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Corrected entry: In the scene where Alex has a premonition of the plane crash then wakes up, Carter gets in a fight with him and they get thrown off the plane, yet when it shows Carter going out the jet-way he does not have his jacket with him. In the next scene when they are all in one room, he has his jacket on. How can that be when he leaves it on the plane?

Correction: If you watch, when they get off the plane, Carter's girlfriend picks up his jacket and takes it with her.

Corrected entry: After Billy's beheading, Alex has a little panic, and Clear shouts at him to calm down, except that she calls him Billy.

Correction: She calls him baby, not Billy.

Corrected entry: At the start when you see Alex, Tod and co. walking down the walkway to the plane you can see that their heads are almost touching the ceiling. You can tell it was shortened to make the path longer for the appropriate sequence and then after when they reach the turning the ceiling is much higher. (00:09:45)

Correction: This is a question of perspective from the two camera angles. In the first shot where the character's heads "are almost touching the ceiling", the camera is low down looking up; this makes the character's heads look closer to the ceiling as you can't see the gap. The next shot is from higher up showing the gap, which looks bigger now.

Corrected entry: When they are about to enter the plane, we see Alex, Todd and his brother walking the hallway to the plane, and right behind them, you can see Carter and his girl, but when they turn 90 degrees, we see Alex , Todd and his brother, but Carter and his girl are gone.

Correction: Carter and his "Girl", could have easily gotten lost in the crowd of students in the Terminal. There's no reason for students to cut in front of line, especially considering they are heading to Paris.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning when some of the students have left the plane after Alex has had his bad dream, the plane starts to leave without them. Alex and his fellow classmates exchange a few words, have a fight and they see the plane fly off without them and then it explodes. Thing is, is that there is no way in the short space of time that they were fighting and talking that the plane could leave the boarding gate, taxi to the runway, wait for another take off slot, take off, fly for about a minute or two then explode.

Correction: We see that some time has passed as Tod has gone to fetch ice from the bar.

The mistake is valid. At the 18:00 mark, you can see Carter watching the plane as it slowly backs away from the gate. Twenty seconds later when he turns to approach Alex, you can see the reflection of the plane in the window and it is still backing away from the gate. Then Billy sees the plane in the air 30 seconds later, and it explodes 10 seconds later. You can tell everything is happening in real time because of the flow of the conversation. Planes don't go from the gate to the air that fast.


Corrected entry: At least one or two tragedies or accidents in each of the three final Destination films are based on real life events. In this movie, Flight 180 was based on Trans World Flight 800, which also crashed right after takeoff, leaving JFK for Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport, and both were carrying a group of students going to Paris on a class trip.


Correction: Screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick wrote the original speculative script "Flight 180" in 1994 (intending it for the X-Files TV series). The real-life Flight 800 crash didn't occur until 1996. Reddick went on to use his "Flight 180" script to launch the "Final Destination" franchise in 2000, and Reddick has publicly stated that "Flight 180" is not based on the Flight 800 crash. Source:

Charles Austin Miller

Corrected entry: The teacher pours vodka in her mug which cracks. The vodka drops down as she walks into the living room. If really she lost so much vodka like we see catching fire later, it must have been a real waterfall, so why didn't she notice that?

Correction: She just wasn't paying attention. The same thing happened to me minus the explosion, fire, and blood, and I didn't notice until I slipped on it.

Corrected entry: When Carter pulls up in his new Nova, he is playing the Nine Inch Nails song, 'Into the Void' and just after he sees Alex he drives on when the song is on the first verse, but 3 seconds later it is right near the end, the song has skipped over 2 minutes.

Correction: Movies don't use real time, it could have been two minutes since he saw Alex.

Corrected entry: When they look at Todd's dead body, you can see him open his eyes a little bit.

Correction: I have watched this scene over a million times and his eyes don't move.

Watch his eyes closely whilst Bludworth says the line "Your friend's departure shows that death has a new design" - you can see his eyelids twitching multiple times.

Corrected entry: When Alex and Todd are in the bathroom at the airport, Alex is sitting on the toilet with his pants down but his underwear is still all the way on.

