Final Destination 2

Trivia: There are lots of signs showing how Evan will die: the doll in the hallway is missing its right eye, the fridge magnets spell 'eye' after one falls off and lastly he has just bought an 'i' Mac computer.

Trivia: When Kimberly blocks the off ramp she sees a road works sign reading 'Next 180 feet'. The car crash at the farm occurs next to the 180 marker (according to the cop reporting it). These are both references to Flight 180, the plane that crashed in FD1.


Trivia: At the beginning of the movie, notice when the camera is scanning over all of Kimberley's belongings on her desk, there is a book that says 'Road Trip' with a keychain over the T, making it 'Road rip'.

Trivia: When the people are on the on-ramp, you can see Eugene turn off his motorcycle and look at his keychain. It is an unlucky thirteen.

Trivia: When Kimberly leaves the room that Clear is locked up in one shot shows her in the video camera giving Clear the finger, if you look at the rest of the hallway it looks like a road.

Trivia: When the kid is about to get smushed by the pane of glass, the pattern of bricks he is standing on form a giant X that he is ironically standing right in the middle of.

Trivia: When you see Clear take off her wristband in her padded cell she drops it on the floor. If you look very very closely at the date on the top right of the newspaper, it says Friday May 15. If that were the day before it would have been May 14 which would be a year exactly after 180 crashed. In the first film in the opening credits, Alex's flight ticket says 13 May. (00:37:05)

Trivia: In the beginning, when Kimberley wakes up suddenly, listen carefully. You can hear Tony Todd (the guy at the morgue) saying "Kimberly".


Trivia: At the beginning, in the scene in Kim's bedroom, the plane on her bed side table is the same one from Alex's bedroom in the first Final Destination.

Trivia: Just before Nora goes into the elevator, the floor light shows a down arrow and a 3. Unlucky 13. (00:57:05)

Trivia: In the morgue you can see Tony Todd wearing Evan's diamond studded Rolex.

Trivia: If you listen to the song playing in the elevator, it is Rocky Mountain High by John Denver, the song from Final Destination.

Trivia: The anchorwoman on the news is in real life a news reporter for a Vancouver TV station. (Final Destination 2 was filmed in Vancouver.)

Trivia: When Tim gets crushed by the glass, the scene then goes to his mother. Look closely at the background, The guy that wears a hat looks like Frankie from Final Destination 3, the guy that hides a video camera in the Roller Coaster.


Trivia: Real logs were tested for the crash sequence, but they did not give the effect the filmmakers required, so they used CGI ones instead.

Trivia: In Evan's apartment the label on the bottle of cooking oil responsible for the stove fire indicates "Black Cat" brand (black cats are thought to be unlucky, are they not?). The label on the box of fish sticks are "Sure Fire" brand. In the traffic pileup premonition Evan's trans am car had its top lopped off after it went under the log truck (solid black truck with claws on front bumper much like a cat's claws, and the truck had an oil tank hanging under the cargo section so this could be a metaphor for the label on the bottle of Black Cat cooking oil that Evan uses) after his car struck and thus ruptured the truck's oil tank and got covered with oil that ignited he was trapped in the flaming car because his seatbelt wouldn't release, and he was shirtless or "topless" during the fire scene in his apartment, again he was trapped. In both the premonition and in reality either the car was topless or he was, and oil was the fuel for both fires, the black truck had claws affixed to it's front bumper and the cooking oil bottle had a black cat on it, and he was trapped and couldn't get out of danger. Notice also the Trans Am firebird sticker on the apartment door, unlike the real trans am emblem, this one depicted the bird eating a piece of fire-if he hadn't wanted anything to eat maybe this scenario wouldn't have happened. In both the premonition and reality he was trapped behind a Trans Am logo to die.

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Continuity mistake: When the lottery winner is going to die, the beer bottle he takes out of the fridge moves all over the place. It even vanishes a couple of times.

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Clear Rivers: Look, we drove a long way to get here, so if you happen to know how to stop Death, it would be really great if you told us.
William Bludworth: You can't cheat Death. There are no escapes.
Clear Rivers: Bullshit! You told me Death has a distinct design. But Alex and I cheated Death, not once but dozens of times. The design is flawed, it can be beaten.
William Bludworth: Such fire in you now. People are always most alive just before they die. Don't you think?

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Question: Why does Alex die before Clear? Wasn't she supposed to be next after Carter? I mean, Alex was supposed to die first but Carter intervened making death repeat the cycle according to the path of the explosion which included Carter dying first, then Clear second and finally Alex. Why didn't this happen?


Chosen answer: His death happened between movies. We don't know how many times they intervened with each other before he finally was killed.


Answer: In the movie clear tells the others she and Alex saved each other countless times, however if you pause the movie and enlarge the scenes where it's flashing all the news paper articles it tells you that Alex was killed by a falling brick. I do believe Alex pushed clear out of the way of the brick.

Rachel Borden

Answer: Death works backwards now in this movie.

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