Final Destination

Corrected entry: When the girl is hit by the bus, if you frame-by-frame, you see that the bus has no one on it, including a driver.

Correction: The rules of the site are clear. If it has to be viewed frame by frame it is not a valid mistake.

Corrected entry: Crew spotlights are reflected in the kettle.

Hamster Premium member

Correction: Those are not reflections from the crew's spot lights, but rather the track lighting on the kitchen ceiling.


Corrected entry: After they got kicked out of the plane, the pilot says to the police officer that nobody gets back on the plane, and that it is his call. He only has 3 stripes, so he is only a First Officer, and has virtually nothing to say on the plane when the Captain (4 stripes) is still alive.

Ronnie Bischof

Correction: Just like when President Reagan was shot, Secretary of State Alexander Haig that he was in charge (since Regan was hospitalized, the VP wasn't in town). He thought he was 2nd in line and not 4th. (VP, House Speaker, Senate president pro tempore, Secretary of State) Character mistake, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Alex and Clear are sitting on the beach Clear tells Alex that her father was killed when she was 10. Later on in the movie Clear looks at a picture of her and her father on a fishing trip. The back of the picture says me and dad "1986". If she is a high school senior that would make her 18 years old. In the picture she appears to be about 10 years old. If she was 10 in 1986 that would make her about 23 in the movie - a little old for a high school senior.

Correction: There is nothing to suggest that the photo was taken just before her father died. She looks younger than ten in the photo, so it is perfectly possible that the photo was taken a few years before he died, when she was around 6 or 7 years old.

mandy gasson

That still makes clear at least 20 years old.

Corrected entry: When the billboard is cut loose at the end, it first swings next to the building. When Carter asks who's next, the billboard suddenly comes from behind him.

Correction: There are two separate parts of the billboard. It is broken in half and the first part swings side first into the building, and the second part comes down in an entirely different position than the first one, hitting Carter in the back.

Corrected entry: After Alex and the other five get off of the plane, after Alex's premonition, the go back to the airport gate lounge and you can see that the appearance has totally changed than what it was before boarding the plane, (e.g. the cappuccino bar.). (00:16:25)

Correction: This was done purposefully in order to show that reality was skewed after the teens cheated death. It says so in the commentary.

Corrected entry: When Alex is "caught" looking at Ms. Lewton's tire, the FBI agents put him in their car and leave. If Alex had been rigging her car for a crash, wouldn't the agents at least notify Ms. Lewton right away and tell her not to drive anywhere until it could be inspected?

Jon Nicholas

Correction: She was the one who notified them. They probably told her that information over the phone, and it would be common sense for her to check.

Corrected entry: After Alex has the dream about the plane exploding and they're back in the airport, Billy says that he was in the bathroom and he doesn't know what was going on. But in Alex's dream everything happened exactly to what happened in real life, but he wasn't in the bathroom in the dream.

Correction: Yes he was, that's why he boarded the plane after everyone else. He just didn't say, "Sorry I'm late, I was in the bathroom."

Corrected entry: When one of the girls is in the interview it reads 10:55 on the clock behind her. Then the interviewer says something. Back to the girl, and the clock now reads 11:20.

gandolfs dad

Correction: They are two different girls, and time has passed between shots. The first woman is the teacher, next there's a shot of the interviewer saying something, then the next shot is one of the students being interviewed.

Corrected entry: So in the movie, we find out that there is a pattern to how everybody dies. its in the order they would've died in Alex's vision. But at the very end, Alex realizes that he never moved, and so Clear was supposed to die before. The problem with that is he did move in his vision. That means that we are not going by his vision, but where everybody sat down in what really happened. If this is so, then Billy should not have died because though he got on the plane in Alex's vision, he never actually got on the plane or sat down in what really happened (Remember, he wasn't allowed on the plane because they had gotten in the fight and he was late coming from the bathroom).

Correction: They don't die in the order in the vision, they die in the order they would have if they had not gotten off the plane. Alex didn't say yes when asked to switch seats during the real events, so death would claim him later.

Corrected entry: When they look at Todd's dead body, you can see him open his eyes a little bit.

