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Corrected entry: At the beginning the reporter says it has been a year since flight 180 where 40 students and 4 faculty members of the school were killed. However in the first film the female teacher asks for one adult to get back on the flight with the kids as they were unsupervised. This means there were only two teachers, not four, and only one ends up on the plane and dies in the crash.

Correction: Or if you look on the Corrections page for FD1, Mrs. Lewton probably meant that she didn't want two teachers to be alone with a bunch of students.

Correction: This is a simple error in reporting which happens.

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Corrected entry: When Rory gets cut into thirds, in the background you can faintly hear someone cheer and say beautiful, perhaps because the stunt went so well.

Correction: The "cheering" sound is actually the firemen and rescue personnel yelling amongst themselves as they scramble in the background.

Corrected entry: After Kimberly has the vision of the pile-up, she pulls her car across the on-ramp. She is still behind the concrete separator, so how did the truck actually hit her car later on? There was no evidence that the concrete was ever there. The truck got her cleanly.

Correction: She pulled further away from the concrete when she blocked off the on-ramp - only the back of her car was "blocked" by the concrete, and you can see a small shadow on the left side of the screen, so the concrete was definitely there.

Corrected entry: Flight 180 was due on May 13. In FD-2, when the survivors of the car accident are reminiscing how they had managed to cheat death in their past, Kat Jennings says that last May she was supposed to die at some hotel of the gas leak but she didn't get there as the bus she was on hit Terry Chaney. It couldn't happen in May, because Terry was present at the memorial opening which took place 39 days after the air crash. So she couldn't die earlier than in June.

Correction: This is not a continuity error. Kat said that uncertainly "like... last May." Those incidents were supposed to be irrelevant in the characters' lives and they weren't supposed to find it important (until Kimberly came along), which is why she didn't remember the precise month of the accident.

Corrected entry: After Kimberly has the premonition of Dr. Kalarjian wheeling the ECG machine, she doesn't say anything about it to the cop or to Clear. Yet the cop says to her a few seconds later something like- 'Okay, so you saw an ECG machine and what else?'. How did he know if Kimberly never said anything? [NOTE-This is on the DVD under one of the subtitles.]

Correction: Kimberly said 'I saw an ECG machine'

Yeah, after Clear and Eugene died; before that, all she mentioned was the bloody hands, so Burke wouldn't have known before she actually said it.

Corrected entry: For a brief moment Tim's body disappears completely from under the glass.

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Correction: Not true.

Corrected entry: When all of the characters are driving in the car, discussing how they had something to do with the survivors of Flight 180s' deaths, Eugene says that the teacher he replaced was killed by a kid who came in to school with a knife and stabbed her. Then, not even two minutes later, he says that she wasn't killed by being stabbed, but reveals that it was Miss Lewton, and did in fact die in the explosion in her house, and not by being stabbed by a kid at school.


Correction: No, the teacher that was stabbed and killed by the student was at his original school. He left two days before that event to replace the already dead teacher from the first film.


Corrected entry: At least two events from each film are based on real life tragedies or accidents. For this film, the crash scene is based on a 125 car pile-up that happened in Ringgold, Georgia in 2002, and Nora's death is based on an accident where an intern at St. Joseph's Hospital in Texas was decapitated by a faulty elevator.


Correction: Actually, Final Destination 2 was released in January 2003, a few months before the decapitation of a surgical resident at St. Joseph's Hospital in August 2003. Real-life foreshadowing?

Corrected entry: During the premonition the song Highway to Hell is on at 8:16, when it is real again, it is already 8:24 when the song's in the radio.

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Correction: Premonitions are not always correctly detailed.

Corrected entry: The dental assistant intervenes to save Timmy from choking to death on the plastic fish. Nora should be next on death's list, however Timmy is killed by the falling sheet of glass anyway.

Correction: The dental assistant, not having any form of premonition and not being one of the unintended survivors, doesn't count as having intervened.

Correction: Because Timmy wasn't supposed to die there but outside by the falling glass.

Corrected entry: When Kimberly is talking to her Dad outside her house in the first scene, the extra doing yard work in the is raking one minute, clipping hedges the next and then raking again as Kimberly drives away. The time lapses between shots aren't long enough for him to go and get a clippers or rake (neither are visible on the ground or nearby while the other is in use).


Correction: In the first shot, the extra is raking the leaves back and notices a branch of leaves sticking out from the hedge, then drops the rake and bends over, most likely to pick up the hedge clippers. The extra actually continues clipping the hedges, even when Kimberly is driving away.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the white van crashes into the field, as the camera moves down over the van, the log sticking out of the side door is extremely long. When the kid tries to help Kat remove the log, you can see it's shorter then before.

Correction: This mistake has already been submitted.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Kimberly is driving she passes a car with a kid and a father in. Look at the kid, he is playing with two toys, a red SUV and a dirty truck. He is holding them up and banging them together. Kimberly is driving a red SUV and it's a dirty great truck that causes the accident.


Correction: This is hardly trivia. It is a crucial point of the plot that pertains to her premonition. The audience is supposed to get this the first time, and most, if not all, do notice this right off.


Corrected entry: When logs fall out of a truck, they don't bounce like the ones in the movie, (this is pointed out on the DVD).

Correction: In the FD series, Death has been proven to move things to cause a death (breaking the chain, bouncing the logs, etc.).

Corrected entry: On the the site with the victims/survivors of flight 180, that the officer is looking on, under the photo of Billy Hitchcock you'll find written in red letters "Decapitated by train". Which is not really correct. When the train passed by, it caused a piece of metal, that was lying near or between the tracks, to "fly". This piece of metal decapitated Billy.

Correction: Should they have written "Decapitated by a piece of metal that has been lifted by a train passing by and hit Billy's neck"? This is a rather long explanation for a picture title.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: On the freeway scene, the drug guy is in a mustang convertible with the top down. In the very next scene, he is in a hard top vehicle. There's no way possible this could happen even in her premonition.

Correction: I have watched this whole scene in slow-motion and he never has a convertible, he has a sun roof and when you see him head on you are looking out the hatchback behind him, which is the first thing to fly off the car in the wreck, followed by the gas tank.


Corrected entry: In Kimberley's premonition scene, after the log comes off the truck and goes through the cop car, you see the guy on the motorcycle locks up his brakes and falls off the bike. If you pay attention the bike starts sliding in front of him, but ends up crushing him against the Log. How in the world did he manage to get back in front of a sliding bike when he was behind it to begin with?

Correction: There is a thing in physics known as the drag coefficient. Heavier objects slide slower than lighter ones, especially when the lighter one is wearing leather and the heavy one is metal and steel.


Corrected entry: After the explosion in the hospital, Kimberly runs out to the ambulance to crash it while the cop is trapped in the hospital by the electrical doors shorting out. The cop is next on the list, yet death keeps him away from Kimberly who is trying to kill herself. But death should have actually stopped Kimberly because she wasn't next.

Correction: As explained in the answer to a question on this site, Kimberly saved Tom (again) by pulling him away from the flying gurney during the explosion in the hospital. He was thereby 'bumped to the back of the queue', meaning that Kimberly would be next in line to die, which of course Death would help her with as much as possible.


Corrected entry: At the end of the pile up scene, an instant right before the truck hits her friends, the fat kid's head disappears from the window, showing that the car is empty. You can see it in slow motion.

Correction: But since you can NOT see this in regular viewing, it is not valid as a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: The spaghetti Evan tossed out the window when he got home couldn't have possibly landed right under the ladder, therefore, Evan should have been able to escape.

Correction: All the vitims die an impossible death, which is why the spaghetti helped kill him.

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