be specific about the scene in which it occurs.


Corrected entry: When Alex and Clear are sitting on the beach Clear tells Alex that her father was killed when she was 10. Later on in the movie Clear looks at a picture of her and her father on a fishing trip. The back of the picture says me and dad "1986". If she is a high school senior that would make her 18 years old. In the picture she appears to be about 10 years old. If she was 10 in 1986 that would make her about 23 in the movie - a little old for a high school senior.

Correction: There is nothing to suggest that the photo was taken just before her father died. She looks younger than ten in the photo, so it is perfectly possible that the photo was taken a few years before he died, when she was around 6 or 7 years old.

mandy gasson

That still makes clear at least 20 years old.

Correction: This is your personal opinion. And Clear would still be at least 20 if she was 6 or 7 in the photo.

Corrected entry: At the memorial, when Billy is telling Alex about his driving test, if you look closely behind Alex you can see Todd walking towards the eagle sculpture with a rose in his hand. But then Billy walks away and it shows Todd and his parents in their seats and Todd is about to go up and put the same flower on the eagle.

Correction: There is no evidence of is; Tod could of walked up to the memorial a second time to put a flower there or just to reminisce.

Corrected entry: When Terri steps onto the road and is killed by the speeding bus, the bus is travelling from left to right when it hits her. But, if you look further down the street, where the bus supposedly had just come from (a few seconds earlier, during the dialogue between the other characters), the camera pans round and you can see a large yellow crane blocking off the entire road, so the bus could not have actually come from that direction.


Correction: If you look down the street when Alex sees the buses reflection the street is clear. When the speeding bus hits Terri it is diagonal and is coming from around the corner, not across the street where the crane was located.

Corrected entry: After Tod has died, Alex is walking under some trees and a leaf falls to the ground. The wire attached to the leaf is visible as it falls.

Correction: Try as hard as I can, I cannot see any wire.


Corrected entry: When the girl is hit by the bus, if you frame-by-frame, you see that the bus has no one on it, including a driver.

Correction: The rules of the site are clear. If it has to be viewed frame by frame it is not a valid mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Clear is in the car and Alex is grabbing the electrical wire, most electrical wires have insulation around them (rubber or something like that) so it wouldn't electrocute him. But, lets just say there wasn't insulation around the wire, he could have just put his hands inside his jacket or shirt and that would have insulated the wire and he would not have been electrocuted.

Correction: Not everything insulates against electricity. If he was wearing a rubber shirt, maybe, but a thin shirt like the one he has on wouldn't. Try it yourself. Unscrew a lightswitch or socket in your house, wrap your hand in your shirt and grab a live wire. I guarantee you will get a shock.

Corrected entry: When they were boarding the plane "a 747", he looks out the window and sees the trailing edge of the wing "flap assembly". However, his seat position in the aircraft would actually put him about 4 rows in front of the wing. This is even depicted on the little diagram he drew of the plane, while tracing the 'fire path' from his seat location.

Correction: It is mentioned that Alex marked his seat wrong on the diagram.

Factual error: The teens are traveling presumably along the Meadowbrook or Wantagh parkways, when they enter Jones Beach. They see a sign just before the beach entrance that says "New York: 93 miles", when Jones Beach is less than 15 miles from NYC limits and approximately 25-30 miles from Manhattan.

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Bludworth: In death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps and no escapes.

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Trivia: In the airport after the plane explodes, it shows Terry with a terrified look on her face. Right behind her is a picture of a bus, which is the way she would die later in the movie. Also, at Ms. Lewton's house, when she is standing in front of her computer, behind her is a stained glass window with a picture of a knife, which is how she would later die.

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Question: On the back of the PAL DVD there is a picture of Alex holding back Clear from a car during the day. It looks to be at the place where Terry was killed. Does anyone know if this is a deleted scene not on the DVD? Also, on the commentary the makers of the film said that they shot the bus hit from inside the bus, as well as from the side. Does anyone know where these scenes are now?

Answer: The scene where Terry was killed was most likely shot during the day. It is quite common for film makers to film a scene during the day to get the right lighting effects and then later CGI the night sky and the proper shadowing. This is most effective when you have an area that would otherwise be too dark or have environment that wont allow for the proper lighting for a night shoot. As for the bus, your guess is as good as mine.

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