Correction: I have watched this scene over a million times and his eyes don't move.

Corrected entry: At the memorial, when Billy is telling Alex about his driving test, if you look closely behind Alex you can see Todd walking towards the eagle sculpture with a rose in his hand. But then Billy walks away and it shows Todd and his parents in their seats and Todd is about to go up and put the same flower on the eagle.

Correction: There is no evidence of is; Tod could of walked up to the memorial a second time to put a flower there or just to reminisce.

Corrected entry: As for the train scene, when Alex is trying to pull Carter out of the car, you see the train from over his shoulder, and it's about 50 feet away. Yet, they continue to struggle for about 30 seconds.

Correction: Nearly all films have this kind of 'extension' time during thrilling and scary scenes to make it more fun for the audience.

Corrected entry: When Tod is getting strangled by the wire there is a quick shot of Tod's dad downstairs asleep, and when it changes back to Tod being strangled, in the first shot, you can see that the wire has gone. (00:34:45)

Correction: I watched this scene and in the first shot of Tod after they cut to a shot of his dad, the wire is perfectly visible at the side of his neck, however is hidden by his chin and therefore we can't see it around the front of his neck.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: When they were boarding the plane "a 747", he looks out the window and sees the trailing edge of the wing "flap assembly". However, his seat position in the aircraft would actually put him about 4 rows in front of the wing. This is even depicted on the little diagram he drew of the plane, while tracing the 'fire path' from his seat location.

Correction: It is mentioned that Alex marked his seat wrong on the diagram.

Corrected entry: When the water leaks in Tod's bathroom, if you look carefully at the tiles they are not in very good shape. This was deliberately achieved for the water to make its path. (00:32:55)

Correction: Considering the fact that not all bathroom tiles are in perfect shape it's impossible to say whether this was deliberate or not.

Corrected entry: When Alex is at the airport at the start of the film he takes his luggage and proceeds to a luggage belt counter where he talks to a French woman. She says that the return date is September 25. At the start credits you see Alex's flight ticket and the date of departure is May 13 and they are on their trip for ten days. If their return date was in September, they would be in France for about four/five months.

Correction: September 25 is Alex's birthday, not his return date.

MoonFaery Premium member

Correction: 9:25 is Alex's departure time, as well as his birthday.

Corrected entry: She then puts the mug on the rear topside of her computer screen, but only for a second. Nevertheless there are gallons of vodka on and in the rear end of the screen, enough to cause a short-circuit!

Correction: The mug is in place for at least ten seconds.

Corrected entry: Carter is driving, while Alex is talking to Billy and Clear. When the camera shows Carter, you can see that the shops in the background pass a number of times. For example, a bright coloured neon sign surrounding a shop is the best one to spot. This indicates they are just going around in circles.

Correction: They were trying to figure out what to do, and some people (such as myself) tend to drive in circles when uncertain about a destination.

Corrected entry: Billy said that the FBI was looking for Alex in connection with the teacher's death. His footprints were found in the blood and his fingerprints where found all over the knife. This would be suitable evidence to put him away for a long time, yet after he almost dies they just let him go. He goes to Paris in the end. Surely they wouldn't allow this?

Correction: Six months passed before he went to Paris. In this time, he was interrogated and his testimony was compared with the other two, so he was cleared. The FBI probably knew and allowed him to leave.

Character mistake: At the memorial service the principal says that it's been 39 days since 39 loved ones had died. But there were 40 students on the plane and 4 chaperones, making the total 44. Now 7 people got off the plane which means 37 people related to that memorial service actually died, not 39. Two pilots would make up the numbers, but there would be flight crew too, which still leaves the numbers off.

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Bludworth: In death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps and no escapes.

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Trivia: The filmmakers originally had an ending in which Alex grabs the cable that lies on Clear's car, Alex catches fire and dies. Then Clear gets her baby and Carter survives. The test audience didn't like this, so the filmmakers shot another ending in which Alex is decapitated by a crashing police helicopter. But again, the test audience didn't like the fact that Alex dies, so they shot the finish with the billboard, which took 6 days to film and cost nearly $2,000,000.

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