Correction: Devon Sawa confirms on the commentary that his underwear was down and that his undershirt (which was gray) is what is covering him.

Corrected entry: In the scene inside the airport right as you see the plane take off, Sean William Scott jumps and yells way before the plane actually explodes on screen.

Correction: That is because the Sonic Boom that bursts the windows takes time to get to them. That's how it would be in real life.

Corrected entry: When Billy looks out of the airport window, you can see that there was a model plane used when you see it take off. (00:18:00)

Correction: It looks nothing like a model.


Correction: It's a premonition, not fact. His premonition was not accurate, meaning he didn't see his hair burn, same as things being different in dreams.

Corrected entry: When Alex checks in his suitcase, watch carefully. The ticket that's attached to his suitcase says "Final destination".

Correction: This is not trivia. All airport tickets say this.

Corrected entry: The CG is very obvious when Ms. Lewton is wiping her teapot then sees the apparition reflected in it.

Correction: I thought this myself at first, but then I realized it was just the lighting that gave the scene that "poor CG" appearance. It looks that way in scenes that contain no CG as well.


Corrected entry: When Alex is "caught" looking at Ms. Lewton's tire, the FBI agents put him in their car and leave. If Alex had been rigging her car for a crash, wouldn't the agents at least notify Ms. Lewton right away and tell her not to drive anywhere until it could be inspected?

Jon Nicholas

Correction: She was the one who notified them. They probably told her that information over the phone, and it would be common sense for her to check.

Corrected entry: After Alex has the dream about the plane exploding and they're back in the airport, Billy says that he was in the bathroom and he doesn't know what was going on. But in Alex's dream everything happened exactly to what happened in real life, but he wasn't in the bathroom in the dream.

Correction: Yes he was, that's why he boarded the plane after everyone else. He just didn't say, "Sorry I'm late, I was in the bathroom."

Corrected entry: So in the movie, we find out that there is a pattern to how everybody dies. its in the order they would've died in Alex's vision. But at the very end, Alex realizes that he never moved, and so Clear was supposed to die before. The problem with that is he did move in his vision. That means that we are not going by his vision, but where everybody sat down in what really happened. If this is so, then Billy should not have died because though he got on the plane in Alex's vision, he never actually got on the plane or sat down in what really happened (Remember, he wasn't allowed on the plane because they had gotten in the fight and he was late coming from the bathroom).

Correction: They don't die in the order in the vision, they die in the order they would have if they had not gotten off the plane. Alex didn't say yes when asked to switch seats during the real events, so death would claim him later.

Corrected entry: When Tod is getting strangled by the wire there is a quick shot of Tod's dad downstairs asleep, and when it changes back to Tod being strangled, in the first shot, you can see that the wire has gone. (00:34:45)

Correction: I watched this scene and in the first shot of Tod after they cut to a shot of his dad, the wire is perfectly visible at the side of his neck, however is hidden by his chin and therefore we can't see it around the front of his neck.


Corrected entry: She then puts the mug on the rear topside of her computer screen, but only for a second. Nevertheless there are gallons of vodka on and in the rear end of the screen, enough to cause a short-circuit!

Correction: The mug is in place for at least ten seconds.

Factual error: The teens are traveling presumably along the Meadowbrook or Wantagh parkways, when they enter Jones Beach. They see a sign just before the beach entrance that says "New York: 93 miles", when Jones Beach is less than 15 miles from NYC limits and approximately 25-30 miles from Manhattan.

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Bludworth: In death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps and no escapes.

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Trivia: When Alex's air ticket is torn at the checking desk before he boards 180 if you look at the ticket very closely there is a piece of text saying 'Your Final Flight'.

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Question: I don't get how Alex could have died in Clear's Dad's cabin with the fishing rod opening the door and the rusty fish hook and the knife flying out. What happened behind the door?

Answer: As Alex picks up the fish hook he smiles and says "tetanus". Although not ideal, Death hoped to infect Alex with tetanus, a lot slower a death than intended, but a death nevertheless.


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