Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2 (2003)

Ending / spoiler

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Everyone who was supposed to die in Kimberly's vision died except for Kimberly, Officer Burke, and the pregnant lady. It turns out the pregant woman wouldn't have died anyways because she would have survived the pile up. Kimberly drives an ambulance off a dock into a lake and 'kills' herself. She drowns but then the doctor she had a vision about ends up saving her life, even after her heart stopped. Kimberly's death ends the cycle and her and Burke live happily ever after, until the family whose farm they crashed into invites them to a barbecue where the barbecue explodes and the family's son is killed."


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Mrs. Gibbons: Brian, I think you'd better go check that barbecue.



When the lottery winner is going to die, the beer bottle he takes out of the fridge moves all over the place. It even vanishes a couple of times.



Before Evan dies there are lots of signs showing how he will die, for instance: the doll in the hallway is missing its right eye, the fridge magnets spell 'eye' after one falls off and lastly he has just bought an 'i' mac computer.